Would you like to receive those music lessons the you’re unsure what instrument you would like us to teach you? Well let us help you find the right instrument for you and become a master shortly. Here at music company we offer lessons and not only piano and guitar’s but many other instrument types. If you would like to consult with one of our professional customer service representatives to figure out what instrument is going to work best for you just gives a call. Our phone number on our website at all you have to do is call us at (918) 361-7641. One of our customer service representatives will be on standby and ready to take the first steps towards becoming a excellent musician with you.

Did you know that whenever it comes the very best Tulsa music lessons you are going to have to go to Curtis Music Academy to receive them? That’s right we are the best of what we do and that is why we as pulses highest and most reviewed music lessons. No other company offers music lessons at a higher quality than us. This is why we are Tulsa’s very best. We’re going to make sure that our coaches teach you how plan instrument and an excellent pace. That means you’re going to be able to play the songs you want on the timeline that you deserve. No matter if you’re playing a trumpet or trombone or a clarinet or guitar we’re going to make you a master playing management.

The reason the we are able offer the best Tulsa music lessons is our four pillars that define our core values. These core values our patients, passion, musical growth, and mentorship. You’ll notice that on this we do not specifically say musical mentorship. We leave this is a vague and open term because it is our coaches jobs not only make you excel at music, and Excel life. It is our dedication to our customers not only in the hour that we spent teaching how to play an instrument, but the other 23 hours a day and the other six days a week and sets us apart from other companies. We believe that by helping you improve your life you’re going to become a musician. Whatever your goals are we are going to do our best help you achieve them.

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If you would like to receive one of our remaining spots with the one dollar for your first lesson promotion please gives a call today. You can reach our offices by dialing (918) 361-7641. If the cell towers down and you are unable to call you can also schedule your first appointment by visiting our website. You’ll find the schedule your first lesson for dollar button are very home page or the bottom of any others. The website you need to visit to take advantage of this offer is curtismusicacademy.com.

Are you wondering if all Tulsa music lessons are the same in all companies? The answer that question is no. The only company is going to be old teach you at the absolute fastest rate possible is Curtis Music Academy. By implementing our four core principles are music which is are going to make you aim musical wizard in as little time as humanly possible. That is because our core values maximize the efficiency in which you can become competent at any instrument you choose. It is our goal that everyone in the world is able to play an instrument of a desire at the level they desire as quickly as possible. Let us help you begin your musical journey today by calling our office at (918) 361-7641.

Did I mention to you that we are going to offer you first lesson in just a dollar? That’s right you can receive your first Tulsa music lesson for just one dollar only from Curtis Music Academy. This is a unique offer that you’re only going to be able to take advantage of what we have spots available. Due to the nature of being limited by the number of coaches that we have available, and our coaches being so highly trained that is not just a simple matter of going and pulling a guiding is how to play guitar off the streets, we have limited availability. That means that you need to jump on the steel wallets available. Visit our website curtismusicacademy.com the schedule your first lesson right now. We make this as easy as possible as it is very top of our first page, and at the bottom of every other page after that.

Now the you know there’s absolutely no excuse for not scheduling your first Tulsa music lessons the next step is just picking which instrument you like to master. One that I would highly recommend is guitar. Guitar is one of the fastest musical instruments to obtain a baseline competency and. This means that you will be playing songs that you and your family know and love in as little as eight weeks. That’s right in just two months we are going to make you a good enough guitarist to play songs like Brown eyed girl, good riddance by Green Day, and she will be love. Few instruments are going to offer as much instant gratification is guitar when it comes to playing complete songs the you are going to be happy and familiar with.

If you are suffering from performance anxiety let us help you with that. This is a common disorder that many people struggle with. It is not exclusive to the rock stars who are playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people. It often plays beginners, as they even have trouble performing for their friends and family. We will help you overcome this anxiety and start performing forest crowds of any and all sizes. There tried-and-true methods to overcoming these fears.

Let us help you overcome your performance anxiety they by calling our offices. Aside from our number being easy to remember (918) 361-7641 it is located at the top of all of our website pages. If you don’t believe me just visit our website now. All of your web browser and type in curtismusicacademy.com and press enter. This will also be the first if you need to take to enter for your very first lesson for just one dollar.