Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Lines of Communication

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Today we will be talking about the importance of having a pathway and a specific line of communication from the moment that we receive someone interested in taking guitar lessons to the moment that they come to our first lesson. And then even beyond that from when they continue taking lessons and beyond once they become a weekly student. So I will be going through simply all of the actual steps that we communicate with an interested potential student. And then after I talk about all of the actual lines of communication, then I will go through and explain why it is so important to actually go through all of these modes of communication. So the very first thing when it comes to communication is we are on the receiving end of the communication. So we don’t go cold calling random people to see if they are interested in taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons.

We always receive I either a email or they fill out a form on our website or we receive an inbound call. And all of these ways are different lines of communication for how a potential student might reach us if they’re interested in taking lessons. So we received the call or email and then the first thing that we are going to do is we will reach out to them to find a time where we can schedule that first $1 lesson. After we have booked the lesson, we will send a email confirming the appointment as well as a text confirming the appointment. After we have sent the initial email and the initial text, we will then wait until either the day before or the day of to send another email. We will always send a text the day before a lesson and then on the day of the lesson, not only what we send them a text, we will also call them to make sure that they know that they are scheduled for that $1 lesson and then after the $1 lesson, after they have come to take their lesson, then we will

send them an email the very next day. That explains that we enjoyed the first lesson and a few other things that contain information are sent in that email. And then from then on, once they are a weekly student, we always send a reminder of their appointment one day in advance. So all of these lines of communication are sent to our students as we attempt to communicate with them to get them scheduled for their lesson. Now that the minimum amount of communication steps that we take, and if your accounting, that’s probably around six or seven just for that $1 lesson. If we are unable to book the first lesson or if we are unable to reach the student as we attempt to call them, if they filled out a form on our website or if they have emailed us, if we’re unable to call them and get ahold of them, then we will send up to three emails that explained that we would love to get them booked for their lesson. And we explained to them that we are really excited for them to start taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons. And what this does is it allows the interested client too.

Be aware that we would love to get them in for a lesson and we are persistent and then every single time we send an email, it is only after we attempt to call them. So if they do not answer their phone we will call them about three times before we send an email. If they have not responded by the third email, which is typically through the course of a week of calling them and sending them emails, then we basically assume this person has died and so we will not pursue attempting to co call them anymore. So that is what we do at Curtis Music Academy as we attempt to book you for your first $1 lesson. Now you may be wondering why it is that we do all of this communicating in order to get our students in for the first $1 lesson. And the reason for that is because the majority of people, if they are interested in taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons, they are doing some research, they fill out a form and then they just forget about it.

They don’t, the majority of people are not constantly thinking about getting plugged in immediately they are interested or they saw an ad on Facebook and then they clicked on it and then they send me, filled out the form and then forgot about it and then they just stopped thinking about it. So this is why we want to communicate with them and try to get them in the door for the first $1 lesson so that we can proactively explain why it is that we would love to help them as they’re taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons. So that is why we reach out to so many times. Many music schools or companies in general assume if we don’t get a hold of them in the first or second time of emailing them or texting them or calling them, then they are no longer interested and they don’t want to hear from us and we are wasting our time trying to get ahold of these people.

But the fact is that’s not the case. Just because somebody doesn’t answer it has no flection of whether or not they are even interested in taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons. All that that explains is that there a busy person. We live in a busy world where you can pick up your coffee in less than a minute and this is the culture that we live in, that people are busy and a lot of people don’t respond if they’re immediately busy. So this is why it’s important to call them multiple times at different times during the day. Wait, we can hope to catch them at a time that they are not busy.

And proof of this is that we have received many students that filled out a form and we got all the way to the third email and then they finally responded and explained, Hey, I appreciate your persistence. I’m sorry for not getting back to you. It’s been a crazy week or two. And I appreciate you continuing to reach out to us. And I will call to schedule that first lesson. And these are students that are still taking Tulsa Guitar Lessons with us today. And so it is absolutely important to reach out, to continue being persistent and show that you are diligent in reaching them for their first $1 lesson so that you can show them that you care about helping them reach their goals as they continue to take Tulsa Guitar Lessons throughout the course of their life and this season that they’re in.