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The next thing I want to talk about one of these podcasts is the importance of instructor less than fine. So at Curtis music Academy, you know that we talk a lot about the fact that we don’t really have a curriculum for our students, other, we focus every single one of the lessons on their specific goals. Well, that’s not to say that we don’t have a curriculum that we use, we just don’t have one that we use for every single student. So it kind of varies based on what the student’s goals are. For example, for students who are younger and they don’t really know what they want to learn, let’s say they’re six or seven or eight years old, and you ask them, what’s your favorite song? 


What kind of music do you like? What do you want to learn? They really don’t have an answer, and they need a lot more guidance than someone, let’s hit this, let’s say 25 and has a favorite song.What they’re wanting to learn in an actual reason for taking lessons. So I think it kind of depends based on lessons, based on whether or not they’re going to P goals-based or curriculum based with of course goals being built in, even if it is curriculum based. So if we have 25 year old student who comes in and they say, you know what Ron, I want to take Tulsa guitar lessons just so that I can play this song for my loved one. 


That’s what I want to do. Here’s the songs that I want to learn. How can we help make that happen? On the other hand, if you ask a child, why are you taking Tulsa guitar lessons? What do you want your goals to be? Why do you want to learn in your Tulsa guitar lessons? They probably won’t have much of an answer for you. So it kind of, they require a little bit more guidance than other students might.So it really depends. But one of the things that I wanted to talk about was the lesson plan that we do have for guitar. So it’s a lot harder for guitar because there aren’t really good guitar books out there. 


You kind of have to go off of the instructor and learned songs and cabs and things like that. But with piano it’s a lot easier because we have a bunch of piano books for beginners and intermediate students and advanced students and adults and children. We have a ton of books for that, for every single age group. And it very much depends on the student, which book we give them. But of course we have books available and there are not books available for guitar. So for guitar students, whether they’re young or old, we kind of had to give a sort of instructor guide and this would be a construct your lesson plan that one of our instructors created to make it a lot easier to teach guitar students whether they are beginner students or intermediate students.


Although I think that this guide that he created is specifically for beginner students. So it goes through a lot of things that students should learn in their Tulsa guitar lessons. And I’m going to kind of go through a couple pages of that with you is incredibly long. It’s probably 40 pages or so of just shade in chapter lesson plans. I think it goes 16 weeks. So he goes through, in the beginning it talks about how it’s used to for a beginner student and it uses the edge method. And the second method could probably have a whole podcast dedicated to just it itself, but it stands for explain, demonstrate, guidance, enable. So it kind of, it’s very useful for teachers to ensure that they’re instructing difficult concept well and thoroughly. 


So our instructors really should use this to go through everything that they’re teaching in their Tulsa guitar lessons because it really hits on all four of the important parts of Tulsa guitar lessons. Explain, demonstrate, guide, enable. So explain by getting notes in music, by telling them the names that they’ve got, things like that. And then all of the kinds of stuff. And the, one of the first things that you talked about in the introductory lesson, it says is learning the parts of the guitar and the guitar. Not at me, because a lot of people don’t know specifically what, what the guitar means, what all the words mean, where their hands should go.


 It’s kind of a difficult instrument to hold properly, so we want to make sure that we go through that and all the parts of it and make sure we’re holding it right. Hold the pick properly. We need to keep the guitar close to the body, the leg, things like that. Wrestling crook of your arm on the corner of their guitar. Then you want to get your fingers on the front board and get them playing. Once you’ve gone over all the guitar anatomy, it’s really important that you’d give your student an opportunity to play the guitar. 


That way they don’t feel like they’re just learning concepts and more actual things that they can put their hands on and more hands on learning. It’s really critical. So you kind of explain that their fingers have numbers and you’ve played the fingers in the strings according to the finger of the number. So then the next thing he goes through on week two it’s the lesson would be chords, warm up, things like that. Do you want to review all the parts that you learned in the last lesson? Being the guitar string numbers where your fingers go, things like that. And then you’re going to learn a bunch of courts, which are multiple notes and strengths, the guitar off that played at the same time.


Specific combinations of notes. When you play a chord, multiple strengths, they call it stomach, things like that. There’s a couple of different charts here for the student to fill out. You can see where the notes are on the front end, things of that nature. So it’s really important that in the next lesson we learned about switching chords and strumming patterns. So you of course want to review at the beginning of every lesson. That’s one of the most critical things that you can do when teaching Tulsa guitar lessons is make sure that you’re reviewing well. That way the student doesn’t lose ground and they are able to keep up with everything that you’ve taught them before. So it’s important that you strung well and learn well. 


And one of the things that you can do is teach them how to strum welds. What this third week is for is learning how to strum. So he talks about shoving with fluidity. He says that he explains it as a Prentice way of thinking. The rows of England or something, they split the difference between risk Mohsen and elbow movement. So it’s not a full wave where you’re flailing your arm around, but it’s 50 50 wrist and elbow movement. That’s one of the good ways that you can hold your guitar pick when destroying you and make sure that you are able to strum properly and effectively to make sure that you’re doing it right in getting the best sound for their your effort and things like that. So the next thing that it talks out is up and down trimming. 


So you don’t have to strum every single court when you’re striving. So you’re not going to strum all of the strings at once. Maybe just some of them based on what note it isn’t.So it’s up and down in different songs have different patterns of up and down for terming. Let’s say you get the beat and things like that. The next thing it talks about on the third lesson is switching courts. So it says you want to look for common nose between chords where you can keep your finger place. So obviously there are one chords, have multiple notes. You means your fingers go on multiple strings.


 But if you’re switching between two chords that have been, have to have the same fingers on the same strengths, those are going to be a lot easier to do than other notes that have to move all of your fingers. Cause then your fingers are already on the notes and you can just hold them there and keep strumming along like nothing’s happening. So it’s really important that we have this curriculum just to serve as a guide for the instructor. And even if it never makes it into the hands of the student, I think it’s really good guide for instructors who are teaching, began at guitar students to make sure that they’re succeeding in their Tulsa guitar lessons and teaching their student and their Tulsa guitar lessons. Well.