Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Inviting Rooms

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The last podcast that I want to do today that is on my list of podcast topics that I talked about, the rest 29 podcast topics and we want to try to go over every single one of them to maximize how many podcasts enabled to do in a day. It’s really easy because we’ve got a nice concrete conclusive dusted listed them though just we’ll list that we can use to look at and it makes it a little bit easier to come up with the topics really is podcast because we do have to do a ton per week about 15 a week and it does become a little bit overwhelming with the sheer number that you need to do, but I want to talk about now and how to create a comfortable space for learning guitar, piano or voice.


 This one is specifically tailored to guitar, but obviously since we are a music academy that teaches all of them and all of them are on the same exact place. I want to talk about how we’ve made it a comfortable space for each and every one of those. So we do have two studio spaces at Curtis Music Academy in our Studio House. But while you might not know is that we also have a third studio space location, just about half a mile away down the street.


We teach Tulsa guitar lessons in as well because we have so many students who want to take Tulsa guitar lessons at the same time, especially in the evenings that we have to open up a third studio space so that we can have enough room to teach three students at a time. So at Curtis Music Academy off the time we do teach three students at a time, we can, we do the ability to teach four though because there is a piano in the back of the studio house that is not particular room, but it is a piano and need be. We can teach four Tulsa guitar lessons at one time. So, so at Curtis Music Academy we have put a lot of thought and effort and intention into creating a good studio space that our students can feel comfortable, warm and welcoming. 


And like I mentioned in my last video, where did the testimony of questions with Tyler? I asked him what his first impression was about our studio space when we opened it because as y’all know, we did just open the studio space back in February, so we have not had it for very long. So it’s really important that we get our students feedback on it. That way we can edit it and come up with new ways to make it better if we need to. We always want to be conducive, open to it, taking advice and questions and things of that nature. We want to make sure that we’re always open to that so we can make edits and fix things if they need to be fixed. 


We don’t want to be so stuck in our ways that we refuse to fix things and change things because it’s really important that you can stay on top of it stuff. So that being said, what makes our space more comfortable than a lot of other spaces that I’ve been to is that it is just, it’s just grace and it is a home. It’s a lot more comfortable just in its very nature than most other students pieces because I’ve never been to a studio at home before. But since we do have these rooms available, it makes them a little bit cozier. 


But obviously they’re not anything like actual bedrooms. There are strictly studio rooms. No one lives in the house, so it’s all just studio equipment. Even the back room with the bathroom attached is an amazing office room.


So that’s where all of our office items are stored as in that third space in this Studio House. But the best thing about the studio houses that it is than it is a home and that in itself makes it very homie locked. Tyler said, he said it’s really comfortable when you walk in warm and inviting and it’s a place where you can relax and that’s exactly what we want to do. We wanted this to be a place where you can relax because a lot of studio spaces and just taking Tulsa guitar lessons in general is stressful and it’s a lot of work can give you anxiety and things like that. 


So we’re going to do best to limit the amount of anxiety and stress that we promote in our studio space. So when you walk in, obviously we’ve got two couches that’s warm, inviting and there’s lights hanging up just to do our best to make sure it’s comfortable and warm and inviting. So we didn’t get to comment on that today. That was really awesome to hear because we did put a lot of effort into it. So when we were looking at location and like I said, I’m looking at locations more for new space potential potentially move into when we’re looking at locations. We’d had to think a lot about how it would affect our studio space and how that would affect the comfort level of our students.


 Want to make sure that our students are always comfortable and always warm and welcome.so we did put a lot of work into it through that. When we were designing the space, we wanted to make sure that it was warm. So we did have warm turns. We had a little bit of cool turned with a blue but warm all around. We’ve got lights and lamps, so the lights are not that bright blue light, but they’re a little bit more lamp light where they’re kind of yellow and stuff like that. So we want to make sure that it is warm in that regard. Another way that we made it coding and specifically designed it for teaching Tulsa guitar lessons is the way that we set up the two studio rooms. So we set them up to be as open as possible. So we’ve got a couch on one and rugs and both of them pianos.