Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Planning Guitar Lessons

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Oh Man. Another topic about music, I love music. So my wife and I just got a new apartment and we’ve been moving like crazy. All of these boxes in furniture. We’ve moved three stories high from, from the ground to three stories high into a one bedroom, one bath unit. That is beautiful. And the reason I’m talking about this, it’s just because I love the space that I get to live in as I’m planning my guitar lessons here in Tulsa. And so when I get up in the morning now after we’ve unpacked most of our boxes and the places looking like someone lives here, you know we’ve got our TV set up and it’s an element TV to great TV. It was only like $125 and it’s a smart TV as well. It’s really cool. We have our entertainment center, we have our, you know, coffee table that’s made out of a tree. 


And then we have our couch that was actually not even put together and we didn’t have at our previous residence, we actually ordered it online after we moved in because that was the smartest thing to do. And, but it was a heavy box. It came in a box. It was shipped to us in a box. And then we brought it up from the first story all the way to the third story into our apartment, into our living room and unpackaged it and put it together like a puzzle piece. And while I, here it is, this is what I’m sitting on. It’s beautiful. It’s comfortable. It’s gray, it’s awesome. It’s vintage. Super Cool. And I love getting to sit on this couch. It’s got gritty. When I say gritty, I mean like, it looks like a grid. It’s got buttons in the cushions, which makes it look very vintage and cool and classic. 


Kind of like something you would see in a movie. My wife bought this pillow that is furry and fluffy and very elegant and I love laying on it. As I’m thinking about my guitar lessons in Tulsa and most of the walls in this apartment, I would dare say all of the walls in this apartment are white. And our kitchen has really awesome cabinets. It’s got marble or granite countertops, really nice, nice appliance, stainless steel appliances, things like that. But the view that I get to look at every day, every morning, every night, every evening, every afternoon as I’m eating breakfast, as I’m eating lunch, as I’m meeting dinner, as I’m a movie or watching TV or planning my guitar lessons at the table, it is a great joy. Anytime I’m about to plan a guitar lesson or, or I’m studying for a guitar lesson, it is fantastic. 


I love it. I enjoy it. This apartment has hardwood floors that are really nice and smooth and light, Brown colored and you can see your reflection almost. It’s awesome. My view is of the city plex towers and I get to see people drive by the river and get to see the beautiful blue sky. And then when the storming and things like that, I get to see the clouds and it’s just an awesome view and it’s delightful and it brings in a lot of awesome natural light, which makes it a great place to take pictures or record videos or plan my guitar lessons in Tulsa. And also I love driving from my apartment all the way to the Curtis Academy, Curtis Music Academy that is in Tulsa. And so I think this is a great spot. I don’t think we could have picked a better spot in this area at this time where I can think clearly and plan the best guitar lessons ever and then give you the best guitar lessons ever because I always get to come back home to this amazing apartment and I am so blessed and thankful and have a heart full of gratitude that I get to live here. 


And so yeah, I really enjoy the furniture that we’ve acquired lately. We’re actually in the process of buying a few more items of furniture. And when I say furniture, I mean chairs. This is definitely a place my wife and I really enjoy wanting to be hospitable to people. And so we want to have enough seating where at least, you know, three to five guests can be here in addition to us. So total of seven, 10, maybe 10 people Max, because I think the Max load for this apartment is like 20, probably 20, without there being a fire hazard. And so, yeah, we’re gonna get like four new table chairs and they’re going to be cool, pretty cool looking. And then a few bar stools, which are going to be really nice and wooden, kind of not necessarily rustic looking, but the wood on there looks rustic. 


However, when I’m giving my Tulsa guitar lessons at the park, when I’m planning my Tulsa guitar lessons at the bar stool, at the bar, at the bar, not the bars double at the bar, it, it becomes a very nice place to sit and it’s very comfortable and it’s a place where I can think clearly. Things like that. I love walking into my refrigerator. Well, I can grab a snack before I plan my Tulsa guitar lessons and I get to pluck a banana or even think of healthy snacks I can have before I give my Tulsa guitar lessons so that my breath does not smell like garlic while I’m talking to my student. But it smells more like fruit or strawberries or something awesome like that. And so I really think about what I’m eating before I go to my guitar lesson. That way it isn’t in any way a hindrance to the progression of my lesson and, or a distraction to my student. 


And so things that are great to drink before you tell us one would be something like tea or a cool energy drink, something natural of course because you don’t want an unhealthy amount of sugar or caffeine cause it can make you a little antsy. Okay. And then, I have my guitars mounted on the wall in my bedroom and I got to do it all myself with, well I say all myself, but my wife really helped me with, the mounting of these guitars. But basically I had to mark on the walls where I wanted them to be placed and then I had to screw holes into the wall and then put the mounts themselves, the hangers of themselves onto the wall and nail those in and then place the guitar above onto the hanger. And so it makes it easy for me to just grab a guitar, pick it up, and then come play it in my living room where I can see that awesome view and think clearly and well, and for the Tulsa guitar lessons that I have later in the day. 


I love planning these Tulsa guitar lessons. This is probably the fifth 500th time that I’ve said it, but I can’t say it enough. I, I love planning my Tulsa guitar lessons and I love that I get to do it in front of an incredible view like the one we have at our new apartment. And so I get to watch people drive into the driveway, into the complex and out of the complex I can see wife as she’s driving into the complex and even out of the complex. It’s really cool because I can take binoculars and look into the city and spot birds and the city flex towers near Oru and look at signage and if they’re really good binoculars, maybe even see a squirrel up close climbing a tree in front of our apartment complex. All of this will happen before my guitar lesson in Tulsa. And so I like to keep my life very, not slow, but steady. I love energy though. And so every once in awhile I do enjoy having a party or enjoying, you know, a night with friends or having lunch or dinner over with my family. And I like to, you know, I’m all about family and I love planning my Tulsa guitar lessons and this department. It makes planning and giving, being an instructor incredibly fun.