Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Learning Styles

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


As an instructor, there are many different things that you can do to be a better instructor and to help your students to grow at an expedited rate and to grow quicker than the average student. Now, an instructor does not need to have the responsibility of what a student chooses to do outside of the lesson. If they don’t practice, then that is on them or the parent. But during the lesson, it is our job to allow our students to have every reason to be successful in that lesson. So with that being said, we want to provide a variety of ways that an instructor can promote a way of learning for the student. And one of these ways is by providing Tulsa guitar lessons that involve all of the different learning styles for students. 


Some students learn auditorily, some students learn by having song played out for them, which would be auditory. Some students are able to just read the page and read the music in front of them while other students learn by simply doing or using their muscles. Now with music, it is genuinely all three wrapped up in one. Now as a instructor, the tendency is to lean too much on one of the three for instance, many instructors will simply expect their students to repeat after them and follow the entire song note for note simply by repeating it, and then the student has to memorize what it is that the instructor taught them in the lesson, which is typically 30 minutes. 


And if they go home and if they don’t practice for a few days, coming back to what the instructor taught them auditorily would be very difficult for that student. So because of that, even if a student doesn’t read music, it is always a good idea to have the music out there so that they at least have a frame of reference to you is the music specifically? I am thinking of a student that plays guitar at Curtis Music Academy and throughout the course of his Tulsa guitar lessons, he has gotten better and better at reading. 


But that’s actually not the reason why I print off the documents. It is simply because if the only thing that I give him is a repeat after me approach to learning the guitar, I’m fully aware that I am not giving him the full benefit or the for resources that are available to him simply by having him reproduce what it is that I am currently playing. So I create documents, I create songs each and every week so that this student can be successful with his Tulsa guitar lessons. And this is why we try to make content in house. We try to create many documents over the course of each week so that there’s always new things to learn and there are always ways that our students can learn throughout all of their Tulsa guitar lessons and we really strive to produce content that our students would be challenged for, but also that is within their grasp of knowledge. 


We try not to go too far out in something that we are creating. We have specific students in mind that we are creating content for and as content is written and as the documents and the sheet music are created, they are more and more useful to more and more students. They continue to snowball and they continue to be recycled from one student to the next because if we create a document for one student, chances that we will use it for another student is very high. So with that being said, this is exactly what we want for our students. Now some students that walk into our studio think this is a gimmick. They think that we are doing things at Tulsa guitar lessons because we are just trying to get our name out there or that we are attempting to do things our own way and that’s just not the case. 


Really do try to supplement any content that we write with handouts and tangible forms of paper that why the students can take it home, look over it and be successful. This is also true with videos. When a student leaves our studio and if there’s any potential that that student could have a difficult time playing the song throughout the week, then it can be helpful to create a video of this song in a closeup fashion so that the student can take a look at the video, listen to what the song sounds like, watch where the fingers are placed and then replicate it by using their tactile motor functions and producing the song themselves. And this is a great way that a student can practice. 


The biggest downside to this as with many forms of technology is that if the student is relying on videos to practice, then they could get distracted by all sorts of things, whether that’s Facebook or researching on youtube or finding suggested videos or news articles. And then they are distracted from the original video, which is precisely why currently Curtis Music Academy uses Vimeo because of this platform does not have recommended videos scrolling next to the youtube channel or it doesn’t have ads and it produces a really nice streamline way to look at videos and use them as practice material as opposed to having it 


always produce an ad halfway through the video. Right. When you are attempting to get to the section of the song that you are having difficulty with, it is very important to have a seamless style for the practice videos in Tulsa guitar lessons. Then the students will be able to practice, they’ll have the most beneficial opportunity to move forward with everything.


They are learning and it’s a great way for students to learn and take a look at their videos and their handouts and all of the different forms of resources so that they can be successful practicing and giving their all each and any time that they have a lesson. That is what we want. We want each and every student to be successful and have a great time practicing because that’s the point of learning an instrument. Each student should be overwhelmed with all of the resources that they can use to become better and better.