Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Rolling Out the Red Carpet

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


Just as I’ve talked to you about this about a million times now today I want to talk about the important of rolling out the red carpet for first lessened. So when we have a student come in for their first $1 lesson, because as you know, we’re consistently running that promotion for just $1 to take your first lesson. And the reason for this is that we believe that once someone just comes in the studio for the lesson, they will realize the value of the lessons themselves and will be much more likely to pay for lessons going forward. Because we found that if you just post the price of your Tulsa guitar lessons plan and simple like on your website or on social media, that often deters people. They look at the price, they say $30 wow. That’s just too much for lessons. Despite the fact that this is a very competitive price and we are about the same prices everyone else in the local and surrounding areas. 


However we advertise, we do advertise that we’ve got the first lesson for just $1 because it gets people in the door. So I’ve kind of talked about this before, how at fast food restaurants, let’s say they’re giving away something for free, like at Wendy’s for example, they give away free frosties every once in awhile and you’ll say, wow, that’s kind of silly. They’re just losing a bunch of money on this deal on they, well, the goal is that once you get inside the door of Wendy’s or a fast food restaurant that you will buy something else besides your frosty. So you’ll get in and you’ll get your ice cream and you’ll think, hmm, I bet some French fries would be really good with this. So then you order a French fries or a drink or something like that. While the same thing applies for music Tulsa guitar lessons. 


So instead of just posting our price online for the entire world to see and talk about and go entirely based off of price, we have found that it’s much better for us to advertise. The first lesson was just $1 because the point of that first lesson is to show them the value that we bring to their life in learning music lessons, to show them the value that our lessons provide before they make it rash, face value, judgment of the price. So price is often a big turn for people when taking Tulsa guitar lessons. But if they realize that they’re getting a quality service, then they’re much more apt to pay it because you’re recognizing that you really are getting a good value for what you are learning. So that’s kind of what we do here at Crediting Music Academy is we make sure that we show them in this first $1 lesson that we are unlike anywhere else in that this $30 a week is worth their time and their money because of the service that we do provide them. 


So to do so in this first lesson, we literally roll out the red carpet. We actually did buy a red carpet. It’s like a runner type thing to use at first Tulsa guitar lessons. We just have not gotten to use it yet, but we roll out the red carpet so when they come up to the house we open the door wide so they know that we’re there in the right spot because we are sort of difficult to find as a music academy because the Little Studio House that we’re in doesn’t have numbers and it’s just sort of hard to find tucked back in a neighborhood. But it does have a bright blue door. So that is one way to identify which house we are at. However, and the point of the story is that when someone comes up we opened the door wide, greet them with a smile and by name we kind of introduce ourselves and we of course invite them inside. 


Once they’re inside we offered them something to drink, whether that be water or coffee or key and we just invite them to make themselves at home and get cozy and our little home studio. So we actually went through this exact thing this morning or I should say about half an hour ago when starting a first lesson. We ask them inside, got them a cup of water, which is good because usually people say no but I think that they actually want drinks anyways. So we got her some water and just add or make yourself comfortable cause we want Curtis Music Academy to be a very open, warm and inviting space where people feel comfortable just coming in and sitting down before the lesson. Not somewhere that they have to just show up right before, but somewhere that they can kind of make their own small little home away from home. That’s really what we strive for, especially on a first lesson. 


So once the student was setting down, kind of chatted with them for a minute before the lesson room opened up, ask about what their goals were, playing the guitar, ask about their favorite type of music, which is really want to get to know our students, especially in this first lesson because it is critical that we know what they like, what their goal is so we know how to teach them and what to teach them. So if someone’s goal is simply to play one specific song at a family gathering or for a loved one, then we want to make sure that we don’t spend too much time on all the boring stuff. But that we dive right in to the song that they are actually wanting to learn because that’s what I’ve talked about before. Here at Curtis Music Academy we are really big on goals based learning and specifically growth based instruction based specifically on the students schools. 


So we, that’s how we, well it’s what we do in the first lesson is we get to know the student, get to know what their goals are and who they are as a person. Then we can tailor our instruction specifically to them. So that’s what we’re doing today is we’re getting to know the student, seeing what level they’re at and what they want to learn. So be really interesting to see what this guitar student likes, what she wants to do with their Tulsa guitar lessons and the reason why she’s taking them. Because once we can get down to that, we can make sure our Tulsa guitar lessons aren’t extra added value to their life. So essentially in this first $1 lesson, we just want to make sure that we are rolling out the red carpet for them and making sure they have a good time and that they feel understood and like we genuinely want them to be here because we do, and we want to make sure that we allowed them to feel that way. So that is why we were literally roll out the red carpet for our first $1 Tulsa guitar lessons.