Piano Lessons in Tulsa | Having Awesome Piano Instructors


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How do you know when you have found exactly what you’re looking for in piano lessons in Tulsa? How do you know when the instructor is everything that you are looking for? How do you know that an instructor is knowledgeable to not only take you from step one, but to see it through to completion, that your goal is exactly what they can accomplish in the shortest amount of time possible without a reasonable doubt. Welcome to the Curtis Music Academy podcast. It is nine 53 in the morning. We are so excited for you and for all that you are looking for and it is a bright sunny morning, which is the best time to take piano lessons. Nobody wants to take piano lessons in Tulsa when it’s raining outside. Nobody wants to take piano lessons when it is sleeting and snowing and there’s three feet of snow on the ground. No, you want to make snow angels. 


You want to have a snowball fight with your son. That’s what you want to do, but you know what? Today is the perfect day for you to sign up for piano lessons in Tulsa because we are so excited for you to accomplish. Your goals in all of your musicianship and everything that you could possibly enjoy when it comes to taking lessons. So fill out that form, sign up for your first $1 lesson because you will be blown away. You will have every single thought about lessons exceeded because we have what you need to reach the full potential of what you’re looking to accomplish. So with that being said, how do you know that we are the right fit for you? That is a great question which we receive very frequently as people call us or fill out a form, that’s what they want to know. How do they know that they’re not just wasting their time when they come to Curtis Music Academy? 


Well, first of all, the very first lesson is only $1. So you’re not wasting your time because you will receive more information in that first 30 minute lesson than you will in a lesson anywhere else where you would pay full price. I guarantee it. And if you are unsatisfied, we will be happy to refund you the money because we want to see you reach the full potential of what you are able to accomplish throughout the course of your piano lessons in Tulsa. That is what we are here for. We want to see you grow. We want to see you succeed. We want to see you as the leader of your rock band in Tulsa. We want to see you on the front cover of Time magazine. We want to see as the most popular person in your town, whatever it is that you’re looking to accomplish, we will help you to get there because we know how to do it and when you are looking for an instructor, chances are you will be looking for a few things. 


You want to make sure that your instructor can indeed play music themselves. If they can’t play music, then what are you doing attempting to follow in their footsteps because you won’t be able to play piano if your instructor doesn’t know how to play piano. If your instructor is terrible at singing, how can you expect to take vocal lessons or piano lessons in Tulsafrom them and accomplish so much? That is a great question, so that’s something that you’ll be looking for is making sure that your instructor can indeed master the instrument themselves. Another thing that you’ll be looking for, you want to make sure that your instructor is kind. You want to make sure that every time that you walk in the door, your instructor is happy to see you. There’s so many times that you could look for piano lessons in Tulsa and you could go to the website and you can pretty much tell right away that the person is faking a smile in their picture and sure enough, as soon as you walk in that door, they will greet you with a smile. 


But then once you get down to business, they’re slapping your hand. They’re shaking their head and they are frustrated that you don’t know how to play piano, but that’s precisely why you’re taking piano lessons in Tulsa. You want to be good at piano and you’re not there yet. That’s what lessons are for and many instructor are unable to accomplish. Being a satisfied and enjoyable personality because they’re so mean and impatient, which is vital characteristics of a solid teacher and instructor. So then another thing that you may be looking for in an instructor is that you want to make sure that your instructor is not just kind, they’re not just able to play an instrument, but that they are able to evaluate where you are at the beginning and evaluate where you are in the middle of your lesson and evaluate where you have come in. That 30 minute lesson, and this is so important, it is absolutely vital to be able to not only evaluate where you are at the beginning of the lesson, but also at the end of the lesson, where have you progressed in that 30 minute lesson? 


How much has that student accomplished? This is very important because then when you decide how far that student has come, you will be well prepared to continue to help that student progress each and every lesson because you know how much they can learn in 30 minutes and you will push them and make sure that you’re smiling through every single process of the way so that your students can reach the full potential that they have in that 30 minute lesson as opposed to lesson number six that this instructor teaches every single student and then at the end of that lesson they go to lesson number seven and that’s what they teach you in your 30 minute lesson, which is absolutely ridiculous. You need to structure your piano lessons in Tulsa according to each and every student, whether that student grows at a slower rate, at a faster rate, or at a moderate rate. 


You should structure your lessons specifically for each and every student that walks in the door. And this is specifically what Curtis Music Academy does for our students. We create content. We have every step of the way laid out for you because you have given us the pathway for your success as a music student and we will lay out exactly what you will be learning from day one today, 1,359 we will lay out the pathway for you as a music student so that you can accomplish each and every goal that you have ever desired and you will be successful. You will be the best musician that has ever walked in your house because you have gone to Curtis Music Academy and you have found the instructor of a lifetime. Your piano lessons in Tulsa will be phenomenal. You will love your instructor. You will appreciate every single bit of information that this instructor has given you. In fact, as I go on a little tangent here, one of our students, in fact, it was last night, last night we were teaching a guitar student and this gentleman is about 60 years old and in fact he just won our student of the week award and he was so thrilled with the way that we’ve been teaching him and he was so thankful that he continued to express just how much he appreciates us and how much he loves taking piano lessons in Tulsa with us each and every time that he walks in the door, whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, he has just enjoyed every thing that he has learned with us. 


And this is important. We want to make sure that our students love taking lessons with us. We want to make sure that our instructors are awesome and loving the lessons that they are each and every day that they attend the lesson. So if you are thinking about taking piano lessons in Tulsa, feel free to fill out the form on our website so that we can meet you and express to you what it is that you will be learning in your lessons so that you will be successful and that you will love taking lessons because our instructors are awesome and we would love to meet with you.