Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Making a First Impression


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In this edition of the Curtis Music Academy Podcast, I wanted to talk about first impressions and how you only get the first compression once. And so, as an instructor, at Curtis Academy, my name is Steven and I’ve been an instructor at Curtis Music Academy since February. so about six months now I’ve been teaching guitar lessons Tulsa and I’ve enjoyed every single day that I’ve been able to work here. It is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had in my life. I’m also, and an administrator at Curtis Music Academy and I thoroughly enjoy being able to help organize and do the work such as these podcast that we get to share with you guys, our knowledge, our tips and tricks, which would hopefully help you as an instructor. And so, yeah, so this topic is the topic of first impressions are only once. And so here’s a few facts, like when we smile. So first of all, what is a first impression? 


Does a first impression make a difference when we teach guitar lessons Tulsa? Absolutely it does! That first impression is the first glimpse, the first contact point, the first meeting. Even the first handshake. It’s the introduction. It’s whenever you introduce yourself for the first time to a person, a young person, old person, and they get to observe you and they have a first impression of you, their thoughts on you at the first time they meet you. And so first impressions are incredibly important. as a music instructor that teaches guitar lessons Tulsa, as an owner, really as a human, just a person, a networker, first impressions are a huge deal. 


You want to always be thinking, about how you can give the best first impression, the best and first honest impression of yourself. You’re selling yourself to people as every time you meet them. You’re selling them on who you are and how good of a person, how great of a person you are, how hardworking to an organization that you are, you’re selling them on who you are. 


And so to sell people on who you are, you have to know who you are, right? So, there are tips and tricks we can always talk about which are outwardly through guitar lessons Tulsa. When it comes to first impressions, first outward impressions. But there are those certain intangibles that are tailored to who you are. In the connection of only you can really portray it. They’re not necessarily taught, they’re more felt than they are and they kind of come through osmosis. and so, one of the few areas that we can observe, at least on an outward impression, basis when it comes to the first impression is our smile, our facial expressions, our demeanor. so when it comes to our demeanor, just kind of, these are a few tips and tricks is just to be as relaxed as possible, have energy having a contagious energy and a smile. A smile is worth a thousand words. 


A smile is felt, and there’s not one person in the world who doesn’t like to be smiled at. Right? So a smile all the time. If you guys are like me and read the Bible, it says that a cheerful look brings happiness to the soul. And so, it definitely pays to have a smile on your face and you also look more beautiful, more handsome, more awesome when you smile. This is why people that don’t smile while teaching guitar lessons Tulsa lose their students. Your students don’t want to see you moping around. People are betwee 50 to 60 percent more attractive when they smile. So why not smile on your first impression? 


Next topic is having eye contact. It is proven that eye contact exudes confidence in a person. And so when you can look someone in the eye, for longer than five seconds, it allows, it shows that other person that you’re looking at that you’re a confident person. When you’re teaching guitar lessons Tulsa, having eye contact not only provides confidence in your student, but also in yourself. It is only when you cannot look someone in the eye do they get the impression, a keyword impression that you are not confident or not. You have zero or low self esteem. And so, eye contact is really important when it comes to making a first impression. 


Thirdly being yourself, I have to say this is really the principle of first impressions because honesty, being honest about who you are not putting on a facade or, or, another face so to speak is really what people crave. They crave not be tricked. Nobody wants to be tricked into taking guitar lessons Tulsa. But to have genuine relationships with people. And so being yourself gives others the permission to be themselves. Always remember that. I love the, one of my favorite poems by Marianne Williamson was, the poem that says, our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is not. 


That is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, who am I to be gorgeous, talented, or beautiful actually, who are we not to be? And it goes on to say how shining your light gives other people the permission to shine. There’s two, we were all gifted and given unique attributes and qualities. And by fully stepping in confidently into those qualities and shining light, so to speak, we give permission, others permission to do the same. And it is one of my favorite poems out there. And you should look that one up and maybe even print it out. Put it on your wall, on a frame. It’s really awesome. I’m making people laugh. This I would say is also something taught in sales. When we laugh, it brings healing to our soul, our bones as the Biblio. 


Stacey says, laughter does good like a medicine. And so, making people laugh is awesome. If you can make people laugh in their guitar lessons Tulsa, they’ll stick around and be much more receptive to learning. Making people laugh. When someone makes me laugh, I immediately become more relaxed. I immediately like the person a little bit more than I did when they didn’t make me laugh, you know? And so, it also just makes me feel better about life, right? And so, it causes us, it is also a point at which someone begins to trust someone, more. 


So making people laugh is huge and key into making a first impression. And also later on, whenever you’re trying to when you’re actually giving a music lesson, whether that be piano or guitar lessons Tulsa or vocal lessons, it is one thing that you can use to get closer. And also have a personal, more of a personal relationship with an individual, helps them to make you more likable and makes you more likable. 


So come on, let’s make people laugh, right? My goal of this article is to help you feel better about yourself and to give you and equip you with ways to make a great first impression. So I would ask what are ways right now and what are some areas right now, where you feel like you could make a change or a better habit into giving your first impression. Think about the way you are teaching guitar lessons Tulsa. Maybe you don’t smile as much, maybe sometimes you’re not aware of your f your demeanor or your facial expressions when you’re meeting similar. 


If you’re able to reflect and make the decision to do better things in your guitar lessons Tulsa, your students will appreciate it. I know lately in this past week, I’ve met people for the first time and they kind of looked mad. They probably didn’t know that they looked that way though. And so, in order to make a great first impression with our, facial expressions of our demeanor, start with awareness of our facial expressions or demeanor. First we have to understand and be conscious of it and practice. 


So I would say, the first step is to grab a mirror and begin practicing and rehearsing, smiling when meeting someone for the first time. Then, what’s another area that we could improve on in, making a first impression. I know energy is something I would like to improve on. I think sometimes, just by nature I’m a pretty chill guy, pretty monotone. Sometimes that can actually be put on by other people. When I meet them, they kind of, their energy level just kind of goes lower because they’re meeting me where I’m at. I would like in my action step for myself is to practice in the mirror, having more energy when I introduced myself. And that comes from speaking louder and at a, at a slightly greater volume.