Piano Lessons In Tulsa | Confidence While Playing Piano

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In this edition of the Curtis music Academy podcast, we are discussing confidence when playing guitar. It’s important that we have confidence when doing anything because confidence is what sells. Confidence is what makes someone believe in us. Confidence and truth really. But when people see you on stage playing the guitar, do you think that they are inspired to play guitar if you are slouched down with a mopey and a frown on your face when you look timid, when you look weak, when you look unprepared, when you look scared, not at all. I would say the latter in piano lessons in Tulsa.

I would say the former. I would say that confidence is what inspires people. When excellence and confidence meet, that’s when inspiration is born. And so my first point in talking about confidence when playing guitar is going to be own. What? You know, if you don’t know what to do, do what you know and then you’ll know what to do. You want to own what you know. And so ask yourselves, what do I know about guitar? You know when you show up on stage and it’s time for you to sing, when it’s time for you to play that guitar and sing, are you confident? Are you timid, are you scared?

And here’s a little quick tip. Scared is unprepared in piano lessons in Tulsa. Nervous is good. Nervous means that you are taking what you’re doing seriously. You never want to get to the point though where you are neither nervous nor scared. I believe personally that is when we are overconfident and there is room for error. There is always going to be room for error, but there is definitely you leave way more room for error when you are over confident because you don’t know the spectrum by which you should be. Whether you should be, you know, excited. You’re not nervous, you’re kind of just not taking it as seriously when you’re not nervous.

And so that means that you’re kind of out of the, out of the mindset, you’re kind of out of the loop. You’re kind of not all the way there in piano lessons in Tulsa. They’re kind of not understanding the pressure of the moment you’re under, you’re not a hundred percent engaged. And so, that is just a quick side note for you. It’s scared, means that unprepared nervous means that you’re taking what you’re doing seriously and neither means that you are not taking it seriously and that you might be a little too overconfident. So let’s stay nervous guys. My second point would be to keep it simple.

You know, when you’re performing, when you have confidence performing guitar, when you’re on the stage and you’re performing, keep it simple. Try not to do anything that you haven’t practiced at piano lessons in Tulsa. Try not to do anything or, you know, try anything on stage that you haven’t done one time or at least 10 times before. Why? Because this will produce room for air as opposed to just give room. It produces room for error. We don’t want to do anything that we wouldn’t do at home. We don’t want to be overconfident. Overconfidence complicates things in piano lessons in Tulsa.

And so we want to keep things simple, keep things fun, keep things relaxed, keep things normal. And honestly, people will see that as exciting. People don’t know that you’re thinking about, you know, playing one more lick or you know, tearing up on an a solo on another scale or or bleeding into another scale or shifting or walking down. They don’t know that you are planning on doing that. If you kept it simple, maybe you just stayed in the scale you were in. And the key to this is less as more simplification is great. And I love what Steve jobs said. Simplification is the ultimate sophistication, even in piano lessons in Tulsa.

He was talking about systems, but this is a system, you know, this is a system of performance. Whenever you step on the stage, whenever you enter the stage, you want to keep it simple the entire way through the performance. Then when you’re off, when you get off the stage, think about those areas, those moments where you could have you thought you could have added one more thing and that’s where you want to begin preparing for the next performance. You know, implement. You want to practice what you want to do for the next performance ethic during the practice, you know, during the next week, before your next performance. That’s what we want to do. We want to prepare. Preparation is a principle and it is not to be neglected. If we do, we will experience problems. So problems yield to principles and so keep it simple guys. Have fun in piano lessons in Tulsa.

You know, keeping it minimalistic, less is more. Remember, less is more. Simplification is the ultimate sophistication. And lastly guys, I’ve already said it, but have fun. Enjoy the process, enjoy playing guitar. This is one way to stay confident, sticky pad fun. Keep having fun. It’s fun when you know what you’re playing, it’s not fun and it gets a little nerve wracking and kind of scary when you go onto another riff that you have not practiced yet. Why? Because you haven’t prepared. It’s it’s, it’s called winging it. We want to avoid winging things as much as possible. We want to avoid doing things spontaneously as much as possible.

We want to give the illusion of spontaneity. We want to give the illusion of like we haven’t done it before, but when the truth is we have, the truth is that we have, we will have practiced. We will have learned. We will have practiced a hundred times what we do on stage. And so that keeps things fun because you know what’s happening, you know what’s going on, you know how to do it, you know what not to do. And so it’s really important that we own what we know. It’s so important that we keep things simple and it’s even most most important that we have fun because that means we’re doing the other two, you know, confidence.

When we’re playing guitar, I can’t tell you there’s many times where in my own experience where I had not prepared well for a performance boy was I scared. I was so scared that I nearly threw up before the performance and called in sick. And it’s not fun when that’s going on. It’s not fun when you’re dealing with the nerves, the powerful nerves, it’s not fun anymore. You know, because you’re scared or you’re unprepared and you feel like you know someone’s going to laugh at you. And so we don’t want that. We want to keep things simple. We want to own what we know and not do any more than that.

And then we want to just have fun cause that that enables us really to have fun, that allows us to keep enjoying what we’re doing. And you know, another example, and this will be my last example of my own life, but in my own life, you know, I have played many, many gigs. I have gone to many different places in the world, on, in the U S I’ve done many different contexts such as American idol. And one thing that I’ve always noticed is the principles. It’s so vitally important that we prepare, prepare, prepare, and if we want to just prepare, prepare, prepare we want to prepare, prepare, prepare.

Because if we don’t, we’re going to fail. I love this quote by a Vince Lombardi, the football coach of, one of the greatest football teams in the world. And he said, the unwillingness to prepare is ultimately preparing to fail. When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. That is the lesson. And so that is really the key guys. That’s the honest to truth. Key to having confidence when playing guitar is to own what, you know, keep it simple. Prepare and have lots and lots of fun doing it.