Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Multiple Instructors

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Now I want to talk about another thing that makes Curtis Music Academy so incredibly successful and that is the importance of having multiple instructors and multiple people to help you out. So I know that when starting a business on your own, it’s really difficult to find people to help you because one, it costs a lot of money, so you have to pay these people salaries, you have to give them money for helping out in addition to just the general costs of starting up a business on your own. So I recognized that it is really difficult to find help. But one thing that Curtis Music Academy did really well from the beginning is that we have built up a business and that includes instructors and employees. So we were able to get big enough as a music academy to hire myself as an administrative assistant. And that means that I’m able to do the tasks that Ron does not have time for, just genuinely did not have time for it because he’s teaching 60 plus students a week. 


There needs to be someone else who is able to take over the burden of some of the business side things, whether that be recording these podcasts and articles or tidying up the office, making phone calls and sending emails. All of those things are things that Ron genuinely just does not have time for. And that is where I think that I come in and play a really crucial role to this music academy. But I say that it is incredibly important for us to have multiple people who do each job because there are oftentimes when one person is not available. So for instance, tonight Ron asked me to come in and close a first $1 lesson at six 30 and typically closing Tulsa guitar lessons A’s and deed my job, something that I do. However, I was not available tonight for, I had already made other plans and arrangements so I’m not able to come in to close that lesson or do the part of my job that I typically do because I did not plan on being here for that. 


So it’s really important that we have multiple people because since I was not available, Ron was able to call Steven and Steven is going to come in and close that first lesson for me almost since I am unable to, Steven will be able to do that and that is just something that we would not be able to do if Ron had not been able to build up a business with so many employees. He just would be a lot more difficult to find people to do that. So Ron probably has a lesson to teach at that time when this new first student will arrive and won’t be able to close that lesson. So we needed to call on somebody else to do it. Thankfully someone else was available to do it. So it is just really critical that we have multiple employees who are able to do multiple tasks. 


So not only is do you think guitar in check here, he’s also taught one piano lesson randomly and also is there an expert in doing administrative work and doing Tulsa guitar lessons. So over the summer I had another full time job so I was unable to come through and emotion at work at Curtis Music Academy. But thankfully Steven was able to step in and fill that gap where I kind of left off doing other things. So Steven was able to come in and do all the administrative work, but I was unable to do so. It’s awesome that we’ve been able to train up someone else to do the same job in case of emergency in case one of us can’t be there, there’s always a backup person and the same thing applies to our instructors. So I’m looking right now at the board and the White Board in the office has the availability times of all of our instructors and we have this up sub prep prevalent and so front and center because we want to make sure that we know when the instructors are available in case of emergency. 


So sometimes an instructor might get sick and if they get sick they won’t be able to come into their Tulsa guitar lessons. And especially if it’s a last minute thing, it’s really rude and difficult to cancel your Tulsa guitar lessons last minute if they’re already planning on being here or made arrangements. So that’s where it comes in handy to have multiple instructors who play the same thing. So for example, we technically have four piano and shutters. So let’s say Olivia gets sick on Sandra Day and has to call because she woke up and just can’t get out of bed because something bad is happening. So she would call one of our other instructors and she’s got three options. So the worst case scenario, even if two of the people that she calls are not available, chances are at least one of them will be. So it gives us an awesome opportunity just to be able to reach out to one another in case of emergency, in case Tulsa guitar lessons need to be canceled. 


We have people with equal talent and ability who are able to step in in time of need. That’s one thing that’s really awesome about having multiple instructors. Same thing applies to Qatar. So let’s say for example, Garrett is sick and he can’t teach guitar girl. And chill. Well, thankfully Ron can teach guitar girl and Shell or Steven can teach guitar grill and chill or Max could even teach guitar grill and chill. We just have a ton of options and availability in case something happens and same thing even applies to my own job. There technically are only one of me, but worst case scenario, Stephen could come in if he had time and do the things that I’m unable to do just like he did over the summer. So it’s really awesome that we’re able to share the responsibility in the burdens over here at Curtis Music Academy because I think it really allows us to build off of one another and help one another out in time of need. 


It’s really an awesome way to do things and we could not have done it without rod being able to build up business in hire all of us to do an awesome job. You. I think it’s a bit excessive to have seven instructors, but I genuinely don’t think so because every week we come together and our weekly team meeting, even when we come up with different and better ways to, to promote our business and get even more students. So I think we in fact have the perfect amount of instructors for teaching the student load that we have and just sharing the responsibilities and burdens that lie within them.