Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Excitement as a Guitar Instructor


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One of the things that is a very strange and difficult thing to accomplish as an instructor for Tulsa guitar lessons is to figure out how to create content that is easy to read and easy to understand and it doesn’t look like you’re just scribbling on a page and then handing it to your students. This is something that is certainly very important for your students. And I would like to just share some of the things that Curtis Music Academy does to present students with the opportunity to have success in reading and understanding music, even if it’s not sheet music. And I’ll explain that here in a little bit towards the end of art episode. 


Our students have seen many different things when it comes to reading music, especially Tulsa guitar lessons, instructors and guitar students. And there’s a few different ways that you can actually write out a tangible form of music without having to read the music as in the treble clef or the bass clef. And if you think of the guitar, especially Acoustic Guitar, most of the time you’re just strumming chords and there’s not really a specific reason why you would need to write out the actual note on the guitar. 


So with that being said, what you can do is you can create rhythms, which would be the strumming pattern. You could write the chords on top of the rhythm so that the student knows not only the rhythm, not only the strumming patterns, but also when to change from one chord to the other. You want your students to be able to be successful changing chords at the exact right moment. This is something you can help with during the Tulsa guitar lessons. You want them to be able to create a strumming pattern and play that strumming pattern correctly. And if this is something that your student is able to do, they will be better at playing music. They will be better at understanding all sorts of awesome things with their music. So with that being said, if you have a student that is having difficulty with rhythm, then you can actually strip out all of the unnecessarily information and just provide them with the strumming pattern for that song. 


Don’t just give them the chords, don’t give them the different repeats and the sections, the song, the intro of the verse, just narrow it down to exactly what they need to know and the challenge that they are facing. And then once they get better at the strumming pattern, then you can write in the chords above the rhythm so then they already know the strumming pattern. Tulsa guitar lessons is incredibly important to help make this attainable. Now they can play the strumming pattern while changing the chords correctly. That’s exactly what we want our students to be able to do. Take a challenging aspect of a song and just bite into it one piece at a time and move forward with all that they are learning. That way you’re not giving them too much information all at once and you just go through one thing at a time. It’s really important to give your students the ability to be successful one bite at a time. 


And so if you are giving them the entire song at one time, all of the different parts of the song, whether it’s first intro, chorus, bridge, you’re giving them all the chords, you’re giving them all the storming patterns, all the rhythms, all the repeats, all of the up, down, up, down, up, downs. It is going to be intimidating for the younger student or for the beginner Tulsa guitar lessons student. And we don’t want our students to be intimidating or intimidated because that’s not the purpose of learning an instrument. You want your students to be successful, even if it is challenging. So because of that, what you can do to help your students is to provide bite sized information for them to be successful regardless of where they’re at and what they’re able to understand. And as an instructor, it’s very important that you should be able to evaluate and understand each and every student to know exactly where they should be when they’re learning a song. 


So if they are a student that would be able to perhaps understand rhythms and changing in time, but maybe they have a difficult time understanding the map of the song, you may want to just give them the map of the song and just walk through it together in the Tulsa guitar lessons. That way they can move forward and have a great time understanding all of the things that they would need to know for learning the song. Perhaps they aren’t even interested in songs, they just want to be able to solo. Then provide them with all of the resources that would be able to help them to be successful soloing. You can give the pentatonic scale different scale patterns if they are an advanced student, then you could even go into modes and how modes help with Solos. However, be very aware that modes are a very strange concept to the intermediate guitar player and especially the beginner player and it would be your duty as a guitar instructor to ensure that you’re not giving your students information that is not pertinent to the specific moment that they are in. 


It would be incredibly vital for any instructor to be able to evaluate where their students are at and to understand that they should indeed be able to master this concept without being overwhelmed. And not only is our modes in and of themselves, perhaps a difficult thing to understand. It’s also just not important for a beginner student to understand modes in the midst of Tulsa guitar lessons. It’s not important for even the intermediate player to understand modes if they’re just wanting to strum along and play brown eyed girl than teaching them modes is going to be completely pointless. They’re not going to be interested in it. 


And not only that, they’re probably going to lose the excitement for learning the guitar because as an instructor you are essentially telling them this is what you need to know in order to be successful. And if they’re not interested in it, if they aren’t able to understand it, then you are causing that student to be uninterested in learning the guitar. Even though there are hundreds of things that we could talk in Tulsa guitar lessons about other than modes that would benefit the student immediately and to help them to grow in their interest. So it is very important as an instructor that you are creating the pathway for your students to be very successful and to be very excited in their instrument each and every lesson. That is your job as an instructor. 


So that’s one of the common things that we experience as instructors is having the ability and the difficulty even perhaps with creating content that is bite sized enough for our students to understand it, but also large enough and exciting for students to also be challenged by it while still pursuing their interests and their goals. These are all things that are important to you as an instructor. It’s what makes your students come back and to tell other people, this instructor is awesome. I love taking Tulsa guitar lessons with this instructor because each and every time that I go to my lesson, it’s exciting. It’s exactly what I wanted to learn and I’m having a great time with my lessons. That’s what you want your students to say. That’s what you want them to explain to others, and if you are unable to provide that experience to them, that’s why they are not talking about you. It’s because you’re unable to provide bite sized information and you’re unable to experience the love of music that they are looking to experience through you teaching them.