Guitar Lessons Tulsa | Performance Opportunities

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Throughout the course of Curtis Music Academy’s existence, we have developed into having a consistent for performance opportunity schedule throughout the year and every year we have four different events that allow for students to share their hard work. And this is through the same way that many academies make recitals and different performances throughout the year for their guitar lessons Tulsa. We really try our best not to provide a situation that is too stressful or too difficult to get motivated to play for. And a lot of our students appreciate the fact that as they are learning to play the instrument, they are not forced to go through and play different events over the course of the year. They only have to play if they want to. And it is something that we spend a lot of time in encouraging our students to do.

So when it all comes down to it, we will not stress our students out by forcing them to play at an event. But we do highly encourage it and we show our students that we care about their hardware and that we care about the success they have had through the course of their practice schedule by helping them to be motivated to actually perform at an event. And so a lot of times we pick the events that we will be having our students with the opportunity to play. We will provide an environment that is enjoyable and exciting that way it helps to relieve the pressure of a really formal event that you would wear a Tuxedo or a three piece suit.

You really can just come and enjoy taking the course of the day and enjoy spending time with other students that you see along the way. And this is something that we enjoy doing. We really have a lot of fun planning these events for our guitar lessons Tulsa because there are things that our students can spend the time to enjoy it. And we have mentioned this in many different areas that we are always looking for an exciting and enjoyable place for our students to spend the day at.

And a lot of times we have a specific ideal student in our mind as we’re planning these events. So if we’re thinking of a specific child that has told us that they love spending time at the zoo, then we take this interest from this specific student and we know if they like spending time at the zoo, then other kids would also enjoy spending time at the zoo. And so then that’s what motivated us to spend our resources and our interest in creating a creative resite all for our students, which was at the Tulsa Zoo and it was a very enjoyable event.

We had many parents that expressed a tremendous amount of gratitude tude because we were willing to be creative and not do the typical church, pew stained glass window, sweaty recital, because we want this to be an exciting experience for our kids and even for adults to be able to go through and spend the time to enjoy the effort and the time that we took to get ready for this event.

They really do enjoy all of the hard work that we put in. So that’s something that we do strive to develop in our recitals. And then moving forward, one of the things that we think about throughout the course of planning for a performance opportunity is all of our students that take guitar lessons Tulsa, we want to a very easy way for them to get started with performing, especially a beginning student. We don’t want them to feel this ridiculous pressure of playing a song all by themselves that they really don’t sound very good. Their strings are buzzing, they have difficulty transitioning between one court to another. And one thing that helps motivate them and feel like they actually can play and in front of people is by helping them, by playing at the recital with them.

So we would spend the time practicing together and ensuring that all of your hard work is still being noticed. Even if you have a difficult time transitioning between courts and even if you have a difficult time keeping your strings from buzzing, you can still perform in front of people and people will still enjoy it because you have taken the time to work hard and you’re just getting better. You’re just taking the time to get better. So this is something that you could certainly do.

So throughout the course of taking guitar lessons Tulsa, this is something that we tried to encourage our students from doing. And with piano students it’s a little bit different because you can’t really play with them because with beginning students they’re not, they’re not really just playing chords or strumming along. They’re playing a melody and you would have to both be sitting at the piano. I’m sure there are ways that you could make this work. One of the students could be playing a melody while you could play chords, and this is in fact something that we have done in the past with our students is we have allowed them to just play chords and then we have played a melody while they play the chords.

So there are certain things that you can do to be creative throughout the course of taking guitar lessons Tulsa. And you just have to be careful to make sure that all of your students are enjoying the process of playing through these types of events. So our upcoming performance is at an outdoor venue where students can practice. And not only will they have the opportunity to perform for other students, but they will also have the opportunity to enjoy all of these activities. We have a bounce house pretty much at every single venue that we play at.

We also have an enjoyable outdoor experience where students can play yard games and they can express their enjoyment through different games and having fun performing at the same time and enjoying the music. So we really do try to have a fun time with our students, even if they are beginners. And we tried to take the pressure off of any one that is interested in playing songs.