Piano Lessons In Tulsa | Never Giving Up

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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, I’m going to be discussing how important it is to not give up, how you can never give up, how you cannot give up when it comes to piano lessons in Tulsa. I am an instructor in Tulsa. I have been teaching music for five years, going on six years now. I love teaching. I’ve learned so much teaching music and guitar that I want to do it for the rest of my life. I’ve also been a musician for 11 years. I’ve worship led for 10 years. I’ve gigged for nearly five to six years or more, maybe even 10 years.

So I’ve got lots of experience when it comes to playing the guitar, gigging, performing, leading and teaching. And my first point is going to be know why you’re doing something. No. Why you’re doing what you’re doing. That one of the keys to never giving up, whether that be your piano lessons in Tulsa. or you’re learning something else, you know, a sport. You’re learning how to drive. You’re learning how to, you know, build a business, things like that. Anything. The principle is know your why, why are you doing and not just knowing your why but having a strong why. This is a quote that I’ve heard from the incredible Ian Brookner.

He isn’t in S in S S and S D of the Primerica financial services investment and life insurance company. He says that when you have a strong why, you can endure almost any how. I’m going to say that again. If you know your why, if you have a strong why you can endure almost anyhow. What that means to me is that when you know why you’re doing something and it’s strong, then you can almost endure whatever it takes to get there. Anything it takes to make it happen. I love another saying by Ian Prevnar is you want a why that makes you cry. You want to have a why that makes you cry.

It’s important to have a why and it’s important to have one that makes you cry because if it makes you cry, then it’s really hitting you in the heart and that means that you are really enjoying, that you really know and that you’re really passionate about what it is that you’re doing. And so we always want to have that. Why that makes us cry. We want to have that why that just really tugs at our hearts that why that really waking it passionate and we can get spiritual about, you know, because it’s fun. It’s fun. All right.

My second point is to stay positive. This is the second key to never giving up on anything is to stay positive. I’ve heard it said positivity encourages creativity, but negativity kills creativity. So we want to stay positive. It’s important that you know we keep it up so we keep it in an upwards direction. We keep our conversations in an upwards directions, direction. We keep our thoughts in a upwards direction. We keep our beliefs in an upwards direction. This will ensure that we systematically win in piano lessons in Tulsa.

Because this is energy. This is life. This is what helps us to, to lose, to win. Even when we feel like we’re losing, it’s to stay positive. You’ll notice in my experience, one of the things I love to do for students is to tell them they’re doing a great job when they’re not doing a good job. Because it’s important for me to stay positive. It’s not important for me to lie to them. What I’m doing is not lying to them, but what I do in case you want to repeat it, is to find a something good no matter how tiny it is that they did well and be positive about that. Say they ran a scale and they messed up on every single note in piano lessons in Tulsa.

Tell them, Hey, I see. I know you, you, hit those notes, but I loved the way you kept a steady pace. See how we kept that up. We kept the energy up. We kept the, the attitude, the, the environment, the, the atmosphere up. You know, encouraging words, build up people, but discouraging words. Break them down and we want to stay encouraging. We want to stay positive. It is one of the keys to winning in piano lessons in Tulsa. It is definitely one of the keys to never giving up in my S my last point is staying focused.

There’s really a part two to this and it’s going to be staying focused and then eliminating distractions. But the first half staying focused, this is probably the one thing that a lot of people struggle with. Staying focused. I know I definitely do but what do I do? I choose to stay positive about it. Steven, you’re doing a good job. Something is better than nothing. Keep moving forward and that’s what it’s about. Keep staying, moving forward. Now never giving up. It’s important that we stay focused. If we, if we are trying to stay the course with something, if we are trying to never give up, if we’re trying to win something, if we’re trying to complete a goal, if we’re trying to accomplish something, it’s important that we never give up.

It’s important that we stay focused and we must stay so focused in piano lessons in Tulsa. We must stay laser focused cause without laser focused you will lose without being laser focused. You will not meet your goal. It’s kind of like if you have a target and it’s clearly a hundred yards in the other direction, it’s a hundred yards in front of you and you have a bow and arrow is it easier to shoot the arrow based on your own judgment or would it be much easier to have a laser pointer on your bow and arrow that adjusts with the length of the field, the length of the ground so that it tells you where your arrow will land. Is that better or is that worse than having no laser? I would, I would argue having a laser is going to be the game changer and so we must stay focused.

We must stay not only just focused but laser focused. A specific area of focus is what we want. We want to have a specific area of focus. We don’t want to just know what the goal is. We want to have a clearly defined goal, a clearly defined goal. So in piano lessons in Tulsa, this would look like, you know, instead of just saying, Hey, I want to be really good at guitar, you could instead say, Hey, I really want to be an excellent soloist. I want to be an excellent, you know, shredder. I want to be able to play a leak, a lick.

I want to be able to play a solo, a guitar solo, an electric guitar solo. So well that and so fast that it inspires other people. That’s a more specific goal to be a very skilled and a fast soloist. I want a guitar. So that’s how we want to do well. That’s how we want to talk to ourselves. we want to give ourselves very, very laser focused and specific goals. If we do that, we will always clearly know and be able to clearly identify where it is that we’re going.

And so without further ado, we have been talking about never giving up how important it is to know your why, know why you’re doing anything and everything. And so I love what Martin Luther King says. You don’t need to see the entire scare staircase to take the first step, but you just need to take the first step. Know exactly what your why is. Stay positive, stay focused. And my last very last point point was eliminate distractions. This is how you never give up, because if you don’t have distractions, that’s not false. That’s not, I mean, that’s not true. You’ll always have distractions, but discipline determines your destiny.