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So I want to make sure that we always do have food so that people want on disappointed cause once it’s at five 30 and that’s kind of a time where people usually dinner to, they’re a little bit hungry when they arrive and they don’t get to go home til six 30 or seven so it’s good that we’ve got a snack to kind of tide them over during their class. 


So that, and I’m not thinking about how hungry they are, but in guitar and chill, there are five or six people and they get together every single week and learned a song together. So they’re usually outside, but sometimes they’re inside if it’s bad weather out, but they do prefer to be outside because its nice and almost comforting and down to earth in a sense that they are feeling closer and calmer and more in tune with the world around them. SItting outside just has an entirely different atmosphere than sitting inside does truly.  


And the difference between this and Tulsa guitar lessons is that one, it’s a lot less stressful too. It’s with a lot of people. So you’re learning as a group. And three, I really think that it helps a lot more with performance ability because even through learning, you’re learning with other pupil and in front of other people. So you’re, you’re more around and more comfortable with playing in front of other pupils. I think it really helps a lot with playing, especially if you want to be someone who is a performer or something like that. So when he gets paid to play the guitar or piano or vocal or whatever it might be, I think it’s really important that you maybe do a grip courts because it allows you to prep more and more efficiently for performances, opportunities, things like that. 


So the other big differences that we don’t have big celebrations or contacts with the guitar grill and chill and show cause it is such a small class, we don’t typically put on a big one. Although last year we did have a fun little course for guitar girl and show students and it was just a little get together at the end of their summer long practice. It was in August, I believe when we grilled food for everyone, they got to invite their families. We had a little banner hung out outside and they were all playing the songs that they’d been learning over the course of the summer and there was a super fun time. I hope that we get to do that again because it was a lot less stressful than any typical performance and even less stressful than our celebrations, which are naturally less stressful to begin with than other performances. 


But it was very stress free for our students. They had a ton of fun. They get to play in front of their loved ones. And I also think it was such a quiet, calm, intimate environment that it was really conducive to just being relaxed and having fun with your friends. That’s what it felt like was just a small little get together when you’re hanging out with your friends and, and just getting to play for them. So I think it was really awesome that we were able to have a little mini celebration for our guitar girls, still students. But I think that targets to us really just are just equally as effective as Tulsa guitar lessons, but maybe not for everyone. So just as Tulsa guitar lessons are for everyone, probably Guitar Groucho show isn’t for everyone. For example, it’s a little bit more difficult because you have to find five or six people who are willing to start the class at the same time and continue at the same time. 


Because if you suddenly have a bunch of people in the class who are all at different playing levels, they’re not playing at the same speed and they’re playing different things and they’re not in the same, they’re not at the same place in music, it’s going to be a lot harder to do the course because you need people who are on a similar playing field, people who know the same things so that you don’t just play a super easy song and then one person already knows it and so they’re not learning anything. You want to make sure it’s challenging enough for everyone but not too challenging that they cannot get ahead. So that’s the problem is that we, right now we just have one class, but I think it would be really fun for us to have a beginner guitar field show class. It’s just that the hardest part is finding students who are willing to all start at the same time. 


So that is one downside to guitar grill and chill and Tulsa guitar lessons, but the upside is obviously that it is cheaper since it is just a once a week and it’s with other people, it does cost a lot less. I think it’s $40 for the month or something as opposed to $30 per Tulsa guitar lessons and it is a flower, so that’s awesome as well. Could talk girl until just a really awesome opportunity for trust to accommodate people of all walks of life and all types things. Everyone is motivated differently and wants to learn different things. It gives us another avenue just to let our students play music in a fun, calm environment because it’s really our thing that we are really passionate about music and teaching other people from music. We want everyone to be excited about it. So good. Tago and Joel is one way that we are allowed to, we were able, I should say, to keep people excited and engaged, interacting with one another and all of the benefits that go along with it. It’s a super fun course and everyone should check it out here at Curtis Music Academy.