Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Enjoying Music Lessons

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During my week had Curtis Music Academy giving Tulsa guitar lessons. I thoroughly enjoy a few things when it comes to teaching music when it comes to being at this music academy and it has mostly to do with the people, the new students and the new parents that we acquire and get to teach and get to have fun with and have annual concerts with. At Curtis Music Academy I enjoy giving Tulsa guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy. I enjoy opening the door and getting to meet new people, new students from, from other instructors and with by learning other instruments such as piano or any other instrument, but I mainly enjoy giving Tulsa guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy and getting $1 Tulsa guitar lessons because it is a joy to me to come to Curtis, okay enemy and meet new parents from new walks of life with new perspectives with students of those parents who have 


different knowledge or different skill or no skill at all or simply they just want to have fun. I enjoy getting to meet these students and new scenarios on a regular basis because it keeps my chops intact. It keeps my chops up and it keeps my, I guess my guitar skills and all areas beginner, advanced, intermediate, and any way you want to put that, it keeps me on my toes. And so I love getting the variety and seeing the variety and meeting the variety of students. And even instructors that we, new instructors that we get at the critics music academy, but mainly the parents and the students. There were a couple of occasions where I had a new music lesson, our new guitar lesson at Curtis Music Academy and I got to meet the parents and I loved getting to talk for 10 minutes to the parents and hear all about how their son or their daughter wanting to learn the guitar. 


They talked to me about their goals of how they wanted to be a musician, a producer of music and someone famous. It was very, very awesome to hear that someone had goals with guitar. Very, very similar to mine as an instructor. And so getting to teach a student who kind of relates to the instructor, I think is a golden opportunity and a joy to experience. And have, and I have three of those students currently of my own. It’s so fun to teach the students that want music careers because I can relate to them with that purpose because I can relate to them. I can help them even better become the musician or singer, musician that they want to be. It’s fun to get to teach them basics and guitar and then scales as well as things such as the Nashville number system or even the circle of fifths and guitar. 


It’s fun to get to play along with that student with songs that have really cool intros, really sticky and popular choruses or amazing Solos within the songs. I find that most kids have really good taste in music or they simply don’t know what they like. However, I enjoy getting to help them find what they like as a musician and upcoming guitar player and also their own style as a musician. And so I enjoy getting to meet the student, play with the student, teach the student, learn about their life, learn about their goals, learn about their family, learn about their friends, learn about their challenges with guitar. Learn about their strengths with guitar, learning about even the way that they learn their learning style.


 whether that be tactile, auditory or visual or even a combination of all of those. It joys me to get to figure things out like that and create plans to help this student succeed. The parents of these are so fun and I love getting to ask them if they have had water during the day and being hospitable to them as they enter in for another guitar lesson for their student. I love that parents are patient and want their kids to succeed in life and that they would pay for them to learn something that may become either a skill or simply a means by which to have an outlet as they become older. I think it’s especially cool when the student wants to have some type of music career. 


I simply relate to this because I’m a musician who wants a music career as well. It’s fun to hear the students sing when they’re really good and play the songs that they’ve been learning during the week, and it’s awesome to see their progress, even if it is minimal. I think that minimal progress is very healthy. Obviously any kind of progress is very healthy and so this not only lights me up inside for the student, but it lights up the student because they’re, they begin to believe that they can do it and it just takes someone to teach them little by little and step-by-step nugget by nugget to help them become very successful in reaching goals with any instrument, especially the guitar. 


The parents of these students are just the sweetest people. They’re kind, a lot of them even play guitar themselves or even played instruments when they were kids. It’s fun to get to crack up and laugh and joke around and hear the s the parents’ perspectives on music, on their child learning and what they desire. Even out of the Tulsa guitar lessons as well. A lot of parents come in to Curtis Music Academy with desires for their students to be awesome. And I love that expectation because I love the challenge of taking people from where they are to where they want to be or taking students from where they are to where they want to be, whether that they’re starting as a beginner and wanting to go to advanced 


or they’re already beginners but they’re more like intermediate and they want to be super advanced or play on stage for thousands of people nonetheless. Nevertheless, I think it’s very, very cool. I think it’s so awesome when people have lofty goals and I love to see their courage and their faith and their action by taking Tulsa guitar lessons. And I think parents are a huge part of that. My parents were even a huge part of my success as a musician and singer and even songwriter. And so I just believed that meeting the new parents is the most, one of the most funnest things I experienced at Curtis Music Academy. And I think that they are probably the biggest step in their children taking Tulsa guitar lessons. Cause it’s all because of them.