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Today, my topic is going to be about how to study for your Tulsa guitar lessons in Tulsa when it comes to studying. How I study is first assessing what it is, what it is that I am will be studying. So figuring out what exactly is the topic that we’ll be studying. And going from there first, you know, want to know what it is, right? What it is you’re you’re studying. And then from there, deciding what about what it is. Am I studying? So getting a little bit more specific. And so, so as you’re saying, we’re starting general and then we’re kind of getting more and more focused. And then third, you know, after you kind of figure out what it is, what specifically you’re wanting to learn about it, then you kind of shoot for that. You know, what are the d, what are the books, the resources out that I can learn about this specific topic, right? When you go about looking online or researching books or you know, grabbing a human being and plucking their brain about it by taking them out to coffee and just asking them questions. 


you want to consider the source, right? You want to make sure that your information is being, it’s coming from reliable sources, people who know what they’re talking about and not just a bunch of fluff or online stuff because we all know Google, everything on the Internet isn’t true. Everything in books isn’t true. Just because it’s written doesn’t make it true just because this person sounds like they know what they’re talking about doesn’t make it true. So you want to consider the source and you want to consider who is it that I’m talking to, where is it that I’m getting this information? Who is giving this information? Who is it coming from? Why is it credible? You know, asking those questions, those basic questions of like, what is this and where did they come from? The origins. You know, you want to go as far back as you possibly can until you get to the root of it. Right? And so considering the source, once you figure out the people, the books, the online resources that you have at your disposal, you want to 


site, you know, you want to make sure that they’re credible and really considering that source. You want to just make sure that they are coming from credible sources. So whether there’s a website or 15 million websites, whatever it is that you’re looking up, you want to make sure that those websites, wherever you’re getting your information from is credible. When it comes to the books that you’re reading, you want to make sure any book that you grab, whether it be online that you’ve purchased from Amazon, whether it was maybe you took a drive and you went to the live, your local library, and then you checked out a book there on music or guitar or whatever specific subject you’re going for. You want to make sure that it is coming from a reliable source. And so with books or reliable source would be like an author. Not just any author though, because there’s many authors out there who write on topics. But that doesn’t mean that they know what they’re talking about or are credible and what they’re talking about. For instance, if a chef 


dabbles in music or dabbles in guitar or dabbles in chords, you know, but they’re not a professional or are they a teacher of music, but they’re more of a chef. They, they, they, they cook food, they make food. That’s what they do. That is their job. That’s, you know, you want to make sure that you’re not as an instructor or even as a learner of guitar because even instructors are still learners, right? Do you never want to get your information from a source like that who they’re kind of speaking off the dome or not saying the most credible things because they’re not well knowledgeable on music theory. Why? Because they haven’t invested the time to learn.


x You know, they may have taken one lesson or two Tulsa guitar lessons or learn a bunch of youtube videos, but that doesn’t make them a great source of knowledge. And so you want to make sure that, you know, any book you grab is coming from the best. Some of the best sources possible. Such as Les Paul, Someone Who’s played guitar most of their lives, you know, maybe a band member from a very notable band such as led Zeppelin or you know, any other band, the Beatles, you know, a book by Paul McCartney, people who have devoted most of their life when it comes to music, you want to be learning from people who are credible. People who either teach music 


play have played lots of music in their lifetime and it was like their career. And so you want to make sure that the people giving you the instruction through a book or through online are they or know what they’re talking about because they’ve done it, they do it or they’re going to school for it, you know they’re doing it. and then when it comes to, you know, so that’s what the books you want to make sure your author’s credible. And then when it comes to, you know, you’re a mentor or a human being or someone, an instructor, a student who’s who you want to pick their brain about it, you want to of course bring a notepad, something that you can kind of take notes on that will afford you the up, the ability to look at what they said later on. So you want to, whenever you’re having a meeting with someone to learn from them, you want to bring and notepad, not sheets of paper, loose leaf sheets of paper, but I note book a spiral, something that is bound that way or wound that way the papers won’t fall out. 


Right? So plus you can title the front page or the front cover. And so whenever you’re meeting someone over lunch or coffee to pick their brain about your specific topic, let’s say chords on the guitar or how to, or how to read chord charts, you want to ask them, you know, did they have any prior schooling? Have they had Tulsa guitar lessons before? Have they, how long did that take Tulsa guitar lessons before? Could you show me a song that you know how to play, how well can they play? You know, what various topics are they knowledgeable about because if they’re only knowledgeable about scales but can’t teach you about triads or how courts are constructed, then they’re not going to be much help to your growth as a musician. So you want to make sure that the person, and you want to ask the hard questions up front when it comes to those people, which is their, their credentials, their credibility. 


And so, you want to find that out rather quickly, that way, you know, and don’t waste your time that this person is credible. Right? And then whenever you take, you know, you take your notes that you’ve taken from that meeting. Once that meeting’s over, you go and you proof those notes, you know, so if they said, you know, in scales that the intervals or the distance between notes is, is a certain way. You want to make sure that you proof that and, and do some research maybe on youtube or you know, look that up on your, you’re in a, and if other people who are remembered at the source are other good sources are telling you the exact same thing, then you can vouch that as credible. You can say, hey this is a, and you want to proof it three times over. 


So you want to prove it from three different, you know the Bible says from the mouth of three, two or more witnesses is anything established. So you want to find three people who are saying the same thing if not more, the more the better actually at Tulsa guitar lessons. So maybe more than three but you want to make sure they’re all saying the same thing. And so by doing that you just do that with every single question you’ve done and any information that they’ve given you and you know, proof your, your notes from what they said, proof their, their words, their, their information. And that is how you kind of can in any way get really solid information and get good to sources and learn. Learn well, and so that’s how you can, one ways, a few ways you can study and become a better Tulsa guitar lessons teacher and a better instructor to give your students the best guitar instruction possible.