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Now I want to talk about one of the things that we also do differently than most other music academies, and that is group lessons. So good lessons are often not really talked about or most people don’t take them, they take private lessons and said, but I think that there’s actually a really important place in music for group lessons. And one of the best things about group lessons is that it allows you to play around other people. It kind of allows you to go with the flow and work off the people around you more of Solo and improvising. And I think that’s just really awesome. And one of the last forms of music, I believe.


 So right now at Curtis Music Academy we teach group Guitar Lessons and this group Guitar Lesson is called Guitar Grill and chill. And we teach it every Wednesday evening at five 30 and at Guitar Grill and chill, we’ve got snacks and everyone just chats in. They all know each other from taking lessons week to week. So when they get here at Curtis Music Academy for their weekly lesson, it’s kind of fun because everyone’s just chatting and talking to one another and enjoying the snacks that we have, whether that be chips on salsa or something else. So group lessons are really awesome for people of all ages because it shows you how to play in a group and you’re able to work off the people that are around you and work with them to make something really awesome. 


It also is fun because you can do it with your friends. So we’ve got one duo in there and it’s a father and his daughter, and they started taking this class because it was something fun that they could do together. A sort of bonding activity, if you will. So I think group lessons are an awesome way to do that because it gives you time to spend with one another. It’s a lot more low stress of an environment than a private one on one lesson. It’s a lot more flexible and fun almost, if you will, because it’s not so pressured that you have to have practice and things specifically so that you can come back the next time and play it perfectly. It’s more just a time to get together and have fun more than anything. But the good thing is that you’re also learning a ton of awesome guitar stuff. 


so group lessons are really cool and we’re actually hoping it Curtis Music Academy to start doing some group piano lessons soon and maybe even another guitar class. So Guitar girl and choke is actually more of an intermediate class. So it would probably be a little bit difficult for a beginner to hop in and understand because they’re just well past that point. And that is probably one downside of group lessons is that everyone kind of needs to start at the same time and be at the same level. So we got really lucky with this group of guitar girl and chill students and they’ve actually been taking Tulsa guitar lessons with one another for a year now. So they are definitely all at the same level. But the problem in starting up a new class may be in fact a class for beginners, is that you’d have to make sure that everyone was starting at the same time and then the class would have a specific duration. 


So it’s really hard for people who are complete beginners to jump in halfway through tar class because they’ll probably will have missed all the fundamental techniques that are required before you can play the guitar. So if you did want to take a group lesson that you didn’t start at the beginning, you would probably need to have some sort of knowledge of the guitar before you can jump in because it’s going to be really hard to keep up with everyone else if you’re all at a different level. That is definitely the biggest downside of group Tulsa guitar lessons, whether they be guitar, piano, or even voice, is that it’s hard to keep up and have the same amount of work as everyone else. So, but we do want to start maybe doing a beginner class. And this beginner class will be for anyone who doesn’t really have much knowledge of the guitar, but maybe it’s always wanted to. For example, my dad and brother have always wanted to take a guitar lesson together, maybe a guitar group class. 


But the problem is is that they are definitely not intermediate students. So there’s no way that they could join the guitar girl and she’ll class because they know nothing about the guitar. In fact, they hardly know how to hold the guitar. So if they want to join it or something like that, we would need to start up another class for beginners. But then we’d have to find people to come in and take the class with them so that it’s not just the two of them. So they are a little bit difficult. But we’ve recognized the importance and the value in them. So we really like to start a group piano class soon. And I think the first thing that we’re going to do in a group piano classes, we’re going to start at for people who are young and this way they are all beginners than they’re all kids. 


That are kids that parents can bring them every week and we don’t really have to focus on difficult schedules because of just kids. It also is a way for us to almost Guinea pig this class on kids before starting on adults with the have more knowledge as a guitar. So group lessons are super awesome and we really try our best to make sure that they rock, but I think doing a piano class would be something just as awesome as guitar girl and chill on the instructor side of things, group lessons are a lot easier to teach than Tulsa guitar lessons because for one the lesson is all in one, so you’re teaching five or six students, but they’re all at the same time, so you’re only missing an hour of your day to teach this many students. 


The other thing is that it also requires a lot less preparation. Let’s say you had six private lesson students all learning something different in a different place while then you’d have to prepare for six different individual Tulsa guitar lessons. However, if you’re teaching a group class, like the guitar girl and show class requires a lot less prep time because you’re only having to prep for that one lesson. For example, Guitar grill and chill is one hour, but if everyone were to take individual lessons that were 30 minutes long, it would be three hours of work, have prep time. So group Tulsa guitar lessons are awesome all around for both the student and the instructor. 


And I think they also just make the student a lot more confident in playing. So if you’re always playing around people, I think that you’ll have a much easier time playing, whether that be in public or around your loved ones. It kind of takes a lot of the pressure off of you because it’s what you’re used to is flying around people. Whereas if you’re taking Tulsa guitar lessons in front of just one instructor, it’s probably going to be a lot harder for you to work into the realm of, you know, playing in public. So group Tulsa guitar lessons are awesome. I hope that we are able to do more at Curtis Music Academy in the coming future.