Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Practicing Guitar

This content was written for Curtis Music Academy

During your time as a guitar student in Tulsa, one of the things that you may experience is finding time to practice and if you are someone who is able to practice for hours and hours on end and every waking moment of the day that isn’t spent eating or sleeping is spent practicing the guitar, then this article is not for you because that type of person doesn’t need motivation to practice, but the truth is that many people have difficulty finding either the motivation to practice or the time to practice and if you are having difficulty finding the time to practice, then we should address that issue right now. So if you are working a full time job, if you have a family and you also have friends and family that you are trying to juggle your life with, then trying to find time to practice the guitar could certainly be a challenge because you have so many other things going on.

But what I would recommend for you is when you start taking Tulsa guitar lessons and you decide that you would like to receive guitar instruction throughout the course of your life, I would highly recommend to you to block out a specific time in your schedule every single week. And ideally it would be multiple times each week that you can sit down and practice the guitar no matter what. And what this ends up happening is this helps you as a musician to not only spend time sitting down at your instrument and mastering your craft, but it also is, I know it sounds silly, a bonding experience for you and your instrument. And one thing that many people have experienced is the fact that their very first guitar that they began playing, it makes a connection to them and they feel indebted to this guitar because essentially it helped you to learn to play the guitar and many, many amazing guitarists who have either taken Tulsa guitar lessons and increased their knowledge through Tulsa guitar lessons. Many people still have their very first guitar that they’ve learned to play on. And that’s just because

as you’re learning, it is a bonding experience and it can be something that helps you to motivate yourself to practice. And if you have that consistent time each week to enjoy playing the guitar, then you will experience amazing results through that. So I would highly encourage you to block out specific times throughout your week to sit down and do nothing other than practice. And if you’re a beginning guitar player in Tulsa and taking Tulsa guitar lessons, one of the things that may happen is you may block out 30 minutes of time and your fingers might start to hurt and feel cramped after just a few minutes of time. And so you may only be practicing for five minutes and then you’re thinking, oh my goodness, I’ve blocked out 30 minutes, I’m already completely sore at playing the guitar and I still have 25 minutes. This isn’t gonna work I’m done. However, I would encourage you to continue to have that same 30 minute time slot blocked out and you can even pretend like it’s a game and try and figure out how long it will take, whether it’s one month, three months, how long it will take before you are a ball to practice the guitar for the full 30 minutes.

Now if you have the 30 minute time slot and you’re already done playing after five minutes because your fingers are sore, then if it’s only five minutes I would say go ahead take a break, but come back at some point in that 30 minute time slot to play for another five minutes. That way you’re not completely losing 25 minutes of the of the block to time that you had allocated to practice the guitar. You’re actually the only losing two thirds, so that can be something that will help you as you are practicing the guitar. Now we’re going to specifically talk a little bit about motivation and why you might be unable to get motive evaded as you are practicing the guitar. One of the reasons that you would be unmotivated is because your fingers are sore and if you consistently come to try and play the guitar and as you play the guitar, okay, you realize that you are hurting your fingers, that your fingers are weak or whatever it is.

The good news is that as you continue to practice and as you continue to get better at the guitar, you will indeed be able to play for longer periods of time. You won’t hurt quite as badly and you’ll be able to continue to press your fingers against the strings and even against the frets. And that’s going to be something that helps you through the long run. However, that’s motivating in the long term I suppose, but it’s not really motivating in the short term because every time you press your fingers against the strings, it’s going to hurt at the, at the beginning. So what you can do is again, you can make it a little bit of a game, try to set a timer and see how long you can play before your fingers start to hurt. And if it’s only a few minutes, then once your fingers start to hurt, see how long you can actually continue to play the guitar even after your fingers are hurt.

And that will be something that helps you as you are learning to play the guitar. And so making little games and trying to find things that are enjoyable to do as you’re practicing. That’s a huge key to success when it comes to playing the guitar because you just don’t know what something is going to be like until you actually master it. And when you start playing awesome songs on the guitar and you start shredding and playing amazing, so those you’re not gonna think back to how bad it hurt your fingers to begin playing the guitar. You aren’t going to sit there and you are going to be excited and you’re going to have a wonderful time playing awesome songs and shredding on the guitar with your buddies or honest stage where everybody is screaming your name all because you took the time to take Tulsa guitar lessons. And that’s one thing that I’ve experienced because as for myself, I did not start learning to play the guitar until I was 21 and when I began to learn to play, it was a challenge at the beginning. But I persevered and now I get to see how enjoyable it is to play the guitar. And that would’ve never happened if I had given up early on in my learning.