Guitar Lessons in Tulsa | Why Music Is Important to Me

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In this podcast Curtis Academy podcast. I wanted to talk a little bit about this topic today. Why is music important to me? I would dare say, why is music important in general? So, my name is Steven [inaudible]. I’m an instructor at Curves Music Academy and, I’m 23 years old and I’ve been teaching guitar here at Curtis Academy for about four years, going on five, I’m sorry, not four years, four months. I wished for years, four months, going on five months. And so, our topic today is why is music important to me?, and so, one reason I believe music is important to me is because of the way that it affects our brain. So music, the amazing thing about music is it’s influence on us as people and as individuals. music, I love the study of the brain and it’s very fascinating. I love science.

I love math, I love music. And so, they’re all very connected. Actually, the guy that played that created arithmetic was the guitar player. and so math is something that is def, definitely a part of music theory. And, you’ll, you’ll notice that the more you go through your guitar lessons in Tulsa, whether that be piano, guitar or not. and so it’s just really great, two to learn the math side of music. And there definitely is. Now when it comes to the brain, it actually acts as a bypass. And, so as you know, we have two sides of our brain. We have the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the more logical side of our brain and it needs a logic to, to make sense of things. Now, the creative side, the right side is very, very creative and it doesn’t always have to make sense in order to do something to function or to, to accept an idea or things like that.

So, or to begin creating into expounding on any given thought or it doesn’t, it’s not. It’s unrestricted. And so, a lot of times whenever we hear something, we hear, here’s someone talking. We talked with a friend, we talk with our parents, we talk. What they’re saying goes through our left brain, the logical side teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. And once it passes the left logical brain test and it makes sense, are you begin to understand, then can it go to the right side of the brain and begin to get creative with that thought or idea. And so, that is how our normal conversations go. However, the cons, the con conversation and music is rather different., whenever you are listening to music music, having that melody and the words together actually is a magical formula teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. It actually, we’ll bypass the left brain to go directly to the right brain and start creating based on what it hears a, the message that is transferred, it’ll actually begin to start creating thoughts, ideas, concepts based on message of that without your permission teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa.

So the logical side of our brain has to have, has to give permission before it goes to the right side of the brain and can become creative with that idea or set a said concept. That’s the great thing about music is that, there is a message that you can encapsulate, you know, their music can bypass the left brain directly to the creative side of our brains. So that we don’t actually need logic to accept music. We don’t need it to make sense to accept it. We don’t need it to, the message of a song teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa to actually make any sense to go to our creative side and start creaming theories and form and building thoughts and ideas and knowledge or, just building things based on the message of the song. And so, which actually can become a tool, a good tool. You can use music as a tool and you can use it in good ways or you can use it in I would say not good ways.

And so if you wanted to create a funny message in, in a song, he would accept it automatically because it music in general, we’ll bypass the left side of the brain to the right side of the brand, the creative side, and we’ll build, ideas and concepts from that message. Didn’t without your permission. So, you could also use that in a knock at way and vice versa. And so when it comes to the music that I love to write in our question today is why is music important to me? it’s important to me because it is so powerful., simply because it’s so powerful. It’s important to me because it is so powerful to myself, it can empower and it can, it can encourage, they say music is to the soul is like color to the soul. It’s like words to the soul that are found teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa.

It puts it puts into it without words. It can, it can still communicate exactly what you’re feeling. That’s what I love about music. I love that it has such a powerful, it’s the outlet teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. It’s the, it’s the language to speak when you don’t actually know what to say. That’s what I love about music. So that is my first point is the brain. Secondly, I just love the, the, there’s many variations of music. You have different genres. For instance, you have Hispanic music, you have Latino, or you have flamenco. You know, that’s just a few of the Spanish styles. Then you have rock, rock and roll. You have blues, you have jazz. You have a folk, there’s, you have Celtic, you have worship music, you have all different types. you have, it’s just if there’s just a plethora of, and just a huge spectrum of different types styles, variations of music.

And so what to me that says that anyone can take on a variation of music, that we can all create a variation of music, what music is to us and, and try to communicate that way. There’s, it can take on many different colors. It can take on many different styles, many different fields, many different, just characteristics. And so I love music because it’s so different and you know, I think it reflects us as human beings. We’re so different. There’s no, no identical person like us. No one has our same fingerprint. You know, I believe,I think the music that we all portray, especially as artists or singers, songwriters or, you know, it’s unique to us. Therefore I believe that it is in, is not good to copy. It is, you know, I believe that God created us to be individual and unique and therefore when we come a copy, we are trying to be someone that we’re not.

And so, be your original self because that is okay and you should be confident. Know that no one is like you. Therefore you are very rare, and can guitar lessons in Tulsa. And so take ownership and take pride in that because there’s no one that sounds just like, you know, one that thinks just like you, no one that can produce music just like you, you have an original unique, Nis about you that no one else has and therefore take ownership of that. The third thing I love about music is it’s spiritual., applications. Now healing it can heal. Music is healing to the soul. it can bring healing. It can also bring pain. And I think music is one of those things where it is a tool. A tool can be used as a weapon. A tool can be used as something to fix things. It can be used as something to maybe pound or beat something into a wall.

it can be used as a tool. It’s a piece of something to either help assist you in getting, becoming successful in what you’re doing. helping you solve a problem or it can become a harmful thing. So it can be a good thing or not a good thing. I believe that it is. Music in itself is neutral., it can take on positivity. It can take on as a negativity. And so music is displayed throughout history in many different ways, many different forms. The music was used in. You know, funerals, music is used in parties. Music is used, at birthdays. Music is used at weddings. Music is used, In sports games, many, I mean, music is used in a variety of different things in places and situations and contexts. And so, that’s what I love about music is just the, the spiritual application. It can, it can really bring healing to a person through the message of maybe a song or the word, the simply, the music itself can be very peaceful and pleasant, and therefore be very calming.

And so, music is a very spiritual thing. There’s a spiritual response. It can encourage, a can discourage. And so I love to use the music in the ladder, which is to encourage. And so I’m, a lot of the songs that I write are encouraging to help you to, you know, to continue and to in life and to stay strong, to stay confident, to never give up, to always be yourself, to always love to always be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be. I’m going to write that down. Be the best teaching guitar lessons in Tulsa. you can be. I think that’s a great point. Be the best version of yourself you can be. And so I think that’s definitely a goal in my life. I hope it’s one in yours. so the spirituality aspect of it, the spiritual aspect of it, music can bring healing. Music can bring pain, it can bring,, encouragement. It can bring discouragement. It’s whatever you want it to be and therefore choose wisely what you want it to be. My name is Steven and this is the end of the Curtis Academy podcast.