Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Guitar Grill and Chill is Awesome

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Now going through my list of podcast topics like I’ve been mentioning, I want to go through. The next thing is what is the deal with guitar grill and show, so we get a lot of questions about whether or not we’ve got group courses but not a lot of people actually know about guitar grill and chill, which is our guitar group course obviously. So I want to spend a little bit of time talking about what guitar grown chill is and how it relates to Tulsa guitar lessons. The difference between the two and maybe the benefits, pros and cons, whatever it might be.


 So Guitar Gorilla, Jill is in a class that we’ve got once a week and is a year round guitar grill and chill class that is super awesome and comes with snacks and is a ton of fun to do with your friends so anyone who is interested in taking a group course on the guitar or the piano should come to curtis music academy and take a group class on the guitar or the piano. 


So it used to be a class that we use just offered in the summer and springtime so that when it was warm outside because they would actually be outside, they’d be around fire playing guitar and eating grilled food. That was a really fun time for them, but it was only seasonal and they werent getting year round instruction that they probably really needed to stay on top of their guitar technique and everything of that nature because as is with almost anything, if you’re not consistently using it, you will probably lose those skills and abilities. 


So the rest of the time they weren’t really getting the work that they needed and practicing in Tulsa guitar lessons and such because they were not taking private lessons. They were just taking Tulsa guitar lessons. So the rest of the year when they weren’t doing a tar girl until they found that it was difficult to keep up with the stuff that they were learning during guitar girl Enchile and that’s why we started making it a year round. Of course. So it’s not just in the summer or spring, but it’s actually you’re round and you only pay monthly for the Tulsa guitar lesson group lessons. So good Turkey on the chiller was really awesome because it provides an avenue for people who are not your standard, um, private lesson type students. So they might be a little bit older or men who just wanted to come play the guitar and learn to fun. 


It’s a lot more calm and less just in Tulsa guitar lessons. So it doesn’t take as much work. It probably doesn’t take as much practicing because you’re learning at this little bit slower pace considering there are five or six people in the course with you. And you all are learning together. So it’s really fun because you get to progress in practice with your friends. So especially if you know, get to know the people that are in your group class. It’s really fun because then you are close to the end. You get to see and work with one another as you progress throughout your classes. 


So retiring until, like I said, it’s once a week now, but you pay monthly and it’s a year round course and it’s taught by one of our guitar instructors and they pick a song that everyone kind of likes everything. Something that goes along with what their availability is. So just like how Ron arrange his songs for our private lesson suits to match their playing ability. Good tall girl until does the same thing or he makes a song that kind of goes along with what they’re learning and matches everyone’s playing ability at once, which is a lot more difficult because there are several people in it. You had to make sure that you’re paying something that’s tailored to everyone’s individual needs, but it’s also the same song. 


So it does take a lot of work, but it’s also easier for the instructor because they only have to learn one song for the whole five students. So until you get to come into the studio house once a week and once you’re inside you get to sit down and relax on the couch. You could always step out, maybe start fiddling around on the guitar or whatever it might be. And then we have snacks. So I often get the snacks for a tar girl until every week I go to the store and pick up something. Last week we run a little bit behind so it ran into the store and grabbed something really simple.


 just some chips and dip that I really like and think that other people will really like too because it is really simple and something that is a pretty universal food. SOmetimes it is a bit hard to decide on a food for guitar grill and chill because there are so many people and I am unsure and unaware of any dietary restrictions that any of them may have so thats always a concern but I typically try to get something standard that should please a lot of people and shouldnt be too spicy or anything of that nature something that is actually good.


 But we just want to have something small to snack on. Cause we used to have food at guitar girl and chill, like we used to provide full meals and everything every single week and it just got to be a big hassle trying to cook for so many people especially on the grill and it was just messy and super time consuming so we pretty much stopped doing that and now we just have some easy snacks for people to eat because it is so much easier for everyone involved and takes up less of the hour of class time like food used to.