Tulsa Guitar Lessons | What is the Typical Length of Guitar Lessons

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Many people ask what it is that provides the most optimal amount of time in a lesson. So is it 30 minutes that’s going to be the most optimal amount of time or is it 45 minutes and some students even take one hour lessons and it just depends on a few different circumstances on which situation would make the most sense for you as you are taking lessons. So if you are interested in a 30 minute lesson or a 45 minute or even an hour long lesson, the typical reasons someone may pick a longer time or a shorter time typically is the amount of money that they are willing to spend to get to reach their goals. And obviously if someone is interested in saving a little bit of money to help them have that consistent weekly lesson, then they would likely schedule a 30 minute lesson. 


Whereas someone who is perhaps willing to take a little bit of a longer lesson, they, they may be willing to sacrifice a little bit more so that they can reach their goals at an accelerated rate throughout the course of their lessons. And another factor that would determine whether or not someone takes a shorter lesson where a longer lesson is where they are at in the ability to master their instrument. So if they are a beginning student with absolutely no information about the instrument, this could go one of two ways. You could practice a song during your lesson for one hour and then you could get home and you could make it so easy for you to play this song that you end up playing it for two days and then you don’t even have anything else to practice for the remaining five days before your next lesson because you just mastered it so quickly and efficiently. 


The other aspect of it is that there’s a potential situation where as you’re practicing, you go through so much content in one hour that when you get home, you have gone through so much information that you don’t even know where to go. You don’t even know which way to begin starting your lessons and if you’re practicing something and you’re having a difficult time remembering what you went through during that lesson, then that’s going to be a problem. You are likely to find it frustrating. And it could be a situation where you could not only start losing ground but you could actually quit lessons because the hour that you had been dedicated for lessons are actually hindering your progress instead of accelerating it. So there is a middle ground, you could go to 45 minute lessons, but in a typical situation, an instructor is going to make sure that regardless of the amount of time that you are spending in your lessons, if you take an hour or if you take 30 minutes, then what’s going to happen is the instructor is really going to have a good idea of how to make you successful throughout the course of your lessons. 


So if you are trying to learn quickly and you’re just not grabbing onto the content quick enough, having an hour long lesson is going to help you not only understand the content, but it’s giving, going to give you twice as much time to digest the information and really understand it efficiently and effectively and great. So if you are struggling right with the content each and every week and you’re only taking 30 minute lessons, then you should probably consider taking a little bit of a longer timeframe for your lessons and that’s just because likely you’re not giving yourself enough time to go through the content and ask the teacher questions and when you’re going home you haven’t had enough time and that is what’s causing you to have a difficult time understanding it. But if you’re going home and you’re mastering it and you’re not having any problems at all, then don’t worry about it. 


The whole point of lessons is that you should have enough content in your weekly lesson to not only provide you with the opportunity to understand and learn new material, but it should also give you enough content for you to go home and practice throughout the week as you set yourself up for success. And this is something that is going to be figured out through the amount of time that you’re taking lessons for. The other problem that some students experience is they take a 30 minute lesson and then they go through as much information as we possibly can in 30 minutes. And then at the end of the lesson they go home and they master that information and that song or whatever it is that we covered, they master it in less than one day. It takes them one day to practice this content and then they’re ready to go and they don’t have anything to do for the next six days.


 And this would be a reason for concern. And you could go about it two different ways. You could bump up your Tulsa Guitar Lessons to twice a week or do, you could bump up your lessons to 45 minutes or an hour. And this is something that really, again, it goes down to what are your goals, what is your situation and how much money are you willing to spend to get you to reach your goals efficiently and effectively. So this is something that would be very important throughout the course of your Tulsa Guitar Lessons. So if you are finding that any of these things are true for you, any of these key point problems, then you should consider increasing or decreasing your amount of Tulsa Guitar Lessons. And if you are not getting the effective benefit of your weekly lesson, then you need to get a new teacher. 


And this is something that is very important. You should not only be able to progress in your instrument throughout your weekly Tulsa Guitar Lessons, you should be motivated and you should feel at the end of every single lesson through the course of time. And if you’re not feeling empowered and you’re feeling down on yourself, if you are feeling frustrated as you walk out of your Tulsa Guitar Lessons and this is a problem that is not your fault and is likely to be your teacher’s fault. And so if you are finding that this is true for you, then I would recommend that you give us a call, fill out a form on our website, and we will have one of our team members give you a call and we will set up a first $1 lesson where if you have never felt empowered at the end of your Tulsa Guitar Lessons, then sign up for a $1 lesson with us. It will cost you barely anything and you will walk out of our studio empowered and ready to take on the world throughout the course of your Tulsa Guitar Lessons  like you’ve never seen before.