8 Things that are Happening when You Take Amazing Guitar Lessons in Tulsa
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Welcome to another article with Curtis Music Academy. As you likely know, we teach amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa, along with many other instruments as well. In fact, we have recently begun teaching violin and cello for stringed instruments. But we also teach drums, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, and even trombone. So feel free to reach out to us by clicking this link if you would like help mastering these instruments! In this particular article, we’ll be discussing amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa. Specifically, this one applies to playing the guitar during your lesson, but I believe it applies to any instrument and also vocally as well. It’s all the things that your body is doing at the same time while you’re playing the guitar and it says this rain on guitar and it shows that the brain function when you’re playing the guitar is like so active compared to just doing something differently or watching TV or something like that.

And then it says playing the guitar is fun, but check out all the things that your brain is doing at once. So your eyes are reading the music, your ears are listening to the notes being played and just adjusting the playing accordingly. Both hands are often playing increment rhythms independently from each other, keeping time. Musicians accurately keep time by synthesizing and synchronizing all sensory input motor activity. They are also able to subdivide the beat in a myriad of ways, 10 fingers, very few, if any, instruments require the use of all 10 fingers, but many do. So usually musicians are using many of their fingers. Spatial musicians know where all the notes are without having to look at their instruments.

Artistic interpretation. Musicians transmit emotion by capturing the mood, style and tempo of a song using performance techniques such as dynamics, articulation, rhythm and expressing time. Proprioception, which means musicians are aware of the relative position of neighboring parts of their body and strength of efforts being employed in movements, the feet are also used in many instruments, especially guitar and guitar for pedals. Also, touch musicians use touch to determine how much force is needed to press their instruments. Playing an instrument activates the brain in ways that no other game, gadget, instrument or tool can. It’s a total brain workout, so I thought that was pretty cool.

It’s awesome to see all the different things that your brain is doing while you’re playing an instrument during amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa. This is why I feel like total beginners who are adults learning an instrument, they get overwhelmed very easily. And it’s our job as instructors to encourage them and say maybe even show them that photo from the Google search and say you’re actually doing eight different things at once and it’s OK that it feels overwhelming right now because your brain is literally running eight different things. And so I just like to encourage my students with that.

How Your Brain Works during Amazing Guitar Lessons in Tulsa
This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

And then when they understand that they feel better about their progress and about how much they’re learning because it is learning something new, you’re reading something with your eyes, you’re playing your two hands independently, and then you’re playing all 10 fingers. These are all the things happening in a guitar lesson. And then, you know, you’re using your right foot. You’re using other parts of your body to engage in what you’re hearing is important in that as well. And so it’s eyes, ears, body, position, fingers, hands, feet, all these different things. And an interesting part of it is with beginners during amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa, they’re usually kind of surprised at the sound of what is produced. And so their ears are being trained at that point.

And so it’s difficult for them to know if the song sounded right or if it sounded wrong during amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa. Obviously, some people know because they have a more natural music gifting, but not everybody. And so the good news is that’s something that can be developed. It’s not something that well, if you don’t have it, you’ll never have it. But I have noticed over the past few months that many of my students have increased their ear training ability, which is excellent. Another really amazing skill for musicians to have when they’re playing their instruments is to be able to play it without looking.

And I had the privilege of teaching a student who was blind for several months and she became this really great guitar player during amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa. And she obviously couldn’t see any of the notes. And she just got so used to it and it just worked out fine. And she played the guitar better than most of my other students who actually can see it. So with that, I was looking for some material for her lessons. And I found that a jazz pianist recommends that you practice the guitar at your house. With your eyes closed and so with that, I have actually been challenging myself to do the same, to actually begin to imagine what the notes look like inside your head while you’re actually playing on the guitar, it actually works.

I can actually see the guitar in my head. I know if I’m surrounding the two black notes or if I’m surrounding the three block notes and it’s really a lot of fun. One last thing we’ll talk about is actually reading sheet music and so many times you’ll be reading sheet music if you’re playing an instrument and reading sheet music. It’s not one of the hardest things in the world, but it definitely takes several months to really get used to. And I totally understand that. I’ve been doing it for years now, so it’s pretty well known for me. But at the same time, I realize that for most people it’s like reading another language. And so it just takes time to really get comfortable reading that sheet music during amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa.

With that being said, definitely give yourself grace with that and give yourself grace when you’re learning all eight different things that your whole body is doing when you’re playing an instrument during amazing guitar lessons in Tulsa. And hopefully you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labors and your brain will actually be a little sharper because of it. So that is another bonus as well. So thank you for tuning into this podcast about guitar lessons. We’ll see you at the next podcast furthering our discussion about guitar lessons.