Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Most Recent Event at Curtis Music Academy

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The last event that we had at our current location at Curtis Music Academy was a really great time. We had such a fun interaction with our students and I really think that they enjoyed spending time here learning and experiencing some of the fun things that we do at Curtis Music Academy. When we had our event in February, we had an open house because we had just opened up our new studio and the thing that made that event so much fun was the fact that people could come here and share some of their hard work without it being stressful and just a fun, exciting adventure for them in a very low stress in fired. And some of the students student told me that they were going to be treating it as if they were just practicing at home and they were going to be ignoring all of the different people that were here watching them play. And that’s so fun that people can come and not worry about trying to impress a whole bunch of people because it’s not about impressing people. Although it certainly is a reason that you should take Tulsa guitar lessons. But the reason that it’s so exciting is because we just want to share your hard work as a musician that has practiced day in and day out and you should feel comfortable playing in front of people, but at the very least you should feel that.

They want to see you succeed. They don’t want to see you fail. They don’t want to see you make mistakes. Everybody that’s observing you perform because of your Tulsa guitar lessons is there to see you succeed. So that’s the biggest thing about the events here is that we want to see you succeed. So that was really fun. People could come here and just play through some of the songs that they’ve worked on, a low key environment while having fun. We had lots of snacks. My wife actually went to the store and picked up vetting different types of cheeses. She picked up me. It was almost like a gourmet lunchable because people could come here, pick up a cracker, pickup amazing meat, and then have some cheese and it was great.

It was a lot of fun to see all these people who were so excited about the simplest of foods. It wasn’t anything fancy. It was just exciting. So that was very nice to see people partaking in the food. And then we also had a bounce house in the front of our studio. And the thing is about bounce houses. It just makes everything more fun. If you have a bounce house, when people are driving up to your locations, they’re already excited regardless of whether or not there’s hundreds of people at your event or if there’s just three people at your event, as soon as they see a bounce house, it just makes your life so much better in that event. So we do strive to get bounce houses as often as we can for these events and we want to make that an opportunity where people can have fun even if they don’t take tulsa guitar lessons with us. If they see that we have a bounce house, they’re going to be excited to be here. I honestly think even adults appreciate the fact that we went to the lanes of getting a bounce house because if kids are having fun, if there is joy in the event, adults are going to have joy as well. They’re going to experience so much fun throughout that. So that’s something that we do try to do anytime we have an event is trying to have a bounce house or a exciting thing of

interaction. And then of course we also have yard games. Some of the yard games are going to just be an activity that people can come and experience whether or not they lied yard games or if they prefer just to sit on the couch and listen to the music. They can absolutely do that. They don’t have to play yard games, they don’t have to go outside and do this and that. They can just sit down, relax and experience the music that they are listening to.

And then another thing that is very exciting about Curtis Music Academy events is we had a drawing contest, so my wife being the creative type, she printed out a card of Curtis Music Academy‚Äôs Logo and then people were able to draw and make a coloring of the card and whoever won was able to receive a $20 gift card to a store of their choice because it was a young girl. We decided to give her a gift card for a guitar shop in Tulsa and that was helpful for her because she was really excited about that and the fact that she went $20 was really neat. So that’s one of the things that she was able to get and pretty much throughout the event we just had a good time spending time with each other and hearing each other’s hard work as a student. And then the instructors were all here as well. Any one of our staff members that teaching Tulsa guitar lessons was here.

They were able to come and experience all of their students and then they also performed, they played some music for the students and to be able to play music for our students is actually something that’s really fun because then they can hear us play and us perform because you never know what is going to happen with an instructor if they decide that they want to play some music. So that’s great. We had lots of comments of how much they enjoyed the music through the instruction directors and then also through the students. One specific student even said that they were so impressed that a piano student had requested to play a duet with one of our guitar instructors and the instructor had no problem playing with that student because it was a lot of fun. It was a great time to just hang out and play music. We even rearranged our entire waiting room so that instead of having the couches kind of in a way that would be for when we’re taking Tulsa guitar lessons, we arranged it so that it would accommodate more people in one area so that they could listen to music. And we could fit more people in that area as they listen to the music.

One exciting thing that happened that day was we had some neighbors show up and they were surprisingly very excited to hear the music, even though they thought that it was a big, even with cars in the parking lot in everywhere. So for them to show up and share their appreciation for our studio was a great success and it was very nice to see our neighbors come and experience that as well. And of course we always have the tea and coffee and water, and so we do want to offer that pretty much any time we have an event, whether it’s even just the Tulsa guitar lessons or whatever it is, we want to see our students enjoying themselves with tea, coffee, or water, and with food and with everything else. So it was a great event.