Tulsa Guitar Lessons | How To Maximize Effectiveness of Guitar Lessons

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This podcast is going to be about how to maximize the effectiveness of your Tulsa guitar lessons. And, there’s a lot to this topic, but it’s gonna be an awesome one. I’m going to use a lot of examples from my own life and some key, a key principle in how to actually maximize effectiveness of your Tulsa guitar lessons. So when it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of your guitar lessons in Tulsa,I am a tar teacher. My name is Steven. I’ve been teaching guitar for about five years, going on six years now. It’s been phenomenal. I’ve loved it. I’ve had many students in the past that I’ve taught privately. 


Now I’m teaching for Curtis music Academy. I’m teaching, you know, Tulsa guitar lessons as opposed to like somewhere else, you know, I’d be teaching, but now, you know, I’m a guitar teacher at Curtis music Academy and I love this job.I love teaching students. I love getting more students. I love helping students reach their goals, you know, and starting from where they are to getting them to where they really want to be. And so, without further ado,some of the examples I’m going to use our religious, you know, obviously for my own life, they will be hopefully helpful to you when it comes to understanding how to kind of solve any problems, fix any, any weird spots in your Tulsa guitar lessons, how to kind of create maximum effectiveness and functionality, your Tulsa guitar lessons. 


making sure your students are well-informed, they understand the material, they grasp the material, they know where to go, what to do, what to practice, things like that. So this is a few steps to how to maximize students’ effectiveness of Tulsa guitar lessons. I would say the first step is really just about understanding your student.If you don’t know where they want to go, how do you know when you’ve reached the destination? You know, if I’m wanting to go to California and a friend and I’m headed to California, I jumped in my car and I’m headed there, you know, and a friend halfway through in Nevada tells me, Hey, Florida is a really great place.


 You should really go there. I know you go into California, but man, Florida would be really awesome, just a few States away really to like a lot of States away. And if I said sure, let’s go, I’d be going in the opposite direction and would never get to my destination within my desired time. Wouldn’t get there very fast at all. You know, from where I am to California is only about a 24 hour drive. I say only about a 24 hour drive. That’s a very long drive.But if I wanted to go from Nevada to Florida, that’s an even longer drive. So I’m going to definitely make it a longer trip for me. But I want the most effective path possible, the most, the quickest path possible. And that’s to go in a straight line from a to B, you know? So,how to maximize the effectiveness of your Tulsa guitar lessons is really just helping them get to the quickest, their quickest desk, their destination as quick as possible. 


You know, if they’re wanting to, if they’re right now just the beginner, they know nothing about guitar yet, they want to become an expert. And the guitar and maybe even start teaching guitar. Well, they’re going to need to know a lot of the basics. They’re going to need to know tons of basics.f you, if you’re ever wanting to master something, you have to be a master first of the basics.So they’re going to need to know all of the basics that there are basics of, you know, the musical alphabet intervals. They’re going to need to know scales and they’re going to need to know triads, how to build chords. You know, those are a lot of the basics. also in rhythm, they’re gonna, you know, rhythm. 


They’re gonna need to learn, you know, notation values, you know, how long does each note last and what do those look like on a sheet of paper whenever you’re trying to read or play music on the piano or Tulsa guitar lessons. And so it’s very important that we know where they’re wanting to go, what their destination is. So we want to start with the end in mind with, for, for the student. This is how we’re going to kind of go about achieving maximum effectiveness. For our Tulsa guitar lessons.Second point. So my first point was really figuring out their goals or starting with the end in mind. Start with the end in mind. So the next point is breaking down their goal. So you want to know the goal, then you want to break down the goal into manageable and maybe even monthly and weekly lessons. 


For instance, if they’re wanting, if you’re, and you have to kind of build with this, you know, you’re building, you’re building a house, you’re building a relationship, you’re building, you’re, you’re going on a journey. You’re having a journey. You know, you’re taking a journey, taking a walk, you’re taking a stride, you’re, you’re going from Tulsa to California, you know, depending on the distance, you know, from here to Kansas isn’t very long. It’s about a three to four hour drive. And that could be, that could be represented as a very, very short goal.


For instance, of beginner wants to learn the G major scale. That’s kind of the equivalent from Tulsa to Kansas. But if they’ve got a longer goal and it’s going to take a longer time to get there, you know, from here to Canada, then they’re gonna we’re going to sit back and enjoy the ride. You know, we’re not going to try to get there as fast as possible, but we know there’s going to be a lot of stops along the way and a lot of cool sites we want to see. And so we don’t want to definitely make this an enjoyable journey and make an understand that we’re building, you know, we’re going to get you to go to this state, to this state, that this state to this state before we get to our destination. 


And we want to make sure that we’ve, we kinda break down those lessons for them in chunks and then further break down those chunks.For instance, if you want to teach them, if they’re wanting to go from Tulsa to Canada, a big Wong, they’ve got a goal that’s going to take awhile. For instance, you know, being as good as Sean Mendez and there are beginner, well Sean Mendez knows scales. Sean Mendez knows Cortes Shumon is, knows how to build courts. Sean Mendez knows lots and lots of music theory. And so you’re going to need to break it up into music theory and application. 


And the more application of the theory that you can give them, the better. And that’s going to help them become more skilled and, at their, at their instrument. So we’ve got starting with the end in mind, then we gotta break down the goals. And then after we’ve broken down the goals, we want to break down the lesson, we want to break down those goals down to the lessons, and then we’ll that lesson we want to, if it’s a 30 minute or less than 45 minutes less than our lesson, break down those nuggets, those tinier concepts, those lessons at a time, into 30 minutes.How are we going to teach this material within 30 minutes? You know, and breaking it down in such a way, in a simple way to where they can understand that. And so this is the fun part of music lessons from me. I love doing this stuff.


 I think it’s awesome. Awesome. And it’s very fun. I love it. Solving problems. And really, that’s all that guitar teaching is about. It’s about solving problems. It’s about solving people’s problems and we’re solving students’ problems. Their problem is, I don’t know how to get from a to Z. Well, we can help them get from a to Z. I can solve your problem for you. Let me kind of melt this down to its most fundamental truths like a physicist would, you know? And then working my way up from there, you know, so it’s gonna be awesome. And that’s how we achieve success and really give effectiveness.


Effectiveness will be in the, the individual lessons that you give. That’s where you’ll find the effectiveness. And the effectiveness will really lie in how well you can communicate, how well you can, communicate the lesson and then implement the lesson. And one method of doing this is what we’ve taken from the boy Scouts, which is really awesome. And it’s called the edge method. It’s about explaining, demonstrating, guiding, and then enabling. This is the method of use when it comes to teaching a skill. This has been the most helpful. The most helpful method in my teaching and I, I just have such a joy getting to use this method. It’s so fun. It’s so easy and it’s so simple. You just explain, you demonstrate it, you guide them and doing the exact same thing you just demonstrated and then you enable them. They are, they are capable of doing it themselves. This is how we achieve the maximum effectiveness.