Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Creating a Great Space

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We just want to make it look as much of like a studio as it should. So we have whiteboards on the walls just to make sure that they’re able to write when they need to, that the instructors can write down stuff. Really that makes it easier to follow when you can have tangible things written down on a white board for everyone to see. The only downside about those white boards is that they aren’t really hard to clean. So I’ve come across several times when I’m trying to go in there and clean my boards off and we even have the special expo cleaner but it doesn’t quite work because they are shower boards and not real whiteboards. 


But that’s okay because they’re awesome and they do get the job done. Just a perfectionist nightmare when you’re trying to clean them. So studio space, it’s very warm and open and bright. And so one of the best things about it that I think is that I don’t even mind being here when I’m at work cause it’s pretty comfortable in the office space. We’ve got to come to her chair to sit in a nice desk, we can do all of our work on the laptop and stuff like that. So soon as base is really awesome. And even that third studio that we recently opened back up, the remarkable thing is that we opened the studio space up with the other house in just five hours. We had one day to do it.


 So we had to go buy furniture and get a rug and some decorations and everything to make it actual studio space again, because Ronnie Kelly, you just have that as a studio space. But then we moved over to the studio house so we didn’t have a need for it and they went back to being proud of their house. But when we had a student that we accidentally drove a booked, we had to make sure that we converted that back into a studio space again to make sure that we were able to do that for the student. 


So since we are so busy, we had opened up the third studio space, but when we were creating that one, we were to make sure again that it had the same comfortable vibe the studio house does. I does have a little bit different colors though, just because Kelly’s really the only person who teaches out of that one. So she was able to decorate it kind of how she wanted to within the realm of Curtis Music Academy. So when you walk in that room, there’s a cute little chair with magazines and a on a little side table next to it. 


That way when you sit down or go on, if you bring anyone with you and your Tulsa guitar lessons, most miners have their parents with them and their Tulsa guitar lessons because a parent has part to sit down and read some magazines while they’re waiting for the student if you don’t have the lesson. And I think that is really awesome. The other thing we’ve got is just some stuff hanging on the walls. We also have really big thing for greenery. So there’s not a lot about greenery within a house that makes it just feel comfortable and warm. I think it probably has to do with the fact that he didn’t release his oxygen and stuff like that. It makes it a lot calmer in here. So we do have lots of plants. 


I think our water for five plans a day, not every day though because sometimes they get too full of water and they don’t drain properly. We’ve got some fiddle leaf figs, which are really in style right now. It’s weird for a plan to be in style, but it truly is. So in that studio space, we’ve got a couple of little plants as well and in every single one of our studio or employee, make sure that there’s a clock because we truly respect our students time and we respect our instructors time. We want to make sure that we are letting our students go on time so that we’re starting on time. It’s one of the big things about Curtis Music Academy is that we do respect everyone’s time. 


So it was really critical when building the new little studio space at Ron and Kelly’s house and the third location that we had a cock in there. Just to keep track of time and make sure that everyone’s aware without having to pull out your phones because it is oftentimes disrespectful for you to have to pull out your phone when you’re teaching a lesson or two first student had to pull out their phone, want to make sure that we’re just making the most of our Tulsa guitar lessons and don’t have to have the distraction of cell phones while we’re at it. 


So it was really funny how we were able to put that studio space together and just one day, but I think it shows how how process and meticulous we are about making it perfect because we do have it down to a science at this point and we know exactly what to look for exactly what we’re doing and how it should be when we’re creating comfortable space for teaching Tulsa guitar lessons because we had put so much effort into this one. Like I said, we got to kind of build it from the ground up in terms of decorating. It didn’t have anything on the walls, just blind to stuff, so we got to put in all of our on staff to make it our very own.


 With the Curtis Music Academy touch, of course there is a blue room where it’s either our signature color here, Curtis Music Academy, so we really did put a ton of work and effort into creating a space that’s warm, inviting, relaxing, and that was really brought to fruition today when we did that testimony at wash with Tyler because he really told us exactly what we wanted to know. He was very honest about it, and yet it was the exact right answer that we wanted to hear, that it was warm, comfortable, and inviting space here in Tulsa guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy.