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So today I want to talk about the importance of documents and being prepared to teach students Tulsa guitar lessons by having the proper documentation and information to send home with them. So at Curtis Music Academy, we have access to the software that is able to design content, whether that be graphic design. So we’re making documents of a guitar tabs, all of that type of stuff. And just general other documents, chord charts, things of that nature. We are able to make all of these and provide them to our students free of cost so that they are always prepared to go home and practice. So one of the things that we, a friend in two in our experiences, instructors taking Tulsa guitar lessons is that when you get done with the first lesson or second lesson or you’ve been farther along. 


Sometimes there are things that you think that you understand, but then you get home to practice them and you realize that you don’t know what you thought you knew. So you’ll get home and you’re like, Oh Dang, I actually don’t know how to play this. What am I supposed to do? Well, that is where we come in and we are able to provide documents for these are students. So today Ron actually made a document that shows exactly how to read a guitar, all of the parts of a guitar and how tabs work. So this document is super awesome. I’m looking at it right now and it shows a guitar and it shows all of the strings and the front and they’re all numbered. It shows you how to read tabs and even what it stands for. So this document is really awesome to give someone after their first guitar lesson. 


That way they don’t get home and they’re like, my finger goes on the third fret, but I don’t remember which one that is. So it’s an awesome way for us to provide documentation for them so that our students are consistently and always prepared to go home and practice. We want to make sure that we are not the reason that they don’t understand something because we recognize that we are teaching them difficult subject matters. So there is a chance that they will not grasp something fully and have a hard time practicing at home. And that’s why we want to make sure that they are fully, totally prepared. So other than documents, we also are really good about providing help in the form of videos.


 So when a student gets home, let’s say they’re playing the piano and they can’t remember where their fingers go in the song and they’re a little bit confused on how it sounds or whatever it might be, they can just give us a call, send us an email, shoot us a text and say, Hey Ron, I don’t understand how to do this. And as easy as that, all we do is we’ll go in there and film I video of one of us playing the song on the piano and we’ll say like we can do step by step directions based on what the student asks for. But basically just us playing, showing where the fingers go in, what the chords sound like, what they should sound like and what the, so these videos are helpful for our students and they have really given us a lot of feedback on them that they’re really beneficial and helpful. So we just want to make sure that our students are always prepared when they get home.


 I’m actually looking at a list of documents right now that we’re in the process of making and what Ron did to come up with, what documents we could use is, he asked this at our last team meeting, he said, Hey, every instructor here, why don’t you guys send me the documents that you think would benefit your Tulsa guitar lessons and make it easier for you to teach guitar, piano or voice? And he said he would pay us for every document that he decided he would create. So if we came up with something really good, it was almost like a competition to see who could have the best document idea. And that is just because we know how important it is to make sure that our students are always consistently prepared once they get home from their Tulsa guitar lessons. So I’m looking at some documents right now and there are a ton on your, some of them are specific songs. 


For example, one of our students wants to learn thunder in the key of g major on guitar. So Ron is going to create that document by working with the song. Well we are able to do is we can arrange and rearrange music so that it fits the student’s actual musical ability. So if a beginner student is really excited about a song they want to learn and that’s their goal is specifically to play that song, what we can do is create a arrange version of the song that has all the same elements but might be a little bit easier for them to play at the beginning based on their specific skill level. And I think that’s something that really differentiates us from other music academies as we have. So we have so much power and so much ability to create things specifically for our students.


 And I think that’s how we do so well in making sure that we suit their individual needs in each and every lesson. So I think that this is another way that we are different from everyone else and focus heavily on goals-based instruction in all of our students. It’s actually one of our specific differentiators on a differentiator sheet is that we are able to tailor all of our instructions, all of our Tulsa guitar lessons, I should say, to each of our students’ individual needs, and we don’t just play the songs that we want to learn, that our instructors want to teach. We played specifically teach them specifically what the student wants to learn. 


So no matter how weird or obscure the song is, all of our instructors will be completely and totally willing to learn that song just to teach the student, because we want to make sure that we’re addressing each of their specific wants and needs. That way we are able to put them in a highest priority, not the instructors, but the students themselves. Think that’s one of the things that we genuinely do best here at Curtis Music Academy is that we teach Tulsa guitar lessons with the student in mind and the student as our number one priority.