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Curtis Music Academy is delighted to provide the opportunity to teach many diverse instruments and piano lessons Tulsa. Although singing is typically not regarded as an instrument, it is our belief that your voice is just as important to develop as one learning an instrument. With this philosophy, we have helped many students to develop their voice to be stronger.

Why should I take vocal lessons?

Many people make the assumption that we are either gifted with a great voice, or not. The misconception is that the ability to sing does not take work; you are only as good of a singer as the ability you are born with. This idea is foolishness and Ron Curtis, owner of Curtis Music Academy, is proof. Ron was not a remarkable singer at an early age. But through instruction and proper techniques and piano lessons Tulsa, he was able to develop his voice. After years of hard work, he received a full-tuition scholarship (valued at $180,000) to attend the University of Tulsa. In those years of work, he trained himself to learn and be skilled at multiple instruments, including his voice. Even though the guitar and piano lessons Tulsa and other instruments may have been more enjoyable for him to learn, through persistence, anything can be learned.

When it comes to you and your vocal instruction with Curtis Music Academy, you’ll find that our abilities to provide you skilled instruction and lessons are exactly what you need. Ron and his team of skilled instructors are taught the proven step by step methods to get your voice into peak shape. The only stipulation to your success though is being persistent in learning the skill. It could take as long as a decade to get insanely good at vocal performance, but with that pursuit in excellence, these skills will definitely be possible for you.

Brass Instruments

There are loads of other instruments that are available for you to learn as well with Ron Curtis and his staff at Curtis Music Academy. While some of the other music schools may only be restricted to their abilities to teach the basic instruments like piano, guitar, or even voice, we provide a whole range of instruments for instruction. These instruments include for instance, the trumpet, trombone, baritone, french horn, and the tuba. Yeah that’s right! All of these instruments are available for you to master with the Curtis Music Academy. That’s why it takes simply getting in touch with us via a phone call or filling out a form on our website.

Brass instruments are widely similar due to the fact that they all have a mouthpiece that requires buzzing your lips. It’s quite fascinating as well when it comes to the similarities with each brass instrument. When you learn let’s say, how to play a french horn through training from the Curtis Music Academy, you will actually be able to translate that same knowledge into other brass instruments. Once the main skill of being able to buzz the lips in order to produce a great sound with the brass instrument is mastered, it simply takes figuring out how to manipulate the desired notes for each piece.

Woodwind Instruments

Now you may know about all these other common instruments out there, but you want to stand out and be unique. You see all these people being really mainstream and working on their guitars or their piano lessons Tulsa. You want to really come into a music group and just simply be able to say that you play an instrument other rarely even think about learning. With learning woodwind instruments (along with brass instruments too), you can fully this dream of yours to stand out.

The woodwind instruments we provide at the Curtis Music Academy, at the moment at least, are the saxophone, clarinet, and flute! Woodwind instruments are widely similar, using a wooden reed to produce a sound. The exception to this is the flute, which is similar to blowing on the top of a bottle to produce a noise. Get signed up to learn music lessons for woodwind or piano lessons Tulsa from the most highly rated and most reviewed music instruction academy in Tulsa. In order to simply learn more, just get started with your $1 first lesson!

Why is it Beneficial to Learn Multiple Instruments?

It’s easy to correlate this answer with an analogy to learning multiple languages. Simply by speaking only one language is great in itself, especially if it’s popular like English or Spanish or Chinese. You can still live your life and be able to get things done in the country where that language is spoken. The major benefits of learning multiple languages gives you the flexibility to be able to communicate and work with multiple nations, ethnic groups, and opens the door to multitudes of people.

When it comes to learning multiple instruments, it provides you the same benefits. Learning the piano is great, especially because almost every group will need someone playing the piano. Another reason is because almost all composition with music is created mainly by a piano. If you are in a group of people though that is looking to perform and they need someone other than a piano player, then you are stuck. You can’t perform with them because they already have a piano player. If you learned how to play piano, sing, and as well, be able to play the saxophone, then it would provide you tons of flexibility to be able to work with multiple groups and with multiple situations.

At Curtis Music Academy in fact, there have been students who have started with one instrument, then over time after truly learning and getting skilled in the instrument, they begin to dive into other instruments. You could actually, start working with piano lessons Tulsa, then after the course of a year or so, you accomplish your goal of being good enough to play your favorite pop music and learning how to learn that music in the future. In the process though, you begin to be curious about brass instruments and potentially joining your marching band at school. We, at Curtis Music Academy, can definitely provide you with those skills and training needed to start on this new venture! All is takes is a simple phone call to get your going to your new goals!


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