Tulsa Guitar Lessons | Aesthetics Affect Music Lessons

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy


As I was speaking with one of our amazing podcast writers at Curtis Music Academy about different topics and things that we could discuss in relation to music Tulsa guitar lessons. We were talking about how amazing the blue walls are in the dining room of our studio. And the cool thing about these blue walls is that the texture on them is so satisfying. There are lots of different indentations and one of the things that is so neat about these walls is that we feel that our students really appreciate even the fact that the walls have been painted and the fact that the walls are not your ordinary drywall, that it is textured and it feels great.


And the uplight that shines on these walls actually provide a very satisfying mood to the environment. And as our students are leaving their music lesson and moving on to exiting our building, they have to walk through this room. And it is very important for us to be intentional about the way that this room looks so that they enter and exit their studio with a positive outlook on life. And so that’s why these walls are very important. And what we did was we painted them a deep rich, dark Ballou for these walls. And it is almost as if it’s an accent room and if you’re thinking of creating a painted room, 


one of the things that is really cool to do nowadays is, is having an accent wall, but instead of just a wall, the way that we function this room is to basically accent the studio in and of itself. Um, so because of that, this room is very important. It has a wonderful glass table and the table really compliments the walls as well and it looks great. It has a very exciting approach to this room and that’s why we love talking about it. It is a great thing to be able to talk about this specific room and the walls and the texture on those walls. 


Now we don’t have a lot of things up around the studio space. We don’t have a lot of things hanging on the walls. We have a couple posters outlining what it is that students could be expecting as they practice throughout the week. And we also have a document that shows why Curtis Music Academy is different than other studios and in the dining room where the blue walls are located, there is a light string attachment that is holding onto a lot of Polaroid pictures of our students either sitting at the piano or holding their guitar or having a great time with their Tulsa guitar lessons. And so that’s a really neat addition and it looks great on the blue walls. It’s a nice contrast from dire deep blue to the white Polaroid pictures. And this is located just behind our drink station. 


So you can have soda, you can have tea, coffee, water. I don’t know why I said soda because we don’t drink soda. We don’t have soda at our studio. So I’m not sure why I said that. However, it’s a great place for you to stop before your lesson to grab a piece of water and then you can move into your lesson and you are reminded of all the different students that are happy and excited about their Tulsa guitar lessons throughout that course. 


And as we send out information about the first lesson that students will take after they’ve scheduled that, we send out a picture of the studio. That way people can see that it’s not just a random house, they’re not just walking in on somebody’s bedroom to take their Tulsa guitar lessons. It is a studio specifically for teaching Tulsa guitar lessons and so this photo really helps to encapsulate what it is that students will be experiencing on their lessons with us. 


Whether that is on a Tuesday or a Wednesday or perhaps even a Saturday if work best for that first $1 lesson, students will be able to experience the warmth and the amazing intentionality of what we do at Curtis Music Academy when we teach Tulsa guitar lessons, which is great. Some of the other rooms are not quite as deep blue or dark blue. We have a nice bluish gray color for most of our rooms and all of the trim is white. It’s very interesting the way that the different colors contrast and give a nice feeling of warmth and we have currently six up the lights that we use and they typically are blue. 


The other day we changed them to purple just for fun, but typically they’re blue because we find that blue coincides with warmth and cool fun experiences, so we typically set them to blue and it really does a great job to show people what they can be experiencing on their first lesson. When we send that picture, it looks great in the picture and it helps to provide a really nice atmosphere because the ceilings are rounded, the ceilings are not flush to the wall like most homes or locations. The ceilings actually kind of curve up from the walls and the lights provide a very, very cool effect and it’s nice to see the curved ceiling and the way that the house is unique. 


The lights really reflect what it is that they can be experiencing, which is great on the walls. In some of our studio locations, there are guitars so that if a teacher is instructing a student and the student forgets their instrument, they can just pull a guitar off of the wall and it’s no big deal. They can just continue on with their lesson as if it was no big deal at all. And so this is what we want to provide for our students, is the ability to learn at a great rate, not have to worry about what it is that will be learning that day. 


And they can just focus on the new content that they’ll be experiencing. Because even if a student does not bring their instrument, we still want to provide amazing Tulsa guitar lessons for them. So that’s why we have the guitars on the wall. So that is a reminder of that. We’ve got everything taken care of for you. You can come and relax, listen to the wonderful music, and we will provide the amazing lesson for you. So with the paint on the wall, with the textures, with the custom and unique ceilings, those are all reasons that students can experience a wonderful lesson at Curtis Music Academy. And they can have all of the amazing things that we provide to them for just $1 on their first lesson. So come on out. We’d love to hear from you as we see you.