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Every Thursday we have a team meeting where our instructors get together and we talk about different things that Curtis Music Academy could do to improve the way that we are teaching students or improve the way that our students are learning. So there’s many different things that could be happening with a student. However, throughout the course of taking Tulsa guitar lessons, their experience will get more amazing and they will experience many different taking a quarter mile turn right onto east 36 of. Our Tulsa guitar lessons at 


Curtis Music Academy and throughout the course of teaching Tulsa guitar lessons, our instructors are also improving the way that they teach straight onto the course of these Thursday Tulsa guitar lessons. Our instructors get better and better. The most recent meeting on Thursday at seven 30 our guitar instructors spoke about what it is that we could improve with our curriculum. So we got all of our guitar instructors together and we laid out our curriculum and we decided to nitpick and dissect the way that we are currently teaching. And we chose to figure out what we could do better to allow our students to learn at a more efficient rate than before. And this is not something that happens infrequently. We have a meeting every Thursday and this is the topic of discussion pretty much every time, whether it’s curriculum or documents to help provide our students with beneficial 


instructions on a specific topic. But we want our guitar students to understand that we care about them and that we want to see them grow and that we care about the money that they are putting in to Tulsa guitar lessons. And we care about providing a product that is equivalent, if not even better than the amount of money that they are putting into their Tulsa guitar lessons. Because the truth is you could get instruction from pretty much anyone that knows music and some people charge more than others. Some people charge less than others. We are not the most expensive music school in Tulsa. We are also not the cheapest people that provide Tulsa guitar lessons. So because of this, we have to be careful of allowing our students to be the ones that say whether or not the price is worth it. And we find that the answer is absolutely without a question. 


Yes. And another one of our articles, we had talked about the wow factor. We had talked about why it is that our students when they walk in for a lesson should be wowed. There needs to be a moment in time where each and every student walks into a lesson and says, wow, so this is why we meet on Thursdays to provide the most amazing experience for our students. This past Thursday we discussed the curriculum of guitar students and what the guitar instructors are teaching them, and one of the things that we wanted to provide was specific documents that we could give that would benefit every single one of our guitar students. So the two documents that we decided would be beneficial was a design for the anatomy of the guitar. And if you look online, you can find many different 


photos and diagrams of the anatomy of the guitar by Anatomy, we are talking about Guitar Fret. We are talking about the neck of the guitar as well as the headstock where even describing the body of the guitar, which on an acoustic guitar is where the sound hole is located and the entire anatomy of the guitar is mapped out in this diagram that we created from scratch. And what we have found is that this diagram looks better than anywhere else that we could have gone and found on the Internet. And it has been a very rewarding experience creating the document that will help our students to grow throughout the course of their Tulsa guitar lessons. 


With this document, not only is a diagram listed, it also talks about the different names of some of the things that we would be using in everyday talk when it comes to the guitar. So when we looked at the tuning pegs, we want to be able to know what we’re describing for our students. We also want to make sure that they understand where the first Fred is or where the second fret is and if we are having difficulty understanding where these things are located on the guitar, it just causes a lot more miscommunication. And it takes longer to understand the concept if we’re still going through some of the names of the guitar, so that’s why we created this document. Another document that we created this past week was how to tune your guitar and this is certainly a topic that could 


exclusively on its own article and we will certainly do that very soon. But for now, the reason that we decided to create this document was because when it comes to tuning, some people just understand how to tune a guitar. It’s not very difficult for them while other people, even after talking about it in our lessons multiple times, we have found that some students have a difficult time receiving the information and understanding what’s going on with the tuning of the guitar. So the document that we created allowed for the student to be able to visually understand what’s going on with the tuning and be able to reproduce it in a way that is easy to understand. 


Because of this, one of the things that tends to happen is students, as they’re tuning the guitar, they might have a very out of tune guitar and the tuner is reading the wrong note. And if it’s reading the wrong note, then it’s very difficult for a student to tune the guitar because they think that the tuner is saying that it’s in tune, but it’s reading the wrong note. So this is a way that the document allows the student to understand what’s happening and be able to reproduce the notes easily and effectively without very much trouble at all. So that’s the reason that we created the turning document. 


But the whole point that I’m trying to make is that this is why we have our Thursday meetings with all of our instructors so that we can get together and decide which documents need to be, what would benefit our students the most, and what are things that are happening in our lessons that are causing our students to have a difficult time with a specific concept. So if we’re noticing that our students are having a difficult time understanding a specific concept, then that means we could do things better. We could create more resources for our students to have an easily accessible and understanding experience with each and every topic that is discussed in their guitar lessons. So throughout the course of our lessons, you will continue to receive even more resources, even more documents each and every week that you attend to Curtis Music Academy. And this is something that will not stop. We will continue to have these team meetings on Thursdays regardless of where we are at with our lessons. So fill out the $1 form and we would love to see you in your next guitar lesson.