Piano Lessons in Tulsa | A Comfortable Space

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And the second edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast. I’m going to be talking about having a comfortable space and the importance of having a comfortable space for your piano lessons in Tulsa. In my experience I’ve taught many different students. I’ve taught probably near 50 students in my career, S T in teaching. I’ve been teaching at the Curtis music Academy for 11 months now and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. I’ve also been a musician for 12 years and I’ve loved every single minute of it. I’ve learned lots and lots of different tips, tricks, what to do is what not to do is in my career as a musician. And I have a lot to show you and tell you so that you can go further faster.

And so our topic today is going to be on having a comfortable space for your piano lessons in Tulsa. In my experience at the Curtis music Academy, I think that we are one of the best examples of having and how important it is to have a comfortable space for piano lessons in Tulsa. First point is, it’s in a home where we teach, where I get to instruct my students is, takes place in the comfort of a home establishment. It is a three bedroom home that has been turned into a music studio. And so when a brand new student comes to our facility, comes to our studio, they immediately can recognize that it is a home and they automatically feel a sense of comfort, a sense of difference than any other music school in the Oklahoma area.

I believe that it makes a student feel much more comfortable learning in an environment that they are 90% of their week are already in. For instance, a child or someone from the age of, you know, five to 17 isn’t going to spend most of their time in an office building. Maybe they’ll be in school, but they’re going to spend most of their time at home. You know, they’ll eat, sleep, have, you know, family time there. And so a lot of their life is spent in a house. And so we thought it’d be great to have our music studio in a house where people already understand the comfort level. They already understand and can feel comfortable being here. And that takes away the, the tension that takes away the, the uptightness it takes away the, the cold and kind of sterile environment and makes it a warm and relaxing and very casual environment.

Something they’re already used to. My next point is going to be how we have a comfortable couch. How important it is to have comfortable furniture to sit on, to read a magazine, to read a book where students are and parents are waiting to be taught, you know, to have a restroom where kids can come and, and parents can go and use the restroom as they please. And so anyways, about the comfortable couch. It’s important to have comfortable and nice furniture and your space where you teach music piano lessons in Tulsa. Whenever you create a comfortable environment, you will create comfortable students and comfortable parents.

And I believe you will also create an environment where people can be happy, people can be relaxed, people can have zero to, to to very, very little tension because they already feel at home. And so it’s important to have coffee couches in your lobby area because if you don’t have comfortable couches then you probably have very stiff couches or wooden chairs or a wooden bench for people to sit at, which is very, very uncomfortable. And when people are very uncomfortable, they are tense, they aren’t as happy, they are sometimes even on the mean side. And so we want to bring out the best in people. We always want to create a conducive environment where people and students and parents can be very successful.

Also not only the students but the instructors and that’s a whole other side of the coin. You know, for an instructor to know that our, our environment isn’t working against you, isn’t working against them. That helps put them at ease that they can be even more successful in their teaching strategies because they don’t have to worry about whether my student is going to be comfortable for any extended extended period of time if they’re going to be comfortable throughout the entire lesson or only half of the lesson or will they leave because they simply don’t like the place that they are taking piano lessons in Tulsa from.

It’s very important. It has a psychological effect on our ability in our, in our desire as well as people. It creates an environment where we can, we feel like we are and can be better than we are now. And so that is about how we have a comfy couch and the importance of having a comfortable couch as opposed to having a not comfortable couch or a hard or stiff couch. We also have very comfortable chairs. Even having a glass dinner table in the dining area of our studio where say your dinner table at home would be. And so we have four gray comfortable and nice and stylish chairs, very fashionable, which are pleasing to look at. They’re nice and gray. They have wooden legs, they’re just very contemporary.

And so this gives a sense of updatedness and fills, makes students and parents feel like we’re up to date, that we’re not old school, that they don’t have to worry about the methodology of our piano lessons in Tulsa, that they’re not concerned that you know, we are unconscious or yeah, on updated on the culture that we understand that people and age that we’re in, that we have a certain standard of living. We have a certain style preference when it comes to homes. And so these chairs are very great for our environment. My last point is how we’ve got beverages. So not only do we host our piano lessons in Tulsa in a house, not only do we have comfortable couches and comfortable chairs, but we’ve also got the goods. We’ve got the beverages guys.

And it’s so important to have different options when it comes to students and parents sitting for maybe five to 10 15 minutes. And even for, especially for parents who are waiting 30 minutes for their student so that you know, they don’t get thirsty. We know that all of us have a tendency to need to use the restroom or get hungry or thirsty when we are in a waiting period. And so it’s very, very important that we can provide in beverages and sometimes every once in a blue moon, even snacks for our parents and our students so that they, it also creates an enjoyable experience for them. And so we’ve got beverages. One of the beverages we have is tea. We’ve got hundreds of different options for T in our kitchen, but we only give our students about six of those options, six to nine of those options.

And all the time someone always wants tea. And we’ve also to make tea to make it really great tea. The best tea in my opinion would be hot tea. And we also have the option of cold tea. So we’ve got a hot water dispenser and a cold water dispenser, which is very important if you’re going to provide beverages for your students and parents. We’ve also got hot chocolate for seasonal, you know, and then we’ve also got a water, just plain water. So it’s important to have different options for your students and parents so that they are comfortable to the max whenever they are waiting and being patient. We want to communicate clearly that we are, we so appreciate them being here, that we still appreciate their time, their effort, their, their diligence with our instructors. And so we provide with the best and comfortable environment as we possibly can.