Piano Lessons in Tulsa | New Studio Location for Piano Lessons

This content was created for Curtis Music Academy

In February of 2020 Curtis Music Academy opened up a new location which is located just south of downtown Tulsa. With this new location we are able to provide piano lessons in Tulsa for our students in four different studios. On the first floor and the second floor has even more space for our students including four giant rooms and a conference room as well as an outside patio. On the second floor it has been a huge blessing for us at Paradise Music Academy. Our instructors really enjoy the new space and our students have also expressed just how much they enjoyed learning at Curtis Music Academy through this new space.

What are the things that are very important to us that we have spoken about. Many different times in these contexts are that we are fully committed to providing our students with an experience that they will be able to enter into a room. And feel welcome and feel as though they can at a rate that would be very easy for them to understand the material and minimize the distraction. As they are taking music on and throughout the course of changing locations we have made the experience better and better for our students. We originally. Taught piano lessons in Tulsa. At. The. Right. Portion of my house which is located just east of the University of Tulsa and then we moved to a small house with two studio rooms. Then we moved to this house on Denver Avenue which includes ten studios. As we were looking for a new location where we would teach piano lessons in Tulsa.

It was a little bit difficult. We had been looking for a new space all the way back in September of 2009. The reason we were looking for a new space because we started to realize that two studio spaces were not going to be enough. For us. It started to get a little bit crazy. Especially when. Two students. Were taking piano lessons in Tulsa. In two studio rooms. And then we had a new family that was kind of put all of their kids and then we were running out of the TV as to exactly who would be transitioning and we needed more studio rooms and that’s what we were looking for.

However a lot of times people will try to look for different stores or different locations that are obvious early on that we were not interested in providing less inside of a storefront that would be right next to a great place or a gamestop. If you think of those areas that are certainly conducive to a storefront but perhaps not the best learning environment if you are going to one of those locations and in fact there are many music schools that take this approach.

They have gone through and found a outlet mall and look for areas that they could rent within those locations and I assume that they are successful because they are there. However we did not want to have power lines because of that. We were looking at houses in the Tulsa area that are selling for commercial office use. What we found was that there were many many different areas and someone could take piano lessons in Tulsa. There are either a perfect location for our students. So with that being said one of the things that we could have experienced is to find a location for our students. All of that being said, we are unwilling to compromise. We are waiting for the best opportunity to present itself. So what we ended up doing was just driving around Tulsa. And taking pictures of all of the signs. Then we called all of the numbers and we got a tip about a trip around of Tulsa. And when we got a hold of the leads up with building complete with a schedule a tour of the building and then we would get started and then as we did that it didn’t take very long before we toured the perfect building and we signed it over. So now we have a building that has 10 studio spaces and has office space.

It has plenty of seating and it’s all for our students and makes it feel welcome. They can feel as though they are learning at a wonderful place. That is exactly why it is important to be considerate of where you are teaching your piano lessons in Tulsa. The biggest downside couple where we are at is not the house. It’s not an easy space.

It is actually the party and road construction which should not take more than a few months to go through that music line. I’m very confused right now because as I’m driving to our studio the road construction got very confusing which is a downside. However it should not take more than a few months for this to all be worked out and the road’s even better than they were before this now the place that we moved it to had a few different court and features and I would like to go through and outline what those are today taking piano lessons in Tulsa. And one of them was that in the front of the house there was a giant structure of head and a work pencils in the front yard. 

And that didn’t make much sense to me because we are a music school. So we went ahead and sawed those things down. We no longer have the pencils in the front of the House which of course was very easy to help students to find the location. We would just say look out for the pencils. And then they would see them and then they would turn into our parking lot. But now it is no longer there so that we can put a sign that would be really cool for that sign. And furthermore there was a sign on the building and it was for a design firm that was here before us 

And this design firm had a very interesting sign. And so we took that down to that hopefully in the future we can have a Curtis music academy sign for the front yard which would be very amazing. It would be really cool and it would be a milestone for Curtis music academy that we would really appreciate and show our students that they are welcome here. And we are excited for them to take piano lessons in Tulsa with us throughout the course of their musical journey of learning the piano and going through and finding a wonderful experience by taking music lessons in Tulsa at Curtis music academy.