Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Playing Acoustic and Electric Guitar

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When you take guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy, you will receive the best experience ever. If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you are looking to take lessons and start a new adventure, then we are the place for you. We are located just south of downtown at the cross streets of 15th and Denver, and we strive to make your life easier as you embark on this new adventure of excitement. So when you take your guitar lessons in Tulsa, we want to help you to make certain that you are enjoying everything about learning a new instrument. 


And as you continue to grow in your development, you will find many different aspects and many different areas in which you can grow as a musician. If you are interested in learning the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar. Curtis Music Academy will help you to make that happen. Electric guitar is a little bit different and acoustic Tulsa guitar lessons. In fact, the electric guitar is mainly used by plugging into an amplifier to project the sound that you create. An acoustic guitar is most often used unplugged in an acoustic environment. That’s why the acoustic guitar is called What It Is. Likewise, the electric guitar is called What It Is Moving Forward. Electric guitar has volume, buttons and knobs.


The interesting thing about electric guitar is that typically a guitar has two or three different pickups, and the pickups take the sound from the magnetic waves on the guitar as you blend and turn the knob from one pick up to another.


It changes the tone of the sound from dark to warm. This is why the electric guitar is very neat when you use it to play with an amplifier, whereas the acoustic Tulsa guitar lessons typically simply have a microphone inside of the sound, all which is used to amplify the sound. Unlike the electric guitar which actually uses magnetic waves, all of this to say you aren’t interested in playing the acoustic guitar and playing without being amplified. That is a great way to start. If you are more interested in playing rock music and playing songs that will be amplified, then the electric guitar is most likely the best choice for you. 


As you progress and get better at the guitar, many people switch back and forth between acoustic Tulsa guitar lessons and electric. The best thing about this is that both guitars are tuned the same way. The first fret first string on an electric guitar is the first fret first string on the acoustic guitar. So it is very translating to go from one to the other whenever you desire. There are a few different techniques that will be required for the electric guitar, which is muting the strain on the acoustic guitar. The majority of acoustic players will strum many different chords and play all six strings. The majority of the time, whereas the electric guitar is much more likely to play a specific melody going from one note to the other. When this happens, when you go from one note to the other in a slurred melody, you are required to view the strings that you are not playing.


That way, they do not fail with the notes that you are playing. This is why most electric guitar players will use the strings. So if you are interested in learning the electric guitar and going through. Different melody. And we can help you to grow at curtis’ Music Academy, one of the things that our lessons incorporate is acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Understanding Brett’s understanding notes, understanding melodies and rhythms and just going through and finding the best way for you to learn an instrument while you are taking Tulsa guitar lessons. Whether you live in an apartment complex downtown, which is very likely to be close to us or if you live all the way down in Broken Arrow. The best thing about taking guitar lessons in Tulsa is that we are located right off of the highway. So as you drive through and you take the Denver Avenue exit, we are located very close to where you would be exiting off the highway, which makes it convenient for you as you take guitar lessons if you are ever interested in growing and getting a magnificent guitar show.


What are the things that you can do is to have an open mic night in Tulsa. There are many opportunities for you to take lessons and for you to. It’s fresh what it is that you have been learning through your guitar lessons. One of the things that everybody wants to do is share what it is that they have been learning with taking Tulsa guitar lessons.


Very few people want to sit there and learn an instrument and never play for anyone else other than themselves. While that is something that some people are interested in, we provide opportunities for our students to share with others all of the hard work that they have accomplished over the last few years of taking Tulsa guitar lessons. We want to make sure that our students are interested in giving a great experience to others, and that’s what we do at Curtis Music Academy. If you have ever seen a guitarist that is explaining and pointing out different strings, same place your fingers here, put your G chord here.


This is a cause of disrupted communication where the student may not quite understand where to place their fingers because the instructor is not clear enough. When an instructor is not clear enough, it provides a bad experience for Tulsa guitar lessons and our students want to be able to learn at the quickest rate possible for learning the guitar. So that is what we are looking to accomplish with Tulsa guitar lessons.


If you have a friend or family member that is interested in learning to play the guitar, I recommend that you give them my number, which is 918-361-7641 and call us to schedule your first lesson for just $1. I can guarantee you will have the greatest experience that $1 can buy. You will receive a wonderful lesson and your family member will thank you for years to come, just because you gave them an experience for one dollar. Keep it up! Keep making good decisions, because one thing can lead to another and we’ll help you to master life, one guitar lesson at a time.