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Curtis Music Academy teaches guitar lessons in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We focus on providing quality guitar lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar. We tailor our instruction specifically to help you reach the goals that you want to achieve. The guitar is a very unique instrument, which is complex in many ways. We help break down the steps of playing guitar and give you a curriculum that is focused and detailed, helping you minimize the frustration throughout the process of learning an instrument.

One of the great benefits in fact of working with Curtis Music Academy is the approach we take with tailored instruction. Especially with guitar, many times people will come in because they felt inspired by some of their favorite musicians who rock the stages around the world. They want to on some level, be able to replicate that same enthusiasm, passion, and skill with an instrument that has powered hundreds of musicians to greatness. With that being understood, we still done with each student and make sure that we know their goals. We take a deep dive into their tastes and figure out what you’re looking to accomplish with your guitar lessons.

What are your goals? Do you want to be a proficient fingerstyle guitarist? Do you want to simply be able to play campfire songs while grilling out? Or, are you ready to take on a few screaming lead lines? Whatever it is, we’ll help you reach them.

Guitar, Grill and Chill

Piano Lessons Tulsa Guitar Campfire Background

Actually, if you are interested in campfire songs and singing along by the fire, we actually provide an evening every Wednesday for just this! While registration is limited and it requires some of the more experienced guitar players in Tulsa, this is a great night for some of the guys to come together and just have a great time on the grill, by campfire, to sing along and learn through some of the great songs together!

That’s also a great mantra for Curtis Music Academy is our care and attention to providing you with an absolutely fun and exciting experience. You may have experienced music lessons before or piano lessons Tulsa and have found that it’s really been terrible. It’s super boring, dull, and you’d much rather be binge watching your favorite Netflix series than learning a lifelong skill! That’s why it’s such a deep passion for us that every single time we meet with a student, whether it be for guitar lessons or piano lessons Tulsa, that the time together is very enjoyable! This goes even to the level of how the room smells, what drinks are provided, what each practice room looks like, and how the sound of the piano or guitar is like in the room.

Getting back to the original point though, by tailoring our instruction to fit your goals, we will find specific ways to implement fundamental techniques with your specific playing style. If your goal is to eventually play the acoustic guitar in a campfire setting, then it is suggested that you begin learning on an acoustic guitar, as opposed to an electric guitar.

Music Theory is a very important aspect of the musical language. With your lessons, you will learn the differences between harmony, melody, rhythm, scales, and modes. Beyond that, we will be using all of that instruction to help you improvise and solo. Although this may seem like a daunting task, with a few helpful hints, soloing can actually be quite easy for some.

Along with taking lessons, it is requested to hand your instructor a list (short or long, depending on your preferences) of songs that you would, someday, enjoy playing. The reason this list will be helpful is that – chances are – there would be a song on that list that you could potentially play in just a few weeks. In fact, here are some songs that most students would be able to play after just two months.

  1. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
  2. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  3. Summer of ‘69 – Bryan Adams
  4. Good Riddance – Green Day
  5. The Cave – Mumford and Sons
  6. She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
  7. If I keep going, this list will never end

The point is, you will learn songs that YOU enjoy playing. Our instructors are trained to pull songs that we know the students will be able to play and enjoy. With that said, if there are specific songs that you want to play, we would love to hear of those songs! If you are just looking to learn whatever is in a music book or have zero say in what you’re truly interested in learning for the guitar, then it honestly may not be the best fit to work with us. We just know that if you are emotionally invested into training yourself in learning an awesome skill, it’s gotta be revolved around songs and musicians that you actually love!

Through our lessons, you will learn how to overcome performance anxiety through opportunities to play with other students at your same level. What’s crazy about this too is that really, everyone has some sort of anxiety whenever they perform in front of people. As say in the business, it’s getting the “butterflies” in your stomach. At some point or through some method though, each of these great performers have found a way to get past that anxiety and get into the zone.

We’d also like to reassure you too that these are not boring recitals in a hot, sweaty church with stained glass windows. These performance opportunities are fun, enjoyable experiences that are put together simply to celebrate the success that you have made over time.

Learning a great skill or instrument like guitar can be implemented into many different environments. If you are AT ALL interested in taking lessons with guitar or with piano lessons Tulsa, all it takes it just giving us a quick call or filling out the form on our website for more information. We will be very happy to answer any questions that you have about our program!

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