Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Why Do We Do Podcasts

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Now I would like to talk about why we do podcasts. So essentially this will be a podcast on podcast, which is really cool. Kind of a paradox there, but it’s a lot of fun. Numow when I first started doing these podcasts, I really was not sure what, why we did them. I was confused on the purpose of them and what good they did for us as a music academy in Tulsa and wanting to know how they help us teach guitar lessons Tulsa effectively. So, so now I know why I know not why we do them and why they’re effective. And I am excited to share all of those reasons with you. Okay. So firstly, the reason that we create these articles and turn the podcast into articles transcribing them is because we want to get more guitar, piano, and vocal students aware of who we are at Curtis Music Academy.

So that is why we do all of this is because we want to pull up on Google when you search guitar lessons Tulsa, Tulsa or piano lessons, Tulsa or vocal lessons, Tulsa. Because if you do not put a lot of effort into creating a website by adding in these articles and keywords, then you will show up to the third, fourth, or fifth page of Google, no matter how many reviews you have. So you would think that as in music academy that has over 125 star reviews that talk about our encouragement, fast development calmness and patients with our students. You’d think that with all of those five star Google reviews that we would automatically appear as one of the first music studios in Tulsa when you search those things, because we really are the most highly rated and reviewed in music school in all it tells them, but that is not the case.

So what you have to do to get to the first or second page of Google is add keywords to your website and lots of them. So they call this search engine optimization or s e o and s e o is what helps you get to that front page of Google to make more people aware of who you are and the fact that you teach guitar lessons Tulsa in general is that if you’re not on the first or second page, the likely story is that no one really knows who you are. No one has really heard, have you heard of your music academy? So we do this to get to that front page so that we can reach more students and teach more students the joys and wonder that taking guitar lessons Tulsa has to offer. Since we are so passionate about what we do, we really just want to allow as many people as possible to get the same joy from taking guitar lessons Tulsa that we do.

So it really is important that we do these podcasts because it maximizes the amount of time that we have. It maximizes our time. It allows us to get the most done in the shortest amount of time because it’s a lot quicker for you to talk than it is for you to type and all that. Really matters when creating these podcasts is that we say the key words that are unnecessary for Google and to optimize our search engine. So the rest of the things that we say besides the keywords are not really as important as the queue or it’s themselves. So we can talk about most things without really mattering all that much. So podcasts are very easy because they are quick and time effective. They allow us to get the most done in the shortest amount of time. So, so once we have finished the podcast that we talk about, it’s a whole, it will create a 10 minute podcast with however many words of this.

Then we will transcribe the podcast and we’ll sit down, uploaded to a website where we are able to have it transcribed, the podcasts for us. So it comes up with the essay of our words that we spoke into the microphone and once it comes up with the essay, we’re able to pull that up and another document and add in keywords as they are necessary. Once we’re done with that, they can be uploaded to our website on the site map where people will not be able to see them very easily because all that really matters are the key words. And if they’re on the website, despite the fact that no one can see them easily, that is all that matters to get to the front page of Google. And we want to get to the front page of Google again because we are so passionate about giving people the best service that we can when it comes to teaching guitar lessons Tulsa.

So it is super important to us that we are able to reach as many people as possible, share with them all the wonderful things that we do here at Curtis Music Academy and really just get to know them because teaching guitar lessons Tulsa is what, where you’re passionate about and we want to share that passion with as many people as possible. So search engine optimization through creating these podcasts, it’s really what does that and allows us to reach the most American people. And we could definitely simply write the essays ourselves, type them up on a document, whether that be a word document or a Google document or even in the notes tab on a Mac book. We could do that, but it is a lot longer. It takes a lot longer to type it up. And also you think about it a lot more when really the purpose of this podcast is simply to just talk and it doesn’t have to be talking about something that important or that interesting.

As long as we are talking and getting in the amount of words unnecessary, necessary to optimize our effectiveness on the website, that’s all that really matters. So when you’re writing something, you put a lot more thought and effort into it and effort that really is not needed nor effective because since no one can really see these podcasts that easily and it doesn’t really matter, and when you’re writing something, you will not typically be able to type up the same thing multiple times. Whereas when you’re talking, you’re able to say the same phrases, words several times over with that really noticing or caring all that much. So the podcasts are a really effective way to do that, to get into the amount of words that you need without spending all the time. Because our focus at Cook’s music academy is teaching guitar lessons Tulsa and teaching guitar lessons Tulsa to the best of our ability and doing it the way that we do.

It requires a lot of time and effort so we don’t have as much time or effort to put in to creating these things to optimize our place on Google. But rather we want to focus on the quality of instruction that we’re used to giving and that we will always give. So we’d like to do podcasts because it saves time and allows us to be even more effective as instructors at teaching guitar lessons Tulsa because ultimately that is what we’re here for. That is what our job is as a music academy and that is what we are passionate about. So we are not passionate about optimizing our place on Google. Rather, we are passionate about sharing what we love with other people, sharing the love of music, sharing guitar lessons Tulsa, and teaching people in an effective way that makes it real difference in their life. So podcasts are a way for us to maximize the way that we do that. They’re very, very helpful.