Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Closing Lessons

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The last thing that I want to talk about today is how we close first $1 Tulsa guitar lessons. So we’ve talked a ton about $1 lesson and what they mean how we do them, but I want to go into a bit of detail about how we keep the person who’s taking the lesson from being anxious or nervous. And we tried to not bombard them with a ton of information right away. And I think that that is one of the things that allows us to have such a high success rate in closing lessons. So we have several first one hour Tulsa guitar lessons a week and we close at least 75% of them every single time. 


And I think that reason why we closed them is twofold. One, we truly do give the student a fantastic lesson, so we make sure to be excited. We know them by name when they come up to the door, we hold it open and we greet them with an absolute smile in their name. We know their family members names so we can greet them all and be excited that they’re there. And then the instructor just genuinely gives them a great lesson. So they’ll be excited about the things that the student is excited about. They’ll talk to them about their passions, their dreams, their goals. 


They want to talk about the student and get to know them so that they can tailor that Tulsa guitar lessons specifically to the student. Like I’ve said before, growth tailored instruction and personal instruction is one of the things that we do best here at Curtis Music Academy. It’s something that really separates us. It defines who we are, it’s that we make sure that all of our Tulsa guitar lessons are tailored specifically to the needs, wants and desires of our students. So if our student wants to become a rock museum musician, then we will try our darndest to make that happen. 


And I think that is something that we really just do well because we genuinely care and we don’t see a point in taking Tulsa guitar lessons. If you’re not learning the things that you want to learn, then those Tulsa guitar lessons are just, they’re pointless and the student is likely to not want to stay and they’re likely to not want to continue with music. So since we are passionate about music, we want to make sure that we help other people become passionate about music or stoke that passion within them. So that’s something that we definitely do in that first lesson is get to know the student. It gives it to their family, see how we can help them, because that’s what we’re doing really. 


Even when closing a lesson or not selling something to them, we’re giving them something that they want and something that we truly are good at providing. So we’re providing a service for them that we know will help them with their goals. And that is something that I think it’s really different from a lot of people and a lot of other music academies are just focused about that bottom line focused on getting the student in because of a payday. But we are genuinely excited to have them with us and we’re genuinely excited to show them all the things that we want to show them and the things that they want to learn because we want them to be as passionate and excited about music as we are. So we try our hardest to share our passions and desires with them. So that they can be just as excited as we are. That’s one of the things that we are really, really truly awesome at doing. So that kind of goes through what we do in that first lesson. 


I forgot to mention that we also are just incredibly hospitable and I think that helps us give students as well because they come in and we try to make them feel as welcome as possible. So I mentioned kind of talking to them by name when they walk in, but we also have couches for them to sit on and we ask them if they want any coffee or tea or water, try to make it as cozy and stress free of an environment as possible. I’ve been to a couple other music academies and you walk in and it just does not have a good vibe, if that makes sense. So it feels stuffy or uncomfortable, nerve wracking, all of those things that are just not good feelings to feel because starting a music lesson really is a big deal. A lot of people are nervous about it, little self conscious because they don’t know anything. 


So we try to eliminate that as much as possible. And I think that by doing so we have allowed ourselves to get even more students. They’re doing all of those things. So at the end of the lesson we go through several different things, but it is calm and personal, not persuasive, but simply informative way as we can without overwhelming the person with information. So when I took Tulsa guitar lessons at another location and note the million other music academy, I felt like I was constantly bombarded with information. They sent email after email after email about the Tulsa guitar lessons and everything that I needed to do. 


And it was honestly incredibly overwhelming. And I’m grown. So I can’t imagine being the parent of small children and being bombarded with this information despite the fact that you have a million other things to juggle. So we tried to keep it as short and sweet and simple as we possibly can. So the first thing that we do in closing the lesson is at, we want to ask them how their lesson was. So I’ll say, Hey Jordan, how was your lesson and with Steven tonight, did you have a good time? Did you really enjoy it?


 We want to see Jaylee, how they felt. We want to make sure that they liked their lesson. And if they didn’t like it then this might not be the place for them. So primarily we ask them how their lesson was and then we give them a card to say thank you for coming. We just want to say thanks. Give them a little gift card because we are honored that they chose to take a lesson with us and we want to make that very clear to them. So the next thing we do is we talk to them about a time. 


So we’ll say, do you think that this time works for you in the future? Can we make this time work? And typically they’ll say yes. So that’s awesome because they already came for that lesson. The $1 Tulsa guitar lessons, that means they’re probably available at this time and most of the time they are available at that time in the future. So the next thing we do is just go over the pricing because we don’t really publish this or advertise it because we want to make sure that we remain, a lot of people see the price of Tulsa guitar lessons in general as more of a barrier to entry. So our thing is kind of wanting to get people in the door so that they can see the service that we provide before being overwhelmed by the price and just shutting down. So we kind of go through that a little bit in the most calm and collected way. 


Just a short little sentence about how much it’s gonna cost and how many lesson packages we offer and whatnot. So then we talk about how we want to make payments go smoothly for the person, for their parent. And what we do is we just hold their card and charge it at the beginning of the month. And this has worked really well and we’ve had a ton of success with it because if when charging the card at the beginning of the month, that student doesn’t have to bring payment every week. They don’t have to pay us with check or card once a month. We can just do that for them, give them some heads up and send them an invoice after we do charge. Um, but it makes it really easy and stress free for the parent.


 And for us, we just really want to make it go as smoothly as possible for them so that they’re not worried about for getting or having to run by the bank or whatever it might be. So the last thing we do is we just say thank you for coming in. We kind of restate their goals that they told us what they wanted to do in the beginning. We want to make very clear that we want to help them get there. So that’s what we end with is talking about their goals and how we can help them do that. And I think that this way, closing the lesson is a lot less nerve wracking, a lot less pushy in sales talkie. And it’s more genuinely about how we can help their students succeed.