Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Musical Goals

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Now I want to talk about the importance of setting musical goals. So like I’ve said a ton, when we talk about our first lessons, one of the key things that we want to know from students is what their musical goals are. Whether that be learning to play a song for a loved one friend or family member, or whether that is playing at a family reunion, whether it’s becoming a world renowned jazz musician or the next Justin Bieber. We want to make sure that we have a really good grasp on what our students goals are. That way we know how to reach them the best. And we’ve got different instructors who thrive in are awesome at teaching different things. So it’s even especially more important that we learn what the student’s goals are so that we can match them with the right instructor. 


Because that is one of the biggest perks of having multiple instructors is that they all specialize in different things. So for example, if someone wanted to lead worship, if that was their ultimate goal and taking Tulsa guitar lessons, well, we’ve got Ron who could teach them. Ron used to lead worship at a major church here in Tulsa. We’ve also got Steven. Steven is also an inspiring worship leaders. So there’s really awesome that they’ve got someone to talk to and someone who is really good at that in completely and totally would understand their goals and the things that they need to know. 


We also have other instructors who specialize in different things. So musical goals are incredibly important and you might ask, Hey Erica, how on earth do I even set in musical goal? Well, it might seem daunting, but it’s actually really easy. So all you really need to do is take a look at what your favorite things about music are. Maybe look back and ask yourself why you started taking Tulsa guitar lessons to begin with. I think that will really open your eyes to the reason why you started and then, and that will kind of lead you to why you’re still doing it now. So I think that looking back at what you did in the beginning over, they helped with that. Another way is to look at what your favorite things about music are. 


So what kind of music do you listen to in like allied, who is your musical idol or the person that you want to be more like maybe then your goal could be one of their songs. So I know for me, at least when I was taking Tulsa guitar lessons, I wanted to learn specifically Ben rector songs and it’s a weird sort of incredibly specific goal. But I wanted to learn those songs because they were the only reason why I wanted to learn music in the first place, So that’s where I started taking Tulsa guitar lessons and it was pretty easy for me to come up with my goal because I just looked back and I was like, yeah, this is why I took lessons to begin with. So I think that you seriously can learn so much about yourself by looking back on how you started in the first place. 


So musical goal can be anything from wanting to learn something small, like a scale by three weeks from starting. Or it could be something as big as wanting to learn a piece by Beethoven and that will obviously take a lot longer. So learning a goal is really important as well because we want to gauge how long is too should be taking loss. So let’s say they want to learn one song and that’s really it. Then we’ll kind of have a gauge of how long they’re going to be taking Tulsa guitar lessons with us at Curtis Music Academy. 


So let’s say they want to learn one song for a family reunion, one or two songs for that and we’ll kind of skip a lot of the boring stuff in the book. All the technical details and the theory and one more go into specifically that one song that they want to learn. And that’s just because we know how long the probably going to be taking Tulsa guitar lessons and we want to make sure that we maximize that time by teaching them exactly what they want to learn. A goal also helps us determine what the deadline should be. So we don’t want to teach you a ton of boring stuff if you have only a month to learn this one song for something important in your life. 


And so I think there’s something that we do better than most music schools in the area is that we do an awesome job at making sure we look at the student’s goals and help them achieve them. That’s what teaching Tulsa guitar lessons is really all about, is making music and helping others learn what they want to learn. So it’s really important that we figured this out in the first lesson with the students goal is. So if you’re reading this and decide that you want to take a first lesson here at Curtis Music Academy, we want to get to know you in why you decided to take Tulsa guitar lesson in the first place. So if you want to learn the guitar, we want to know why you want to learn the guitar and we want to know the inner workings of your minds that we can determine what you’re doing here and how we can help you best.


 So learning musical goals is incredibly important and it’s even more important for you because if you have something specific that you can point to that you genuinely want to learn something that has been just burning on years and then you dying to learn, then we really helps us because we can help you reach that. And it’s also really beneficial for you as a student taking Tulsa guitar lesson because then you can look back and it’s kind of motivating to know what you’re learning and why you’re doing it. Cause there could be a time when something’s really difficult and you think to yourself that you just don’t want to do it anymore. 


Well if you realize that what you’re doing this for is to play a song for your mom, then maybe you’ll kind of start to get that spark back in you that you had at the beginning. Because obviously we are teaching really difficult things. There will be some points in time where you prompt the question if you should still be taking Tulsa guitar lesson and if you can think back on your goal and why you’re doing it in the first place. I think that you’ll be incredibly motivated to keep going and pushing through. 


That’s the same thing as anything in life, is that it’s really important to know what you’re doing and what you’re working towards. If not, it’s just all too easy to get burnt out and to not want to do it anymore when times get tough. So musical goal is the same as any other goal and that it helps keep you on track, helps keep you motivated, and it helps me from keeping from getting burned out. So at Curtis Music Academy, we try to genuinely truly emphasize the importance of goals and setting them when taking Tulsa guitar lessons, whether that be guitar voice, or even piano lessons. All of that is incredibly impaired.