Tulsa Guitar Lessons | When you don’t know what to practice

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When you begin taking Tulsa guitar lessons at Curtis Music Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you may find that you have just embarked on the most exciting experiences of your life. You will begin to experience a thrill of mastery that is unlike anything else you could possibly dream of. That’s because a musical experience is one of the most wonderful things you could ever dream of. If you’ve never taken a music lesson before, I recommend filling out a form on our website to schedule your first lesson for just $1!


One of the things that can be incredibly frustrating as you continue to learn a new instrument, is that it is inevitable for you to run into some brick walls through your practice sessions. Between lessons, you may find that you can’t even figure out what to practice. This is a problem! At curtis music academy, we have spent years figuring out solutions for you to be successful throughout the weeks of your practice between guitar lessons.


We have an incredible amount of resources available to you as you begin taking Tulsa guitar lessons. One of those resources is video tutorials. If you are confused about what to practice, just let us know! We want to help. We are here for you to be successful through your guitar lessons. Keep up the good work, because time spent playing the guitar is time spent learning. However, if you don’t know what to practice, be sure to still put your fingers on the fretboard. It is vital to your success to find things to practice and find things to do. Whether it is your favorite song to play, or your favorite finger exercise, time spent on the guitar is not wasted if you’re practicing.


The other thing to point out is that you should always stick to a program. It has been said that the best practice routine is the one you stick with. So stick with it! Keep up the solid work of practicing each day. You should feel good about yourself when you are done practicing. You should feel wonderful and excited that you have made massive amounts of progress through your Tulsa guitar lessons.


Don’t give up if you are having problems. The most important thing is to keep moving forward. Keep making strides towards reaching your goal. If you can continue to develop as a musician, you will eventually reach your goal. NEver has anyone committed to accomplishing something and succeeded because they didn’t try. You have to get up, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and go. Each time you pick up the guitar, you get better. For this reason, the weekly lesson is vital to your success, as well.


If you don’t know what to practice, then your instructor will give you more practice. When you miss a weekly lesson, then you are unable to progress forward with what you’re looking to accomplish. Keep going to your Tulsa guitar lessons and you will continue working towards your goal of performing in front of thousands, like Justin Beiber. He’s a good friend of mine, not really. But he plays the guitar super well, and you can too. If you continue to practice and take your weekly guitar lessons, time will be on your side.


AFter you attend your private guitar lesson, you will have a handful of exercises and techniques to work on during the upcoming week. You will continue to practice and work towards your goal, helping you to be successful. After your lesson, you can give your instructor a huge hug and thank him or her for their help in getting you to where you need to be. After a few months or a few years, or perhaps a few decades, you’ll be rocking out with Rolling Stones. Except, maybe not if they’re dead. Which could certainly be the case, even at the time of this writing.


During the course of your Tulsa guitar lessons, be sure to look around and watch what other students are doing, as well. When you see a student that started around the same time as you, and that student is working their butt off to be successful, it can help you to put a fire under your butt. This competition is a good thing. It should help you to continue to practice and make massive amounts of progress towards your goal. Keep it up. You can do this


After months of Tulsa guitar lessons, I can guarantee that you will be a better guitar player than when you arrived. In fact, we even offer the first lesson for just one dollar. In case you didn’t know, that is the equivalent of one hundred pennies to be used with your guitar. You can throw the pennies inside your guitar sound hole, and then bring it to your lesson. After many hours of practice, you will be continuing to progress as a musician and as a follower of the sound.


Throughout your Tulsa guitar lessons, it is important to understand that you are the master. You must tell your brain that you are excited about practicing. You are excited about moving forward with everything that you are working on. Keep up the practice and your guitar skills will be exponentially better than the month before. Many people give up when they hit a brick wall, but I can tell you that it is important to take the skills of a monster truck. When you hit a brick wall, you do a backflip and keep going. The guitar player is more work than you might assume. But you can do it. 


During your final lesson at Curtis Music Academy, you may find that you have to quit because you are moving to Los Angeles because you are a rockstar. If this happens, be sure to remember your humble beginnings and we will be there to cheer you on as you win your very first music award on National television. Although none of our students have reached this level of success yet, that is because fame is sometimes silly. If it were me, I’d prefer to play the guitar in my living room next to a fire and soak in the awesome sounds. But if you want to be a rockstar, keep practicing. Continue your Tulsa guitar lessons and you will master the the guitar like never before.