Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Booking Students with Instructors

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

When having multiple guitar instructors in the same academy, it can be tricky scheduling specific people with specific students. We had a new student contact us today and this student was interested in taking Tulsa guitar lessons. They had taken lessons for approximately 40 years and this student was having a difficult time finding a guitar instructor that was a great match for him. And throughout the course of taking lessons, he said that one student was taking lessons from this instructor and hmm. 


After a year and a half of taking lessons, he still didn’t know a single song and was unable to play a song on the guitar by himself. So this caused him to become frustrated and what is not ready to play for his family. He wasn’t able to show his friends his progress because he really didn’t know anything that he could do with the guitar. And the next instructor that he had found was someone that would be a great motivating person, but kind of laughed in his ability to produce any substantial content with the Tulsa guitar lessons. 


So because this student was unable to receive any instruction that really clicked. He was contacting us at Curtis Music Academy to help fill his need of playing the guitar. And he said that he went through the books with one student and he went through the tabs and reading music and it was all great, but he didn’t really get into the theory side of the guitar and didn’t have an opportunity to go through and have a great time with his lessons. 


Throughout the course of his Tulsa guitar lessons, the biggest thing that was frustrating him was his inability to play or the lead guitar as well as the rhythm guitar. And this is an understandable thing because if that is his goal to be able to play rhythm and play lead guitar, then it can be a very difficult thing trying to go through and produce a song that you are unaware of how to make that happen. 


So one of the things that I was thinking about as we received this call and as we were talking about the different things that we could do for this student, the biggest downside was that I wasn’t sure where this guy was looking to move forward with his guitar instruction. And so as he was speaking, I really got to the bottom of it in through these questions that I asked, I was able to realize that one of our guitar instructors would be a phenomenal fit for this guy.


I knew that one of our instructors would be incredibly excited to hear about what it is that this guitar instructor or this guitar student was going to accomplish with his goals. And because of that, you may have four people that teach guitar in your academy. You may have eight people that teach guitar, you may have hundreds of people, but the best academies are the ones that think about the student that is incoming and helping the student to enjoy their Tulsa guitar lessons by putting that student with an instructor that is going to not only do a great job but also mesh very well with the student at Curtis Music Academy. 


One of the things that we talked about very frequently is that we are not only your coach but we are also your friend and we help all of our students to enjoy coming to their lessons by being excited to see them and being excited to help them reach their goals throughout the course of taking lessons. 


If we have an instructor in one of the studio rooms and another instructor somewhere else, then we will make sure that at the end of the Tulsa guitar lessons when the instructors are walking the students out the door that even the other instructor is going to notice the excitement of the other student and they will also say hello to them and we are just excited that our students are coming here and putting in the effort the long days, the hard work of practicing and learning their instruments and we want to congratulate them every step of the way throughout the course of where they are moving. 


If we have three students that come to us and all three of them are excited to take lessons with us and that is a huge success for us and we would love for you to come to us and experience what it is that Curtis Music Academy is all about because we want to congratulate you. We want to be there to cheer for you all the way through your musical endeavor of learning to master the guitar. 


If you have never taken lessons or if you’ve taken Tulsa guitar lessons for 10 years, we encourage you to mix things up, fill out the form on our website and we’ll have a team member schedule you for your first $1 lesson, which is a great way for you to experience all of the amazing things that are available to you through taking lessons. We want to walk you through how to play an instrument and play your favorite songs and we want to help you learn an instrument in a way that is fun and efficient for you. If you have a difficult time reading music or if you have a difficult time keeping track of rhythm, then you will realize all of the amazing that are available to you simply by filling out that form on the website. 


Lastly, if you are a instructor in Tulsa and you’re having a difficult time with your curriculum or with figuring out what to teach your students, feel free to contact us. We would love to help you out, to help you be the instructor that your students need you to be. And we would love to help you be successful in your musical area so that you can produce the best students and the best musicians in Tulsa throughout the course of all of the things that you will be teaching them. The most important is experiencing the love of music and helping your students to grow as musicians throughout the course of the years that they take Tulsa guitar lessons with you.