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In this third edition of the Curtis Music Academy podcast. I wanted to talk about being on time and what that means. This goes for just about any job, any, any thing in life that you’re, you have to be at and you want to be on time. This will pertain to that. So I believe this skill is not only gonna help you as an instructor, but it’s gonna help you in your life, as a human being. And so, first my name is Steven and I’m an instructor music instructor at Curtis Music Academy. I teach Tulsa guitar lessons and vocals and beginner piano. 


And so I love, I thoroughly enjoy teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed being just physically being at the academy. It’s actually a house and we have two instructing rooms that have both have pianos and Tulsa guitar lessons provide guitars,mounted on the wall. The Piano’s not mounted on the wall, but the guitars are mounted on the wall and there is also a chair in there for a student as well as a bench in there for the piano. 


And I enjoy just thoroughly enjoyed being here. We have a hospitality area or what we call our, yeah, our, our lobby I guess is what you would call it. And it’s right when someone walks in the door, there’s a couch there just like your home, a couch with a coffee table and it’s so inviting. Tulsa guitar lessons absolutely need to be inviting. And we also have a beverage area, and a dining table just like you would find at your home guys. And so it’s very comfortable and it’s very much like what each student and each parent of the student is used to. And it just, it just provides an experience and an environment where people just really feel at home because they’re at a home. And so, that’s why I love being at Curtis Music Academy. And so to get back on topic, our topic is being on time. We’re going to talk about how early is being on time. 


We’re going to talk about how being super early is just as bad as being late. Thirdly, we’re going to talk about how five to seven minutes or really the exact amount of time, which we call it, which we categorize as being on time. The specific amount of time that it takes to actually be on time. So, we’re going to now knock out a few, stereotypical or concepts that are not true and that is being on time is at the start time of your event or organized gathering. So how early is on time is on time, right on the dot. So say you have a music lesson or Tulsa guitar lessons that starts at 6:00 PM. Now are you going to get there right at 6:00 PM? Is that being on time? Is two minutes ahead getting there two minutes early being on time. 


It’s five minutes early being on time, it’s 10 minutes being on time. It’s 15 or 30 minutes being on time. I used to work at a marketing firm where I worked with millionaires and they were heads of their companies and they were super efficient and they had multiple people working under them to administrate and to take care of the tasks at hand. And they would always say 30 minutes is early for the Tulsa guitar lessons, 15 minutes is on time and on time or meaning arriving on the dock is late. So how early is on time. That is really the approach of the the marketing firm. I used to work at it. That’s kind of how I gauge being on time and it has totally changed my life and ha and it’s really allowed me to be on time just about everywhere I go. I take the approach that 30 minutes is being on is being early. 


And so 30 minutes allows anything. If you leave 30 minutes, really 45 minutes prior to your engagement start time, you want to also do, you want to definitely factor by using, you want to factor how much time it will take you to get there by using Google maps or a gps. The GPS will give you the exact time it’s going to take you to get in there, get there. And when you get there you want to be 30 minutes early, which is being early. And so I like to factor that in. That is just how I go about attending my Tulsa guitar lessons and getting on time or being early to places is a, so by the time I arrive, I’m 30 minutes early, so I am early. And then if I want to be on time, I’m going to actually, be present and ready to go 15 minutes early because that is being on time. To me, 15 minutes is being on time. 


However, being that might be different than some occasions. Summit quit occasions won’t allow you to enter or be on time, like we say, 15 minutes beforehand. And so you have to plan accordingly of course. But for most cases, being early would be 30 minutes and being on time would be 15 minutes. However, you don’t want to be ever arrive right on the dot unless you’re asked to, to. You always want to be early because leaders are early and, owners are early. wWealthy people are early and so we want to, if we want to progress in life and we want to do this thing right and we want to do this thing well, people appreciate us at Tulsa guitar lessons. And I think all of this is has to do with the principle of respecting your time and respecting other’s time. I respect my time as a human being and I want others to respect my time as well. 


So I want, I need to plan when and where at what time I’m going to arrive or be at some place. So respect, respecting your time and if you respect your time, other people will, you have to teach other people actually to respect your time. So, that is point number 1.


Point number 2 is to be early to be super early or too early is just as bad as being late. I 100% agree with this statement. If you’re too early, meaning if you’re there more than 30 minutes ahead of time, and this goes, this really goes from my life right now. And so I’m sure you can relate, but if I’m more than 30 minutes or someplace, I am just simply too early and too early is viewed just as awkward or just as pat as being late for your Tulsa guitar lessons.  Because you could be arriving super early, arriving super early, when may, be that you’re interrupting another meeting going on or you’re simply just at that point, just passing time and killing time. 


And if our time is valuable, we want to make the most of every time, every minute of the day. And so unless your intention is to waste time, there’s no reason why you need to be super, super early to some place. Super early, as 45 minutes early, super early, his an hour ahead of time. So to be super early is just as bad as being late. When you’re late, you’ve missed when you were supposed to be there. You may have missed a few things. It’s awkward just like being super early, as awkward, being late is awkward as well. Shows that you, being super early actually shows that you have too much time on your hands and, you need more to do, being late or, or behind schedule. It shows that you don’t, you, you’re not very punctual and, that you need to be more organized. 


Shows that you’re not as organized as you may need to be. So to be super early is just as bad as being late. And then my third point, what specific amount of time is on time? When you arrive for your Tulsa guitar lessons, you will know. We discussed this and point number one,  on how early is on time and that was 30 minutes is early 15 minutes is on time and on time or on the dot time is simply late. On average you need about 15 minutes to really get started, warmed up and ready to start for your guitar lessons in Tulsa. And that 15 minutes being on time, 15 minutes early, it’s gonna enable you to have plenty of time that you need to, you know, find any papers to print out any of your lesson plans for the day, maybe even one for the next lesson. And it really helps you to stay ahead of schedule and on top of each event of your life by being early. 


Remember, leaders are early and suckers are late, and we want to be people who are successful and are prepared. Tulsa guitar lessons require you to be early. To give you full one hundred percent all. And that enables us being early and being on time allows us to, to, to do that in life. And the fruit of it is that we begin to raise, we first respect her on time. And the fruit of that is really by respecting our time. The fruit of that is that we are on time to everything and we build a good reputation and a respect, display of respect for our time. And then, otherwise, other than that, people begin to respect our time.