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If you’ve ever listened to a guitarist like Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton, you know how important it is to have an absolutely amazing guitar solo in your song. While some guitarists enjoy playing cowboy chords and singing around a campfire, we all know that your true passion is in shredding the guitar and making sparks fly off of your fingers as you fly up and down the neck. That is precisely why you have stumbled upon this amazing article. So let’s dive into why you should be creating some phenomenal guitar riffs during your Tulsa Guitar Lessons.


After many years of taking guitar lessons, many guitarists have a difficult time finding the correct things to play in the context of a song or a solo. This is because the musician likely has not had adequate musical theory training to understand what will work best in these specific scenarios. While you are taking Tulsa guitar lessons, you should absolutely ask your instructor if he or she can help you understand these core concepts. Better yet, if you contact Curtis Music Academy, we will absolutely be able to teach you these things without you even asking. This is because our curriculum is vast and wide. We would love to help you to create the most amazing sounds and melodies that the guitar was created for.


After many years of learning to understand music, there are core concepts and fundamental topics that will help you to master the instrument. Whether you play piano, violin, or in this case, guitar, music theory is the most helpful thing to move you from one spot in your musicianship to the next. This is because music theory helps us to put terminology into what we’re hearing. Instead of just looking at your instructor that has been giving you tulsa guitar lessons and saying, “Wow! That sounds great!”. We can actually put the sounds into phrases to communicate with other guitar students.


For instance, if you are playing a song in the key of A minor, like House of the Rising Sun by the Monkeys, then you will notice that the song sounds a little bit different than a song that is in a major key, like Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. We can communicate these sounds by terminology created by music theory. We analyze and critique specific things about music so that as you play your guitar solo, we can explain to other music nerds exactly why your solo was great, or why it was terrible.


As you embark on taking tulsa guitar lessons, you will find that you are progressing at an exponential rate and that you are able to find unique sounds and characteristics of playing music. Throughout many years of progress, you can manipulate the strings and bend them to make slides more manageable. These are all ways that your solos can continue to wow your audience. If you stick to the same pentatonic scale, or the same four notes, your melodies will sound bland. Better yet, your fans will very likely begin to throw tomatoes at your head so that you will actually realize that you need to find a guitar instructor. That is why we are here. We want you to stay dry, so that the tomatoes do not ruin your outfit at your next gig.


Creating massive amounts of progress with your musicianship is incredibly important through the course of learning an instrument. You should be able to move forward and progress without having random dry periods of lack of motivation or feeling stuck. Many people come to us when they feel stuck. Some good questions to ask are, “Why haven’t I started taking Tulsa guitar lessons? Why did you get stuck in the first place? Why are you having trouble finding things to practice?” The answer is usually because you are unable to challenge yourself to the point that you are making progress and moving forward. This is why many guitar players are content with playing the same four chords over and over in their songs. It is time to wake up and listen to the guitar!


The next step for you is to find a mentor, a guru, a sensei for your ridiculous guitar skills. We want to help you master the guitar without feeling condemnation or ridicule for sounding silly. When you first start out playing solos or improvising, you will find that there are many different things that make a solo sound bad. This is how your Tulsa guitar lessons will help you progress. In fact, wrong notes are perhaps only the first aspect of a bad solo. When you include musical articulation like slurs, accents, and staccato notes, these things can help your music to sound better. We want you to find the different elements of music and incorporate them into your songs.


Having a wonderful improvised solo is great. Many artists will go out and have a ridiculous solo on stage with the lights shining in their face. However, many times, these solos are not improvised; they are rehearsed over and over again until they are perfected. This is how we should practice. Without moving past the groundwork of the lack of improvement. With many different techniques, exercises, and scales, you will progress throughout many different venues of life. This is why we love teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa.


If you have ever met the guy who has trouble identifying his weaknesses in playing an instrument, then you certainly know just how frustrating it can be to watch him or her have trouble practicing their instrument. When we watch our students grow, we want them to progress efficiently and successfully, not in a manner that requires lack of growth. Without a doubt, this is the biggest struggle for upcoming musicians. It is hard to keep the fire lit if motivation is not there to practice. Keep that fire burning so that your pathway to a wonderful music career can be ahead of you.


If you have never taken Tulsa guitar lessons before, I genuinely encourage you to give Curtis Music Academy a ring at 918-361-7641. We would love to hear from you. We would love to give you a tour of our studio. Infact, while you’re here, we’ll give you a lesson for just one dollar! We are convinced that you will love our space. Don’t be shy, give us a call to schedule the start of your tulsa guitar lessons.