Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | What Makes Curtis Music Academy Better Than Others

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On the second edition of the Curtis Academy podcast. My name is Steven Cornetto. I am a guitar instructor at Curtis Academy. I’ve been teaching for only about three months with Curtis Academy. So since February, January, February, March, April, May, June, actually for my going on four, actually five months with Curtis Academy. And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. And so my topic today is,, what makes Curtis Academy better than other academies. That’s kind of my topic. That’s more of like my question today and I’m going to delve into a little bit of that. And so my first point I want to make in the question, what makes Curtis Academy better than other academies? would definitely be, I’d say the environment. A lot of times whenever you go to, other, academies or music, schools, things like that. Environment I believe is put on the backburner. sometimes it’s Kinda dark. it’s kind of quiet.

it’s not as Homey, it’s Kinda cold. I know curse academy, what we definitely, make sure that we pay attention to is the details. We love the home feel and we know you do too. And so what we do is we have art. We host our guitar lessons in Tulsa out of a home, a literal house. And so when you come here, you will see a couch. When you come here, you will see a kitchen table, you will see a kitchen, you will see a bathroom, you will see windows, you will see neighbors, you will see other homes because you and you will see a driveway because you’re in a home. everyone knows that they, we are more comfortable at a home than we are a, a business, a, an office, a, it’s unnatural I’d say to be in an office or a place where things are kind of very rigid teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa.

the home is where we can relax. The home is where we can teach guitar lessons in Tulsa, it’s the environment where we can relax and be ourselves. Nothing’s put on, you know, at home. I think the home is a perfect example of being ourselves with who we do life with. And so music also is just one of those things that are part of life. It isn’t manufactured is just music is just a part of life. We walked down the street, we hear, we hear noise, we hear music, we hear. And uh, when we, you know, even music is just a part of our, our bodily, creation. I believe that we are in, we are already made, created with an instrument and that is our voice. We can clap our hands, you know, we can tap our hands on a, on an object and make beat., we can sing, we can, we can dance to music.

And so I believe music is just a normal part of life. And, that’s one thing that we, we definitely take into consideration when, when it comes to the environment we provide teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. I believe that having our, you know, hosting our whole guitar lessons in Tulsa in a home just puts you at ease automatically. And so it breaks down any walls that you would walk into. say if you were to walk into a hospital or a, you know, or an office building, you’re not uptight. You’re not, worrying about what you’re wearing. And if you’re wearing something nice enough, you know, you can be yourself, you can come as you are. And that’s what I love about our environment. it’s very peaceful. It’s kind of what you would experience at your own home. And so that is what I have to say about the environment.

secondly, the leadership, the leadership at Curtis Academy is going to be very different than what you would see maybe at other academies. And so I think personally, and I might be a little bias, I think the leadership’s a little better. I love Ron and Curtis, Ron Curtis and Kelly Curtis because they are not only my,, you know, boss, but they are also my friend. And so, the leadership here I think is a great model teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. I think Ron and Kirti around a Kelly Curtis, he or she will, she will probably slap me for saying that. But, sorry. Kelly, Ron and Kelly Curtis man, they are not only great leaders or instructors, but they are great friends. And I think when the leader gets better, everyone’s needs gets better. As I said in kind of what you noticed in my other podcasts about the leadership, in on all levels at Curtis Academy.

So, but it begins at the top guys, Ron and Kelly are great leaders, therefore they will produce great leaders. And that’s what they’re doing with Curtis Academy teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa is all of the instructors that come here, man, do they do a great job of instilling their leadership principles, what they learned, how they are. It just inevitably you just, it’s just so contagious. And so, I think I’ve become a better leader. I’ve become a better instructor simply by being around them. I believe I’ve become a better person simply by being around these two great individuals, who I call friend and also boss. And so the leadership is going to be much different because other music schools, honestly, they don’t have that type of leadership. They’ve got instructors, but it’s, it’s kind of, you’re dealt more is if you work at a nine to five job, it’s not as friendly.

I believe we’re, you know, we want to live at peace with each other. We want to have friends. We want to do life with each other and, you know, grow with those around us because our students are not only learning by themselves but their learning with others. And that’s why we have our recitals or our concerts as we like to call them. We think that the word recital is a little too intimidating. And so we changed that word to concert, which is definitely more relaxing and more, I think exciting. And so we all like concerts, most of us do at least. And so, yeah, the leadership man is, it’s definitely a night and day difference. And so with other music schools I’ve, I’ve experienced just not as, it’s more of a business, not as more of like a family. And so therefore you get slightly different treatment in general and so you are treated, you know, from a student’s perspective, you’re treated more as a number and alone you’re, you feel like kind of a loner I think.

And there’s not much of a community, when it comes to the business, super businessy type of music school. But with Curtis Academy guitar lessons in Tulsa, you definitely get a more family. Like I believe, I mean I’ve made great friends out of my, students and especially the older ones who are even older than myself. I’m only 23. So I have students who are, you know, 30, 40, 50, 60, and they’re, they’re becoming more friends and it’s a community. It’s definitely, we were created for community, you know, and so, I believe that’s the thing that separates Ron Curtis, Curtis Music Academy guitar lessons in Tulsa from under the academies is that we are definitely community minded. And so, that’s what I have to say about that. Thirdly, my third point I wanted to make about my question, what makes Curtis Academy better than other academies is the journey, the journey that the student will take, the journey that the instructor will take.

The journey that we will all take together is different. I know with us, we definitely are all about the journey. We want to get to know you. We want to you to enjoy being here. And that ties into our environment to make it relaxing for you, our leadership to make it friendly. And, thirdly, we don’t impose a certain, curriculum on you unless you’re with piano. Now Piano we teach actually from a book, a piano book. But with guitar it is simply, we are learning. we’re, we, we take it at a customized for you journey teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa so we will customize your learning experience to, and it’s tailored to you because you have a different way of learning then I’m maybe someone else and that’s okay. That is 100% natural. And so, we take an individual approach and what you need. So we don’t have a one size fits all curriculum when it comes to guitar.

We have a one size fits you approach to learning guitar. and so we will take all, we will ask you tons of questions on your first lesson as to why you want to learn guitar. What, what do you like about guitar? You know what artists you, what type of music, who do you like as who you want to become like, or what you see in your future when it comes to guitar, things, asking probing questions to figure out what exactly are your goals when it comes to guitar and music in general. And we want to help you meet those. And so, our journey is tailor fit, fitted for you, not the other way around. And so that’s what makes Curtis Academy different. Most academies.