Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Your Coach and Your Friend


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What I want to talk about in this episode of the Curtis Music Academy podcast is what it really means to be your coach and your friend. So, I talked about this a ton on the Curtis Music Academy, a different sheet that I talked about one time called the Curtis Music Academy Difference.It talks up four different ways that we are different from other music academies. I’m going to go through this list another time, one by one, to distinguish what we do differently than other music schools. So the first point that I want to start with is one of my favorites, and it is how a Curtis music academy we are both your coach and your friend. So this means a lot of different things for a lot of different people.

But I’m going to start to explain this by talking about what we found at other music schools. So like I’ve said, all of our instructors have taken Tulsa guitar Lessons for the majority of their lives. If all their lives. So they are very keenly aware of how things are done in other music schools. And it’s really important to us at Curtis Music Academy that we take note of those things and know what we can do better and differently. In the meantime, so we take their advice very seriously and we’ve had so much experience, we know exactly what not to do. And that’s been really helpful. So what not to do when it comes to being your coach and your friend?

We found that there are two really vast extremes when it comes to teachers and instructors, whether they’re piano instructors or guitar instructors, recall instructors. Does it matter what kind of structure that they are? But there are two extremes that most instructors fall into. If you’re not careful, the one extreme is that they are strictly your coach. They’re rigid. They are cold. They don’t care about your life. They simply want you to succeed and perform in your Tulsa guitar Lessons. Does it matter if you’re having a bad day? It doesn’t matter if you don’t really want to be there. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had time to practice.

They are the ruler slapping hands, slapping piano instructors that don’t care about anything but piano grunts in the melee. These are typically the same people that teach the same exact subject matter to every single student. But that can be saved for another day. If someone who is strictly your coach, then on the other side of the spectrum there is someone who is strictly your friend. There would be someone that’s a piano instructor that just wants to talk the whole time. That’s so chatty and exciting and they care so much about your life, then you’re kind of sucked into their life because they tell you so much about it and tell you all about their life and everything. Things that you didn’t really need to know, all this excess information. And that’s something to be wary of for sure.

So this is what it is that this is to spectrum’s. And when you’re on the spectrum or the person who just wants to talk and know about your life, you don’t actually get anything done. Right. You’re just talking and chatting and you’re not actually getting any better at the piano or the guitar vocal or the drums or whatever it is that you’re learning. You’re not getting any better at your instrument because all you’re doing is spend all of your Tulsa guitar Lessons talking. And that’s not fair. You didn’t pay to take Tulsa guitar Lessons just to talk to on the other hand, if you’re in the instructor with the. If you’re with the instructor, that focuses a lot on performing during the Tulsa guitar Lessons.

They focus a lot on, you know, what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, with no regard for anything about your well being or any care about your life that is going to lead to a different negative consequence. And that would be burnout. A lot of our students that have come from music videos like that are really proud of being burnt out on music because it sucks the fun right out of it. If you are called in-district and make all these hard rules that are almost impossible to follow and you know, gravity, you care about someone’s well-being or how they’re doing or anything like that. So there’s a really, really delicate balance to be had for sure while teaching Tulsa guitar Lessons.

And we found our instructors have had, you know, various implications, various intonations of the two of them and really important that we meet right in the middle of the academy. So, that’s what we call your coach and your friend. So at Curtis Music Academy, we try really hard to make sure we are right in the middle of those two extremes. And we want to be people who your student can come up and talk to about their day because we didn’t care about our students. I really think that shows their behavior towards them and our treatment of them. But we do care a lot about our students and how they do, and we want to make sure that they learn for sure in their Tulsa guitar Lessons.

We are really focused on making sure that they meet their personal, professional and musical goals. And we want to make sure that they’re succeeding, that they’re going far in music. And they’re not just stagnant because obviously as a music academy, we are concerned with musical growth. But that is not our primary concern and that is what distinguishes us from other music academies, is that that is not our primary concern. That’s the only thing that we care about here at creating music. We also care about the person. We also care about their well-being and how they are doing.

We care about what they want, what they want to learn, what they want to do, how their day was, things like that. We want the students to be able to talk to us about their day, talk to us about their problems, because our instructors are friendly, kind people who genuinely care. And we really hope that that comes through to our students. And so there’s, like I said, that really delicate balance between wanting to be their friend and wanting to be their coach. And if you spend all your time being their friend, you’re wasting their money because you’re the. They’re not paying to grow. They’re just paying to hear your life story.

But if you spend all the time being strict and cold and cruel with the rules and slapping their fingers against the piano, then not going to want to learn the piano anymore for obvious reasons. It’s not going to be exciting. It’s not gonna be something that they’re even remotely interested in. So it’s really important here. Curtis Music Academy that we definitely strike that balance between the two extremes and that we are both able to be their coach and their friend. That is what we are here for. Here at Curtis Music Academy.