Tulsa Piano Lessons | Purchasing A Piano Remix Edition

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Previously on the previous episode of Curtis Music Academy extraordinaire podcast 3000 we had discussed an awesome topic of purchasing a piano and why it is that you might want to look into purchasing a piano. So just to recap on some of those different points. First of all, pianos are very inexpensive if you purchased them used. If you take Tulsa piano lessons, then you will genuinely benefit from the weighted keyboard. If you keep a constant lookout for pianos, you can usually find someone who is ready to move out of their house this weekend and they are trying to get rid of a piano and so they are throwing it down for $50 or even free if they can just get someone to take it out of their house. This is a very common situation. This is not unheard of. I have experienced this many times about someone trying to sell or get rid of a piano that is perfectly acceptable and they simply just wanted out of their house.

So if you keep a constant look out, you can find a very inexpensive piano for a great bargain simply because they are trying to get it out of their house. However, another reason why pianos are very good is because it helps their fingers to maximize the potential of their strength. As a beginning performer, this is essential to mastering the piano. If you’re playing on an unweighted keyboard, it’s just not going to effectively train your fingers to work in the way that you want them to work in a longterm scenario. Having a weighted keyboard will strengthen your fingers as you take Tulsa piano lessons. So those are some of the reasons why you should buy a piano as opposed to a keyboard. But today I am going to be telling you how on earth you can find these pianos and what you need to do in order to find a cheap piano for a great price over the course of your life and over the course of your piano playing.

One of the things that culture has changed over the past few years is that it’s actually a lot easier to maintain and sell things and trade things from a person to person rate. If you think of even 20 years ago, if you wanted to sell something, you either threw up a garage sale or you listed it on the newspaper and you had to have the right person. See your ad and then you could finally sell your item. But this really didn’t work for lower level items. If you think of purchasing a set of four chairs for dining room chairs, you wouldn’t probably put that in a newspaper. I don’t know. I wasn’t really looking to sell things 20 years ago because I was nine years old. So because of that, things have changed and so now we have reached a time where people are listing on Facebook. There used diapers here, come buy my used diapers.

I’m just kidding. They’re not used. But it’s like people are throwing up random things on Facebook marketplace trying to get $2 hey, come meet me at this quick trip and you can buy this item for $2. It’s kind of ridiculous to be honest, but the whole point of this is that it’s actually allowed people to sell very reasonable items to the general public where we don’t have to pay the middle man of trying to sell it to a pawn shop or to a music store. We can just list our piano for free on craigslist or Facebook marketplace and we can list it for a reasonable price, or at least most people would list it for a reasonable price and you’ll get it out there. So because of that, you can find a piano, a used piano that is great working might not look the best. Which isn’t a concern if you’re just looking for a piano to use while you take Tulsa piano lessons.

There might be some cup stains on the top. There might be some damaged dents, some scratches, but you could find a working piano for $50 for $100 for $300 depending on what your budget is. I promise if you look hard enough for long enough, you will find a piano that is within your budget that will work for many years. If you think about the way that pianos are created, they are meant to last a lifetime. They are not items that these manufacturers want to break in 20 years. They don’t want them to break in five years. They want a great piano to last the entirety of their child’s Tulsa piano lessons, if not a hundred years. In fact, I personally own a grand piano that is 110 years old and it’s great. It’s a great piano. It’s so much fun. We enjoy playing it. It sounds great. It’s 110 years old and it’s still working fine, and I purchased that piano for an absurd amount of money.

It was a bank breaker and I am completely exaggerating because I don’t know what you would assume for a grand piano, but we purchased it for $300 and it has been well worth every single penny of that amount. So if you’re looking long enough, if you look on craigslist, if you look on Facebook marketplace, if you look on a Google search, just look and see what people are selling pianos for. The other thing about pianos is that they don’t sell quickly. So even if you take a look once a week, once a month, chances are you’re still going to get a pretty good indication of the market in your area for pianos and throughout the course of taking Tulsa piano lessons and learning all of the things that you are looking to achieve and accomplish. If you look at consistently, you will find a very great piano for you.

I was able to look for one of my students that takes Tulsa piano lessons and they were looking for a piano. They told me about it on Wednesday and that night I did a simple search. I wasn’t looking for a piano, so I actually wasn’t involved in looking for pianos at the time. So that night I did a quick search and I found about five pianos that were great candidates for this specific student. They told me a budget of basically anything around or under a thousand dollars would be ideal for them. They didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars, but they also wanted a piano that would last them for the rest of their kids growing up. And so I did a search. I found five pianos that I thought would be great candidates for this family and I let them choose and we together found a piano for $400 that is a great piano.

It has very nice action. It is very well maintained. There’s really no blemishes on the wood. There’s no scratches or dents. You can tell that whoever previously took Tulsa piano lessons in Tulsa on this specific piano, very likely was someone that took well care of their items. So if you’re able to find pianos, just do a search the same way that you would search for a piano instructor, you wouldn’t just look for a piano instructor and the very first person that pops up, you click on them and then you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life. So why would we do something with an item that you would very well be stuck with until you were able to sell it? And the biggest thing to take away from this is that if you purchase something, it’s difficult for that seller to sell it. Pianos are not seller friendly items.

So because of that, really the ball is in your court as the buyer, you have the shot. And with that in mind, once you own it, it’s completely flipped. You’re stuck with it, you’re not going to sell it very quickly. If that’s your goal, if your goal is to purchase it, and then if all else fails, you can sell it. You could then get an even better piano for your Tulsa piano lessons after you sell! It’s going to take a while. It’s going to be very long before you can sell that piano. And because of that, you just got to be careful. Do all the research that you can to make sure that you’re making a good decision.