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And so, I took Guitar Lessons in Tulsa for probably about two months if not less. And in that time I probably had learned more than I had in four years doing it myself and playing just by ear and whatever I thought sounded good and what I perceive to sound good and all that my mind could, could muster, but, to understand the technicalities a little bit of of music and to get some down pat theory and, that’s contradictory because theory is something that hasn’t been proven yet. It’s just assumed based on facts., it’s kind of funny. I’m a deep thinker guys. And so I tend to go on rants sometimes, but I’m trying to keep those rants to a minimum while talking with you, but anyways, I, when I started learning guitar theory, I began to go further, faster as a musician.

It really spiked and stimulated the, the learning curve. it really cut my learning curve because I began to understand how to systemize music taking Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. And so when you can begin to understand and how to write music and how to, how to form new chords, how to create your own chords, what chords are made of, when you begin to get to the foundation of something, you can then be more creative and original. Because once you know the origins, you can start there. When you know the basic elements of something, you can then begin to create your own thing from those building blocks and make it look and sound more like you. And so, we call that fundamental, teaching. I know Elon Musk a very amazing, I know this has nothing to do with music, but I love the concept of, he talks about, first principles thinking and first principles.

And so he was a physicist. He has a physicist background or science background and he, to basically get to the root of something or the core of something, you had to melt it down to its fundamental truths and then build your way up from there. If you wanted to customize or make something your own or make it unique or make it, unique to you, what you like and make it look different or make it sound different, you basically boil it down to its most fundamental truths and then work your way up. That’s originality. And so we are all given principles. We are all, there’s all, there’s a bunch of principles out there. There’s a bunch of, there’s foundational elements to music teaching Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. And you know, if you’re someone who is an artist or someone who likes to be creative and create music and have an original sound, things like that, I would challenge you to learn the fundamentals, the fundamentals, you know, the masters in anything have first mastered the fundamentals.

And so to become a master at awesome big things, you’ve got to become a master at small things. I think that is a universal principle that we can all take and make us better in any facet of life. That’s what a principal is, isn’t it? And so, the topic is, just to put my bet on myself back on track, it’s why I love guitar. I love guitar because it’s an instrument that is unique to me. There’s only one other person at the, at the time I was learning that played guitar in my family and that was my aunt. She really inspired me to learn guitar in Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. I love things that are different. I love things that are not ordinary or original. It was very, it was very cool to finally have something that I could take a new, a new journey on. And so, you know, most of the people in my family was my family plays whether piano or sings not much or drums.

They put some of them in play drums and not much goes past that until my aunt was a pioneer when it came to guitar and I wanted to be a pioneer as well. And so she taught me a song on guitar. Blackbird by the Beatles is one of my favorite songs to play because it’s just beautiful. And I don’t know how they wrote it when they wrote it. They had to have been on something to write it because I don’t know how you could come up with that unless you heard it in a dream or I don’t know. I’m just a math or a musical wizard, which they were. So that probably makes sense. But anyways, she taught me how to play that. I learned it in one day and I was about 16 or 17. And that was, the first song I had actually learned from my aunt.

And so she was a big inspiration in my love for Guitar Lessons in Tulsa. I love Guitar Lessons in Tulsa also because it’s, it’s a melodic instrument. You can create melodies on it. It’s also a percussion instrument instrument because you can beat on it. And, it’s a rhythm instrument because you can keep time rhythm. and so I love it. It is such a fun thing. It’s a beautiful sound. There’s nothing like the strings in music. The string section of music is just so there’s emotion behind it. There’s sad, there’s happy, there’s a plethora, there’s a such a spectrum of emotion. And I’m would consider myself, I’ve always kind of considered myself the post impressionists of the guitar. just like Ed. Van Gogh was van Gogh’s when actually one of my favorite artists. And he uses color to evoke emotion. However, I like to use this music and the strings to evoke emotion. And so a lot of my songs that I write as a songwriter kind of have, they make you feel something and I love that. I love that about guitar. Thank you guitar for being so awesome. That is the end of this podcast.