Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Aesthetics

THis content was created for Curtis Music Academy


Another topic I think is great when it comes to Christian Academy. I enjoy that paint. I love the navy blue tealish color of the walls at Curtis Academy. I love how there is awesome contemporary looking furniture inside of the academy. I love the carpet. I love the wood floors. I love the rooms with the pianos, the doors, the white walls, even there’s white and teal like navy blue, actually dark navy blue walls and Curtis Academy. We have a kitchen. Awesome. Which makes it really nice for students to, or instructors, to kind of hold food there for our weekly events. I.e. our guitar grill and chill or our Thursday night meeting, from seven 30 to 8:30 PM. you know, there we, we just hope put drinks or food prepared for the events and just really makes it nice workspace. We also have mugs when it comes to our hospitality area, where we offer anytime we have a new student or a recurring student, we always soon as they enter the door, we, well first we give them a smile and say, how are we doing? 


How are you doing? And we offer them, you know, water, tea or coffee, and just really is a nice touch and it’s something that no other academies do. So they really enjoy that. So the furniture that the glass table we have in the dining room area, which we call our meeting room technically is what that’s called, meeting table. I love the chairs that gray. They’ve got wooden legs, they’re really kind of artsy fartsy look in which are, which is really great. And that’s kind of the sixties kind of 60 style, which is really cool. Very vintage and glass clear glass tables. It’s really awesome. You can see your feet. It’s really great whenever you’re giving Tulsa guitar lessons. So I love, every aspect of the building of the house I should say. And the rooms, they’ve got fans, they’ve got windows, they’ve got guitars on the walls as decor. 


There’s pianos where you can, there’s one room we have man, so awesome where you can actually see the, the hammers inside hitting the strings.  whenever you press a key down, you can see the hammer, hit the string on the back wall of the piano itself and it’s really awesome. I think that’s a cool touch that Ron has in the academy and really kind of catches some of the children’s eye because they get to see how the piano works, which is really nice. So, just a great, great place to host my Tulsa guitar lessons. I enjoy man, the material that I get to teach, I enjoy the students. I thoroughly enjoy the plethora and the, the spectrum of students that I have. I have anywhere from students who are five years old to 70 years old. I have students who are multicultural. I have students who have of all skill levels from beginners to experts who really are better than me and they should be teaching me, but, but they don’t. 


I get to teach them and make money teaching them, even though they’re better than me, is the best thing in the world. I love it. They don’t know it, but it’s awesome and it’s just the funniest thing I could do in life. I think that, the students that I get to teach are very, very humble and are eager to learn. They’re humble and hungry to learn. And that should be a tee shirt somewhere. My guitar students are very, very naturally talented. I would say most of my students are actually naturally talented and I don’t know if that has to do with me at all, but I think, you know, we tend to attract who we are, but thanks to Ron, he also gives him people that he thinks would be great for me to teach. So I thoroughly appreciate that. One of my students right now, what I’m learning with him is that, you know, you, there’s actually two different ways to learn when it comes to, you know, just finding in a classical setting and then learning like what to do whenever you’re like gigging at bars and things like that because there’s different ways of playing. 


There’s styles, different styles of playing. And so this particular student, who I’m giving Tulsa guitar lessons to, wants to play in gigging air. He wants to get hit bars. He wants to get restaurants or coffee shops or, and, and venues and wants to play in front of people. And he’s got red hair. He super, you know, it looks Irish and he’s awesome. He’s the most humble guy. I love this dude and he’s really good. He actually has a, not a lot of knowledge. He’s been teaching himself guitar. He’s only 21. And he’s like bigger than me. He’s more awesome than I am, but, he is just the man and he’s, he’s taught himself from like 16 to like how, where he is now 20, 21 and he knows a lot about guitar.  and he’s like still wanting to learn the proper and more classical way, which are, which is awesome. 


I think that is an incredible characteristic of this guy. He’s like super humble and is just eager to learn and to grow and to make himself better as a human being. Not only a human being, but as a teacher. And so man, I’ve been cramming knowledge down his throat and he’s enjoying every bit of it. He’s enjoying all of the theory, the music theory of the physical application of the theory. And so he’s really enjoying our Tulsa guitar lessons. And, right now I’m actually teaching him the importance of accuracy first and then speed. And this is really part of my topic, talking here is that it’s important to learn it the right way. Starting off if we, one of my favorite quotes from a friend of mine who’s in the music industry says, you never, things never go wrong. They start wrong. 


And I, it just blew my mind and I began to think about giving Tulsa guitar lessons a little bit differently. Things never go, go wrong. They start wrong. And so I see that as the at which should place an extremely large emphasis on starting right? And how important it is to start things right the right way and lay the foundation correctly. So we want to make sure when we’re giving Tulsa guitar lessons that we lay the foundation of our Tulsa guitar lessons, any art, Guitar Instrument, our Piano Instrument, whatever instrument we want to lay that foundation well and the right way, no matter how long it takes, because it’s only going to propel them into the right way, in the right direction, and it’s going to set them up for the success that they are looking for as a guitar player. And it’s up to you and it’s up to me the instructor to do that for them. 


And so that’s what I’m learning. And so I’m taking him through a few concepts to actually accuracy first and then speed. So we practice going through the g major scale with accuracy. We want to make sure we’re hitting every single note in a particular place. Every single time. We’re placing our finger right behind the frets, the metal frets of each note in the g major scale. And we’re playing at a very, very slow speed. That way our fingers acquire the correct muscle memory. And when we, when we apply this every, like with repetition, it locks in the muscle memory. That way we play, we can lay the foundation bright to begin learning how to play the scale faster. So when we add speed to this scale, it we’re not hindered later on because we didn’t start off right. Remember, things don’t go wrong, they start wrong. 


So this has been a huge, huge learning process for me as well. The second thing is that the concept that I’m teaching my students is the concept of slow and right is better than fast and wrong. So it’s the speed aspects, the tempo. So learning at it at the correct template, what is the correct tempo will learning at the pace of no mistakes. That’s the second. And so we always will play with a metronome and we want to find the pace of no mistakes. And this pace might be 50 bpm, 60 bpm. We’re even 70 BPM, but whatever bpm it is, we want to stay there at least for five repetitions and then progress from there. It’s awesome.