Tulsa Guitar Lessons | When is it Too Late to Learn an Instrument

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This is a topic that we have gotten many times. We have received numerous questions about older students that are interested in taking lessons and they’re unsure of where they fit in. In the student body at Curtis Music Academy, they’re concerned about whether or not they are just too old to take Tulsa guitar lessons. They are unsure of whether or not they will be successful as a new student. That is taking lessons on an instrument that they have never learned. And that is the topic of today’s article. When is it too late to learn an instrument?

With that being said, it is never too late to learn an instrument. Hands down, 100 percent, I am convinced that you are never too old to learn an instrument. And the reason I say this is not because of speculation. I’m not just guessing that it’s probably not too late for you to take lessons. I am convinced and I have witnessed many different people that have been successful by taking lessons at an older age. We have a tremendous amount of older people, retired people. We have students that are in their forties, fifties, and depending on what your idea is of old, we have people in their thirties in their twenties which even though those people are not old, it’s still fit. This false idea that unless you start learning an instrument at a young age, you will be unsuccessful at learning an instrument. So we have many adult students that learn an instrument and are successful of it. In fact, I would be honored and I would love to discuss with you all of our amazing students here at Curtis Music Academy that take Tulsa guitar lessons as an adult. However, I don’t think I could get through every single student that is amazing in just this short article.

I would like to pinpoint one of the most tremendous stories that I can possibly think of that fits this topic to the t. About four years ago we had a student contact us to start taking lessons and this specific student had never in their life taken guitar lessons and they were just interested in attempting to see what it would be like if they were to begin taking lessons. And this student was not your average aged person. This was a gentleman that was perhaps in his seventies and this gentlemen had a very new experience with music when he started taking Tulsa guitar lessons with us and the joy that I received by teaching this student who had never received music before, and what an honor for myself, that is literally less than half his age to be able to teach him something and in and for him to enjoy it. So the problem is he actually did not grasp the concept very easily. He didn’t understand rhythm. He didn’t have an easy understanding of what a single beat is versus a half note, which requires you to hold the note for two beats. All of these concepts were very interesting to him, but they were a challenge. But what I noticed was every single time that he came back to his lesson, he had practiced and he had set time aside to dominate and do an amazing job practicing this material. So he came back in, although he wasn’t perfect, he came back better than he was the week before. And he continued this cycle of practicing and coming to his lesson and he started to show massive amount of practice and massive amounts of success. It took about, I would say six months for him to really start to play songs in a way that was steady and and without mistake, but depending on your frame of reference, you could say, wow, six months. It took him six months to learn a song and to be able to play it without mistakes, but the fact is six months is not a long time.

Six months is from the time that you are freezing to death in the winter to the time that you are burning up in the summer. Now, if you are willing to stick in their first six months, okay, by the time you reach those six months, not only will you be successful and you’ll be able to play songs without mistake, you’ll be able to play them smoothly and steadily without mistake. After those six months, you won’t just be satisfied with where you’ve gotten. If you will continue to learn Tulsa guitar lessons and this instrument, then the fact is that you have put in all of this effort to learn this instrument and you will start to love it. You will be so enthralled in this instrument that you will not be able to give it up after six months because you have seen the success that you’ve received. And so with this student, after six months, he started to make success.

He started to see it and then now he comes back every single week and he makes progress all the time. It is tremendous to me to see where he is at. And I constantly remember even the first few Tulsa guitar lessons with this student, because I remember thinking if he sticks with it, he will master this instrument. If he sticks with it, he can do it. But my concern was that he wouldn’t stick with it. So there is no reason to believe that any age is too late to learn an instrument. And so if you are somebody who’s interested in taking music lessons, but you are concerned that it might be too late to begin taking lessons, I would encourage you to just go for it. Our first lesson is just a $1 for anyone to come and try us out. I encourage you to give up $1 to come and see what your life could be like.