Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Testimonials 

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The next thing that I want to talk about is not on that list that I was telling you about how we’ve got a list 29 podcast topics and I’m going to try to go through all of them to make most efficient and effective way of being talking into this phone so that I can make a bunch of podcasts. This is not on that list, but I thought of it recently. While I was going through some things today, I noticed that Ron asked me to make testimonial video of one of our students. His name is Tyler and he was taking a lesson today, a piano lesson that is, and he was learning one of the songs that Ron had arranged for him.


 It was heathens by, I’m not even sure what band it might be imagine dragons, but I’m not positive. Anyways, Tyler was learning this song today and his lesson because Ron had arranged for him to meet his specific skill level. It’s one of the things I’ve talked about a ton at Curtis Music Academy that we use documents a lot and they are really valuable to all of our students. But today I had to do a video testimonial for him and a video testimonial in case you’ve never heard of one is where you take a video of someone and you ask them about the thing that you want to know about. So for us, we take video testimonials to see how our students are enjoying their Tulsa guitar lessons. 


And what do we do with these testimonials? You might ask, well what we do with these testimonials as we put them up on the website and on the website you can go through and see everyone’s testimonials to see personal real life accounts of how our students are enjoying their Tulsa guitar lessons and why they enjoyed them. So for Tyler, I went through one so that we could put it on our website and also send it to a potential new students. Five potential new students, I mean people who are coming in to take the first lesson. So in that email that I’ve talked about before, when someone comes in to take a first lesson, we send them an email, a confirmation email that has our address and where we’re located. 


Also has a couple of testimony videos embedded into the email so that people can see and get to know more about Curtis Music Academy as a whole. That’s kind of the purpose of these testimonial videos. And I had the privilege of doing one today for Tyler. So when I went to video Tyler, I stopped into their inner, they’re less than I should say and I said, hey guys, I’m really sorry to interrupt, but Tyler, do you mind if I take awesome video for you for our website? He was like, yeah, sure. No, no problem. I don’t mind at all. 


So I went in there and, made some jokes about this being his path that started them cause to taking a video of him on the phone. But, our, we went to the living room, got him all set up, got the tripod set up with phone on it though we could take video of him and we just asked him a couple of questions about how he’s liking his Tulsa guitar lessons and what he thinks of them in general so that we can have more firsthand accounts up on our website if people who are actually taking Tulsa guitar lessons, I think it’s a lot more valuable than other things. Even Google reviews are a little bit distant and impersonal because you can’t see the person writing them and you don’t know if they’re actual students or not. You’d assume that they are, but you honestly just don’t really know. 


But when we took this video of Tyler, it was very clear that he is a student because this was in our studio house living room. We got him all set up in there so that it could take this video. And he just started talking about how he liked his lesson. So we make these testimony videos as easy as possible for our students because we want them to not feel nervous about them. We want to just be honest and competent with us that we can share the confidence and honesty with you all who are checking the website for testimonial videos and whatnot. So I’m going to go through a couple of the questions that we ask Tyler today and this testimonial video. And it’s the questions that we ask all of our students when we take testimonial of them, when they’re taking Tulsa guitar lessons, will they be piano lessons, guitar lessons, vocal lessons. 


We’d like to get a wide variety of students so that it’s more relatable when you see it on the website. So the first question that we ask when taking a testimonial video is what is your name and what are you learning? So he obviously said, my name is blank and I am learning the piano. And then the next question that we ask is, what was your first impression of our studio space? We ask this because the space that you learned in is actually really critical. It’s really important that you have a good grasp on what the space is and how you feel in it.


 We want to make sure that our students like our space and this is a perfect time for them to tell us if they feel otherwise about it, if they don’t like it or things like that. So we asked them what his first impression of her studio space was and thankfully he said that he loved our studio space that felt really comfortable at Homey at home. Like, like I’ve talked about before, that’s exactly what we strive for. Our critical music academy. We put a lot of effort and intention into crafting the space who we want it to be. Super Homey and craft like not craft like I should say, but home like a, we’re going to be comfortable space where people can come in and relax and to Tyler, that’s exactly what it was


. So that was really good for us to hear from him cause it obviously was prompted and we wanted it here. It’s honest thoughts. And so it’s really comforting that his honest thoughts were those. Exactly because that’s what we strived for. So the third question that we asked in our testimonial questions was, what do you like most about our Tulsa guitar lessons and what he likes most about our Tulsa guitar lessons was that they were really tailored specifically to the students’ goals. This was another answer that we really love a Curtis Music Academy because this is what we do anyways. We’re constantly striving to make sure that our Tulsa guitar lessons are tailored specifically to our students’ goals. It’s actually on our one sheet, the Curtis difference. It’s one of the things that’s critical and crucial to who we are as critical music academy. 


So it was really awesome that we were able to do that and that he gave us that answer because it really showed us that we are not just preaching the things, but that we’re actually living there and that students actually feel the way that we do about Curtis Music Academy. So that was the thing that he liked most about our Tulsa guitar lessons with that there was specifically tailored to him. And I just thought that was really awesome because that is exactly what we strive to do and it felt really good to know the students actually feel the same way. So the final question that we ask when we’d do testimony of questions for any of our students are taking piano lessons or vocal lessons or guitar lessons is would you recommend our lessons to a friend or family member and why? And most of the time our students said that they would absolutely recommend our lessons to a friend or family member.


 And this is because we do a really awesome job at tailoring our goals arts, our lesson specifically to the student’s goals. And it really helps them feel confident in, they’re able to learn that think that they want to learn in a quick and efficient manner. So Tyler, like I said, was able to learn a cool song that you wanted to learn and get out of the book despite the fact that he was just a beginner student. So Ron was able to arrange one of the shavers songs and make it easier for him to play so that he can have real life experience and playing a song and makes sure that he is able not to not be stuck in the book and a curriculum, but able to do the exactly the things that he wants. 


And I think that’s why he would recommend our lessons to any of those friends or family members. He said he would in fact recommend our lessons to anyone in the hall wide world. And that was just really encouraging and really good to hear and thankful that we hear those things from our students here at Curtis Music Academy.