Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Awesome Celebrations

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Now I want to talk about one of my favorite things about Curtis Music Academy teaching Tulsa guitar lessons and that would be the celebrations that we have a couple times a year for our students and these celebrations are what most people would for two as recitals or something of that nature. However, we don’t like to call them recital because we think that a lot of times the word recital has really negative connotations, meaning that when someone thinks of her recital, they think of something in an old stuck church thing that’s really boring that they have to stress in practice for it and be perfect. But that’s what we strive to do the opposite of. In fact, we want to make sure that our Tulsa guitar lessons I’m sorry that our celebrations are so much more exciting.


fun and focused on the students and their families, so we want to make sure that they have a good time and they’re not going to something that’s really anxiety inducing and boring, but rather that they are excited about it. We want our celebration to be something that our students are excited for because in learning music, it’s really important that they know how to play in front of people. That’s what back to one of the biggest reasons why you have celebrations or recitals to begin with is that you want your students to learn how to play in front of others. That’s typically what their goal is, right? 


So it’s really hard for them to want to play in front of others if we create the recitals s stress inducing and anxiety inducing, taking the fun out of Tulsa guitar lessons. So we want to make sure that it’s fun and exciting and energetic that way. They’re still excited about music when they’re done with it because music is incredibly important in every aspect of our lives. We want to make sure that we’re not doing something that’s going to cause our students to burn out or not be excited about it anymore. So that’s where we have fun celebration and not just boring, stuffy old church recitals. Like most music academies, this is actually honor differentiator sheet as one of the things that makes us incredibly different from all of the music academies, both in the area and statewide and honestly any music academy that I’ve ever heard of. 


I think it’s one of the things that we do best here at Curtis Music Academy when teaching Tulsa guitar lessons, I think that we really do a good job. I’m making sure that our celebrations are fun for the students and their families. So I guess to talk about how awesome our celebrations are, I will go over the past three that we’ve had since I started working here at Curtis Music Academy. So the first one that I went to was the one that we had at the zoo, and this was last fall, probably in November, so maybe October. And this awesome, awesome celebration was at the zoo. And if you don’t know much about the Tulsa Zoo, apparently there are little studio rooms or not really studio rooms, but they have concert halls back in the building part of the zoo. So what this one was was that it allowed everyone in their families a ticket into the zoo to get into the concert. And with that ticket came access to the full zoo for students of Tulsa guitar lessons. 


So not only did the students taking Tulsa guitar lessons get to play in a super awesome location, but they were able to walk around the zoo and hang out with their friends and family. And if that’s not the coolest recital or celebration you’ve ever heard of, that your mind. So getting to walk around the zoo, I think was a major stress reliever for a lot of our students and that it kind of reduced their anxiety and made it a lot more exciting and less stressful because there’s not really anything stressful about the zoo. In fact, it’s just a ton of fun really. So when they’re going to do something that they wanted to do anyways, but then they happened to get to play music at the same time, it makes it more about the fun and less about the stress of playing in front of everyone else.


 So there’s something special about knowing that when you’re done playing in do an awesome job that you get to walk around the zoo for the next couple of hours with your friends and family. So I think that the zoo was feeling fantastic way to get students excited about playing music and excited about spending time at the zoo because like I said, we want to make sure that everyone is having fun at the celebrations and they’re not stressed out and nervous because it will really take the fun out of playing in front of people and playing in front of people really is fun. 


We want to help our students realize that and come to terms with that without boring them to death at at lame recital. So the celebration that we had after the zoo that I can remember, it was when we moved into our new studio house location about a block south of t u we had an open house and this open house was awesome. It was awesome for students and their families alike. So we made sure that we tailored this to families because accurately as music academy, we do have a ton of young students who take Tulsa guitar lessons with us. And the thing of young students is that means that they have family members and typically they have a bunch of siblings. So we wanted to make sure that everyone in the family could come and have a good time at the celebration. So what we did was we made sure that we had fun things around the house. 


So we had balloons on the mailbox. When you walked inside, there was a big photo booth with fun little musical props. And we even had a bouncy house in the backyard for kids to play on and bounce around. And I found with their friends, even inside, there were things to keep kids busy and active without having to bother their parents. So that way their parents were able to listen to the music and not have to worry about all their other children. So we had a couple of different crafts that the students could do, students and their siblings alike. So we had shakers. You could make your own musical instruments.


 We had color contest, things like that. We really wanted to make sure that our celebration was incredibly family slimly and we had a ton of food as well. So we had a shark Coterie board with lots of meats and cheeses and fruits and crackers and things for the whole family to enjoy. And I think that was a really good touch. And that’s something that we do really well at Curtis Music Academy is we make sure that everyone feels welcome, excited to be there, not just the students but the people that mattered to them the most as well. So the celebration that we had after that, I actually was not here for it cause I was out of the country. 


But I do know that it was awesome and we had it at this place that has outdoor food trucks in a concert stage and bar and everything like that. So it was also incredibly family friendly and everyone really had a good time. So you’re playing outside, which is in itself a lot less stressful than playing inside. And you could eat food and hang out. And there was a little dog parks. Everyone got to come and have a good time. So I think that a Curtis Music Academy, one of the best things that we do is we have celebrations, not recitals. And that makes our students excited about playing music to their friends and in public.