Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Diligent Doer

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It’s important to keep your eyes out for diligent doers at Curtis Music Academy. One thing I love doing on my way to curse music academy is to keep in mind all of the students that I have going on and that I will be giving Tulsa guitar lessons to during the week. I enjoy mulling over in my mind what students are doing good and which ones are kind of needing some help when it comes to what students are going doing good as opposed to what students are needing help. It typically comes down to a few things. The main thing that it comes down to is how a student is performing at home or practicing at home. 


I have to ask myself when I am in the guitar lesson, is this student not performing well in the lesson because they aren’t practicing enough at home and if so, why? And so I’m make it my duty to help that student perform at their best at the lesson and more importantly at home when it comes to their practice time during the week, typically a student isn’t doing as well if their practice isn’t anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes a day at home after hour guitar lesson, one week, the next week they could come back and learn something new, but if they don’t apply it during the week, it becomes hard to progress. 


This is my observation of the students who seem to not do as well as others. It simply comes down to practicing at home. Another reason why a student would not be doing as well as because they aren’t paying enough attention in the lesson. However, I see that as the instructor’s responsibility and the instructors fault when it comes to a student not performing well at all with their instrument when it comes to them progressing in their instrument, it is also the instructor’s responsibility if the student is not progressing as they should. I hope I’m doing a good job as an instructor myself. 


One way I like to identify and help the student identify when they are doing good or when they are kind of needing some help is when is taking them to the diligent dewar and the happy hoper picture at Music Curtis Music Academy, this picture which is framed on the wall clearly separates the diligent doers who get things done and the happy hopers who don’t do anything to get things done. And so when I spot a diligent doer in within the first three Tulsa guitar lessons of the month, I will take that student to be diligent doer and happy helper board, which is framed on a Curtis Academy Wall and it will tell them that they are doing a great job because they are displaying every action associated with being a diligent doer. When I display and talk to them about who the diligent doers is, when I’ve taken them to that picture frame, they smile because it’s clear that they are diligently doing 


necessary practice routines at home as well as in gaging in the Tulsa guitar lessons during the week. I love to contemplate all of my students and how well or maybe not so well that they’re doing in and through the weeks in our Tulsa guitar lessons together. After contemplating these things, I see where there are areas of improvement not only for the student but mainly from me as the instructor. I find it’s easy to blame a student for not performing well because he or she may not be paying attention or may not be as disciplined at home with practicing. However, again, this is, there are no bad students, just bad teachers and so I 90% believe that there are 10% occasions where there’s just a bad student and no matter how great the teacher is, they simply are bent on not doing the work. 


Why? I have no idea, but nonetheless, I do see that it is the instructor’s responsibility to make the Tulsa guitar lessons as fun as possible, yet as efficient as possible and engage the student. I think that those who do not do well in the Tulsa guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy have all to blame but the music instructor and so there are numerous ways that an instructor can better themselves, but first it takes the analysis and that is what I’m talking about today. It’s important to analyze your students and meditate and think about how they’re progressing and how they are 


moving forward in skill with your Tulsa guitar lessons that you’re giving them. It’s important that they progress quickly because if they see growth quickly, they will stay students. However, if they do not progress quickly and it takes two months to finish one song, it will begin to wear on the students incur courage or the student’s ability to believe in themselves and that they can learn things. I love getting to encourage the students to simply enjoy the process, enjoy the instrument because that’s what the instrument was created for and so we want to be the most positive in our lessons and help these diligent doers continue to be diligent doers. Which hour, which are taking the time to practice, whether that’s 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, a day during the week, or they are simply scheduling their practice time, which is awesome. 


And they are seeing progress because of their work and because of their discipline and they are actually displaying improvement. And so that is what we want to do for the diligent doers and for the happy helpers. We want to encourage them to be more disciplined and simply break things down a little bit more for the student who is a happy hoper because it will help them to practice. They’re given specific things to practice at home. So make sure you break down the topics and break down the lessons as best as you can as an instructor.